Thursday, March 28, 2013

Social Darwinism taking its toll on Singapore workers

According to all surveys and research, Singaporean workers are among the most unhappy on this planet. Sometimes ago, Lumese reported that Singaporeans has the lowest employee loyalty among countries surveyed. And Singapore rank the 2nd worst, for job satisfaction. Even 3rd world country like China is far ahead of us. And PRC Chinese is well known for shrewdness. It seems that they are in better harmony.

Today, Yahoo reported 56% of Singaporean workers planning to quit within two years. Ranstad which did the survey stated the following that spurs workers to leave.

  • Dissatisfaction with pay 
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Unpleasant work atmosphere

Two years back, research done by The Singapore Human Resource Institute highlight the following reasons for resignation.

  • Unsure of career progress
  • Lack of career opportunity
  • Achievement not recognised
  • Lack of learning opportunity, challenge in the job and expertise not valued
  • Dissatisfied with the boss

Extreme Social Darwinism in Singapore work place

PAP has actively encouraged and social engineered jungle culture in Singaporean work place. A good example is civil service. The bottom 10% are humiliated to the point that most of them leave on their own.

In Singapore, workers are manipulated. You will not get recognition even if you work hard or work smart. You need to make sure you are better than your buddies around you. In the end, workers in Singapore often back-stab one another.

Bosses in Singapore have tremendous power compared to many parts of the world. We are unhappy because we are under a dictatorial boss day in day out. The most important factor to survive in Singapore is not to excel in work, but to make your boss happy. You must stooge like the most shameless woman in harem. Even then, as there are too many sycophants in work place, bosses may not even appreciate your stooging. 

If a young man is too smart, the boss may hate him. Singaporean bosses are Machiavellian. Most ascend by playing politics, and despise hard work. They have a strong sense of jealousy against honest and intelligent workers. When they see a young and smart subordinate, they are guarded because bosses themselves may get replaced by smart subordinate, in retrenchment exercise.

The bosses are in charge of appraisal. Singaporean bosses usually have little moral values. They will rank someone low simply because he cannot get along with this particular subordinate, rather than base on actual output.

In Singapore, those who survive and prosper are often very dishonest and type A personalities. It is going to be worse and worse in the future until a point of time when the society breaks down.

Code word for Exploiting Workers
The below is the code code that bosses in Singapore often use for manipulations. Many workers take it at face value and eventually get distraughted.

You are not a team player
Boss want you to stooge even when someone bully you.

I will give you more responsibility
Euphemism for exploitation.

You must improve social skills
You hear that when your boss want you to stooge.

Need to increase productivity
Euphemism for exploitation.

I want to help you to improve in XXX area.
I am not happy in XXX area. I want to exploit you further.

Singaporeans need to be informed that there is no meritocracy in our society. We are a feudal state on the principle of exploitation and injustice.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Winner of China's Hunan TV station singing contest

Taiwanese Terry Lin 林志炫, won the singing competition " I am a Singer 我是歌手" of Hunan TV station (湖南卫视). Unlike others, "I am a Singer" pits well-known artists against one another. The competition brings back Terry Lin's career, and further elevate it to even greater heights. He is now a very hot artist in China.

Today, China's TV programs are of high quality. China's TV programs have improved tremendously. It is no longer the old communist propaganda show. They are much better than what Singapore produces.

Since the takeover of communist, mainland China's culture was in tatters. Imported cultural products such as Kpop, Korean Drama, Hong Kong movies, Taiwanese pop songs, Japanese Drama are popular.

Rebuilding culture takes a longer time than accumulating wealth. It requires rebuilding of moral values. The projection of soft power requires strengthening of culture.

Today in Vietnam and Thailand, Chinese and Cantonese songs, TV drama and movies, origin from Taiwan and Hong Kong are very popular. Taiwan and Hong Kong are small compared to the rest of China. Yet Taiwan and Hong Kong are able to project themselves culturally across SE Asia. Now China is waking up. In future, nations will be drawn into Chinese soft power just like the way we worship Coca Cola and Disney today.

Finally, I want to make certain comments about Singapore's TV program. Ever since the destruction of local culture by Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore is not able to project itself culturally across the region. Our TV stations make junk programs. We have almost no movie industry. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Indian kicking out their hosts everywhere: The scourge of Hindic racist

Everywhere high caste Indians go, they kick out hospitable host who sheltered them. The moment step into your land, they bring their vision of moving their entire village, meanwhile creating unemployment for the locals by kicking them out of jobs. They add salt into wounds by accusing the locals as stupid and lazy, and even though the local has much higher IQ than Indians. Indians IQ are moronic 82 and Singaporeans are highest at 108. Singaporeans got discriminated and fired.

Singaporeans must understand that we are not the only victim of high caste Indians. High caste Indians have been behaving in such most degenerated ways for 3000 years. There is no cure for their madness. When Aryan, the forebears of high caste Indians came to Indus-Ganges plains 3000 years ago, they used racism against the high IQ Dravidians. Then racist Brahmins move up Nepal, around 2000 years ago. They enslaved the wise Tharu people. Tharu give the world Buddha, the wisest man 2500 years ago. Now they are widely despised as Dalits. More recently, the Sinhalese Aryans in Sri Lanka got eye red when Tamils are doing well. They instituted racist policies against the Tamil, who are Dravidians. The Tamils rallied around the Tiger and fought, but lost unfortunately. The discrimination continue. FT Indians cannot live one day without racism as fish without water.

Today high caste Indians come to Singapore, You can only expect them to use their old tricks. They are doing it for 3000 years. Do not expect them to change. It is not only Singaporeans suffered. The hindutva are kicking out white man as well. There is an increasing cases in court and newspaper reporting about hindutva kicking out their mentors and shipping their whole villages in USA. Big Indian companies like Tata, Satyam are now deemed in the engineering community as abusers of H1B visa. Sometimes ago the New York Times reported,

Mr. Kavanagh, who attended the hearing to press his case with lawmakers, said that he had been hired by the company to overhaul a major software system, and that many of the workers he managed were Indians with H-1B visas. “They absolutely misrepresented their skills,” he said. “They are working with very critical software, and they don’t understand the nature of it — these are patients’ lives.”

He said the time he took to train the temporary workers had slowed the project and led to disputes with the company, which finally terminated his contract. He said he could not name the company because of a contractual confidentiality clause.

Very often, FT Indians are screwed up in their skills. But if the management of a company is captured by Indians, competency and meritocracy is not factored in in recruitment. The most important thing is to hire as much Indians as possible, never mind there are any screwed up. Whether a company can go bankrupt is not important, the most important is Indian must be in charged. In another report, 

Eighteen IT workers have filed a class action suit Molina Healthcare Inc., claiming that the company laid them off in order to hire H-1B workers from India. The lawsuit was filed in April in Los Angeles Superior Court against Molina, Amir Desai (its CIO at the time), and Molina’s outsourcer, Cognizant Technology Solutions. The suit contends that over a period of several years the U.S. workers were marginalized as the IT department became dominated by Indian nationals.

Although the problems expressed by the IT workers had been going on for a while (the plaintiffs claim pre-existing favoritism on the behalf of IT managers toward the nationals), the layoffs came one day last year when they were called into a so-called planning meeting while someone was rounding up their laptops. They were instead told about layoffs in the meeting.
The lawsuit also maintains that even before the layoffs, the culture of the company had changed and became exclusionary toward American workers. 

Sounds familiar? To FT Indians, they have no compunctions in getting their most competent colleagues or subordinates fired and replace them by stupid and lazy morons from their own villages. To them, everyone else are to be made Dalits. Dalits are worse than animals. And kicking Dalits out of jobs is akin to help them cleansing their sins incurred in their past life. And the next frontiers of Dalits creation are USA and Singapore.

I will further blog on this issues and regarding the ways to defeat Hindic Nazi.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Foreigners Would Like to Work in Singapore in the Near Future

Over the years, PAP's policy has been wage suppression, driving down salary of average workers, meanwhile channeling every possible surplus to elites. In PAP's mindset, wage increment for workers is abhorring, blamed for causing inflation. Wage hike for elites is most welcome. Today, workers' wages for Singapore are extremely low. Some countries are traditional sources of workforce. Today, these foreign workers are not coming as they could be earning higher wages at home. PAP's solution is not to pay workers fairly, but to look further and further, and to brought in workers from ever poorer countries. Our wages continue to sink further.

Decades ago, Singaporeans built our own houses. Then PAP started to exploit workers. Instead of letting salary rise for construction workers, Malaysian were brought in. When Malaysian started to despise our salary, PAP brought in construction workers from Thailand. When wages in Thailand rise, Thailand workers prefer to stay at home. Then PAP brought in Bangladesh, China, India...etc. PAP's policies have driven families of construction workers into poverty, creating untold hardship. Meanwhile the top 1% are enriched to an unimaginable extend.

Unfortunately PAP's predatory practice may be close to inflexion point today. Below are excerpts from The New Paper.

Foreign Workers Getting Militant 

WHEN SMRT bus drivers from China went on strike in November last year, they set off a train of copycat behaviour among their countrymen working as school bus drivers here, claim some private bus operators.

Some of the drivers started showing up late for work - well after their morning shift had ended - and were often uncontactable on their mobile phones.

When they finally called back later in the day, they claimed to be on medical leave or said they overslept.

Some even said they had family problems back home, asking for a return to China.

These last minute no-shows have become much more frequent in recent months after the SMRT strike, six private bus operators told The New Paper.

The six companies said they have sent home about 25 of these Chinese nationals in recent months over persistent no-shows.

Like the SMRT drivers who went on strike for higher pay, their drivers are also demanding more money.


They are asking to be paid as much as lorry drivers, who can earn almost double what bus drivers get now.

XingSheng Transport Services operations manager Lim Yong Long said: "They began (to show their displeasure) by hinting that working as a lorry driver would fetch more pay."


But the unhappiness of some of these workers, and their methods of protest, are causing huge problems for the bus operators.

Every time a bus driver does not show up for work, operators have to scramble to find a replacement.

At times, the situation gets so desperate that the owners of these bus companies end up taking the wheel themselves because there is just no one else.

The frequency of no-shows by Chinese drivers has left bus company operators on edge every morning.

Wages Not Rising Despite of Demand for Workers. FT Policy is the Culprit.

Despite this, hiring is still extremely challenging, said some bus companies.

"We put ads in the paper stating that we will pay about $2,500 for a five-day work week, but there are no takers," said Mr Ben Tan, director at BT&TAN Transport.

Malaysian Are Despising Our Wages. Our Workers Wages Could Be Worse than 3rd World. PAP Could Solve The Problem By Bringing In From Ever Poorer Countries Again This Time. Try Afghanistan?

It is also getting difficult to hire Malaysian drivers, because their pay in the home country has been increasing steadily, added the bus operators.

"They can now earn as much in Malaysia as they do here, so they won't bother coming here also," said MrLim Yong Long, operations manager at XingSheng Transport Services.

PRC Workers are More Problematic and Disloyal Than Singaporeans. PAP Continues to Throw False Accusations Against Singaporeans While Praising FT Nevertheless  

Once some of these Chinese drivers get their licences, they job hop to become truck drivers instead, as they can double their pay.

"Even before they start work properly, some of them quit to go back home and then come back to Singapore again as lorry drivers," said Mr Lim.

Instead of Hiking Wages, the 1% Is Working With PAP to Regulate so That They Can Bind Their Workers, Not Unlike Feudal Lords. Forget About Free Market Capitalism, This is Feudalism.

Mr Wong said: "I'm working with authorities to put up the suggestion to differentiate the licences required to drive a bus and a lorry, so that the job-hopping problem can be alleviated to some degree."

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Malay Race 1 : Proto Malay

Proto Malay

Proto Malay were yellow people. They were Mongoloid originating from Southern China. There were two waves of Malay migration to South East Asia. One was by land from Yunnan and the other was the sea route, starting from Fujian, then Taiwan, then to the other part of Malay land. Below is from Wikipedia.

The Yunnan theory, Mekong river migration (published in 1889) - The theory of Proto Malays originating from Yunnan is supported by R.H Geldern, J.H.C Kern, J.R Foster, J.R Logen, Slamet Muljana and Asmah Haji Omar. Other evidences that support this theory include: stone tools found in Malay Archipelago are analogous to Central Asian tools, similarity of Malay customs and Assam customs, and the fact that the Malay language & Cambodian language are kindred languages because the ancestral home of Cambodians originated at the source of Mekong River.

The Taiwan theory (published in 1997) - The migration of a certain group of Southern Chinese occurred 6,000 years ago, some moved to Taiwan (today's Taiwanese aborigines are their descendents), then to the Philippines and later to Borneo (roughly 4,500 years ago) (today's Dayak and other groups). These ancient people also split with some heading to Sulawesi and others progressing into Java, and Sumatra. The final migration was to the Malay Peninsula roughly 3,000 years ago. A sub-group from Borneo moved to Champa in modern-day Central and South Vietnam roughly 4,500 years ago. There are also traces of the Dong Son and Hoabinhian migration from Vietnam and Cambodia. There was also the Southern Thai migration, from what we know as Pattani today. All these groups share DNA and linguistic origins traceable to the island that is today Taiwan, and the ancestors of these ancient people are traceable to southern China.

Malay land

Proto Malay was the best navigating race. They sailed and take over islands from the East coast of Africa to the West coast of continental Americas.  

Proto Malay is Yellow People 

The natives of Fujian are descendant of proto Malay mix with Northern Chinese. Fujian Han Chinese look very different from other Han Chinese. Taiwanese Han Chinese is 90% from Fujian. The purest Malay tribe would probably be the Taiwanese hill tribe. They look remarkably similar to Taiwanese Han Chinese.

When Proto Malay settled in other part of the world, it mixed with other people. Hence, most Malay today lies somewhere between the mongoloid and Australoid phenotype. Filipinos look very yellow. Their gene pool is very close to Taiwanese aboriginals. More remarkably pockets of Malays in Sumatra, Borneo, Sulaweisi still look very yellow. They probably have received very little external genome input.

Most Malay look very brown. Many of these Malay received genes from the Australoid, blacks, Arabs or even Indians. 

The Fujian Han Chinese is 60-70% genetically similar to Taiwanese hill tribe. They receive around 35% of their gene from Northern Chinese. 

Chang Hui-mei is Taiwanese Malay. She is yellow but with feature very different from Northern Chinese. She exult a undomesticated wild sexual energy not found in Han Chinese.

Dong Li Huo Che are Malay singers from Taiwan. They are yellow. They have interesting phenotype. They can be mistaken for Amerindian. They show strong signs of undomesticated-ness.

A Filipino girl. She is beautiful and is throwing around sexual energy. Filipino is very close genetically to Southern Chinese especially Fujian Chinese. They are almost identical to Taiwanese hill tribe. If this girl could spend less time under the sun, she could be pass off as Fujian Chinese.

Nias girl. Nias is an island, off Sumatra, facing the Indian Ocean. Many neighboring regions like Malaysia, and Sumatra are more Australoid looking. Nias is surprisingly very Mongoloid looking. I have Nias friend who is exactly no different from Fujian Chinese, not only in look. The Nias though anchor in Malay culture give me a feeling not different from Fujian Chinese culture. I cannot say that to Malayan Malay. 

Compared to Filipino above, this Nias girl look more sexually reserved and refined. Nias are Christian. The Malay living in Muslim countries seems to hold back on their radiating sexual energies. She look quite domesticated.

Kadazan girl of sabah Malaysia. Kadazans are yellow people.

Another Kadazan girl. You will not be able to tell the difference between many Kadazan and Fujian Chinese. For me, I can tell the difference between Cantonese and Fujian Chinese sometimes, and very often between Fujian Chinese and Northern Chinese.

Iban girls of Sarawak, Malaysia. I have Iban friend. Cannot tell differences in behavior or phenotype between my tribe and Iban. They just speak a different language, somehow I feel a lot of affinity with them.

About Veritas

I am a Fujian Chinese, speaking Min-nan dialect, or more conveniently identify as Taiwanese dialect. I am a 3rd generation Singaporean. I was a backpacker in my younger days. When I traveled around Malay land, I was shock at the similarity in culture between my tribe and many Malay tribe, even though we do not speak the same language. I do not even feel that comfortable with Northern Chinese.

I was also surprise the high degree of similarity between our phenotype. 

Many people told me I do not look very Chinese. My family members look Chinese and I am quite an odd one out. Most people commented I look like people from Indochina, such as Vietnamese, Cambodian or Burmese.  

I come to conclusion that I am a Sinicized Malay, as all Fujian Chinese are.

Click here for part 2 of this series that will discuss about the genetic distance of various Malay groups themselves as well as between Chinese.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SAF eyeing F-35 : Excessive Defence Spending

According to a report.

Singapore is in the final stages of evaluating the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter as a possible replacement for its older fighters, the defence ministry said Tuesday.

It said the F-35 was under consideration as a replacement for Singapore's F-5 fighters, which are nearing the end of their operational life, and F-16s, which are at their "midway mark".

"Though the F-35 is still in development, we are nonetheless interested in the platform for our future needs," Ng said during a debate on the national budget.

"For the longer term, the RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) has identified the F-35 as a suitable aircraft to further modernise our fighter fleet. We are now in the final stages of evaluating the F-35," he said.

The single-engine fighter, which has advanced software and stealth capability, is being developed under a programme led by the United States, with eight countries helping to fund the aircraft.

Since the contract was awarded to US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin in 2001, the cost has skyrocketed and the project has been plagued with delays.

In the latest glitch, the US military last month suspended all test flights over potential engine problems after a crack was discovered on a turbine blade in one F-35 engine.

However, the Pentagon's director of the F-35 programme, Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan, dismissed any talk of foreign customers backing out.

Singapore's defence ministry "will have to be satisfied that this state-of-the-art multi-role fighter meets our long-term needs, is on track to be operationally capable, and most importantly, is a cost-effective platform," Ng said.

I do not know what Ng Eng Hen means by cost effective. A F-35 cost US$230 million. That is 5 times the cost of F-15SG, 12 times the cost of F-16 C/D, and 110 times the cost of F-5E. One need 12 F-35 to form a squadron. Over the life span of an aircraft, the maintenance and logistic support would cost the same amount or even more, as the aircraft's unit cost. That is to say, a F-35 would cost around US$500 million over its life-time, and a squadron would need US$6 billion.

For a squadron of F-35, we can buy 144 F-16 C/D, or 60 F-15SG, or 1300 F-5E. 

In addition, F-35 do not meet our requirements. Ng said that F-35 is a replacement for F-5. We are using F-5 as an interceptor. F-35 is designed as an multi-purpose combat aircraft. Hence F-35 is not a replacement for F-5. The US 5th generation air superiority fighter plane is F-22. F-22 or other air superiority fighters will be a better replacement for F-5. 

We already have the strongest air force in the region. We have 4 EL/W-2085 that could lock on to enemies' aircraft long before we are on their radar. We could easily defeat all our neighbors.

Nevertheless, I expect PAP to throw away US$6 billions to suck up US defence contractors. Meanwhile, PAP told us that we got to work to death. 

Below: Our Ah Mah can starve till death. PAP throws US$6 billions on an expensive useless toys.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Greatest Arab Hero mocks Hijab

Gamal Abdel Nasser was the greatest Arabic Hero of modern Arabic history. He was the only Arab head of state who really stand up against imperialism and was determined to move his people forward. He was few leaders who are truly against Israel and USA imperialism. He brought tremendous progress to Egypt in his life time. He was a socialist, and belieave in the emancipation of people. He was enemy of Muslim Brotherhood as well as the Salafis of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia hated him. Saudi Arabia is a corrupt regime, who actually supports USA. US dollar is a world reserve currency primarily because it is fungible in exchange of Saudi's oil. US dollar is not called petrodollar for nothing.

Unfortunately, very few Muslim know who is Nasser today. Due to missionary zeal of reactionary Saudi Arabia, many Muslim slowly converge to Saudi Wahhabism. I will blog more about Arabian convoluted history in future.

Below, shows  how Cairo University changed over the years. Before, Cairo University was a place of great vibrancy. Today, it has turned much more conservative. The Nasser time when Cairo University was liberal, was also the period whereby Egypt achieved greatest improvement in economics, academics as well as emancipation. After Nasser was gone, Egypt stagnant.

Cairo University 1959.

Cairo University 1978.

Cairo University 1995.

Cairo University 2004. More veiled than ever.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Singapore after Taken Over by High Caste Indians 1

3000 years ago, the Dravidian civilization in Hindus valley had the highest level of sanitation in the world. It was prominent in hydraulic engineering, and had many water supply and sanitation devices that were the first of their kind.
Among other things, they contain the world's earliest known system of flush toilets. These existed in many homes, and were connected to a common sewerage pipe. Most houses also had private wells. City walls functioned as a barrier against floods. [see this] Then proto-Dravidic civilization was one of the most prosperous and advance in the planet. Today, unfortunately India is more uncivilized compared to 3000 years ago and India Indians regress so much that they shit on the streets. 

After Aryan conquest, India become the dirtiest country on the planet. It is also among the poorest, backward and ignorant. I have been to India few years back. People still shit on the streets. You see shit everywhere on the streets. I traveled more than 30 countries. Not even the poorest part of Africa come close to India. In Middle East, the Arab Islam states, no matter how poor, are very clean. There are no shit on the streets. Unlike India, you will never see any dead bodies hanging around in all Islamic state, despite that many are extremely poor and backward. 

The descendants of Aryan, the high caste Indians are responsible for most part of India's misery. They are extremely corrupt people. Indian officials, who are mostly high caste, would steal all the monies than put it into public good. In the past, the high caste Indians tried their best to make everyone as ignorant as possible. Instead of spreading literacy, it was guarded as a secret among the Brahmin Caste. The Dravidians were discriminated and given the name Dalits. 3000 years ago, the Dravidians were among smartest people. Today, the Dalits have one of the lowest IQ on the world, due to deprivations by the Aryan.

The Dalits believe and still believe the lies of Aryans that Dalits commited sin in previous life. To redeem the sins, Dalits have to work as shit collector and hereditary prostitute. The Dalits also believe in the self-fulling prophesy that they are stupid, and hence deserve to be condemned to misery. Some low caste Indians migrated to Singapore. Most local Indians are descendants of low caste southern Indian stocks, whose ancestors were screwed by high caste Indians.

India Nationals Bringing their Old Tricks to Singapore

After screwing their villages big time, high caste Indian nationals found a willing sucker, the PAP. Anything high caste Indian run, runs into shit. They are simply extremely degenerated people. Most are dishonest, backstabbing and lazy. Majority have not too high IQ. They brag a lot. Unfortunately, they are not able to explain despite of their self proclaiming talent, India today is the most miserable country in the planet. But high caste Indians's expertise fit perfectly well into PAP's route map for Singapore. PAP wanted to enslave Singaporeans, and high caste Indians have experience in enslaving the most intelligent Northern Dravidians turning them into the most stupid Dalits today. High caste Indians are also sick about their own villages exactly because they themselves have run it miserably. So they came.

With the help of PAP, they told Singaporeans that Indians are good, and Singaporeans are lousy, especially during job interviews. Also, PAP's MSM never failed to tell Singaporeans that we are stupid, lazy and xenophobic.

Singaporeans who has a IQ of 103 are deprived a job in favor of India nationals having IQ of 81. All education benchmark like PISA put Singaporeans students as the most intelligent among the world. Indians students are among the most lousy on earth. But to FT Indians and PAP, that is not important. No matter how smart Singaporeans are, they are going to conditioned us to do very low status job, and give what we deserve to FT Indians.

The Singaporean Boiling Frog

PAP is slowly conditioning very qualified Singaporean graduates into doing manual jobs like waiter, hawker, taxi drivers, cashiers....etc. If we do not resist such enslavement today, even such jobs will be out of bound in the future. After the success of this stage, the dark forces of PAP and high caste Indian ally will start their next stage of deprivation.

And finally, the only job for Singaporeans will be shit collection and prostitution, not unlike what the Dalits are doing today. 

If We Do Not Fight Racism, Our Sons will Be More Miserable Than Animals under Indian Racist

Sadly, many Singaporeans believe in the lies of FT Indians and PAP. They believe that they are stupid. These people have weak brains. They are like the ancestors of Dalits, the clever Dravidians, who believes in the lies of those who exploited them. These Singaporeans resign themselves peddling food even though they have university degree. These Singaporeans forget that everyone of us studied very hard in exams. They forget that we Singaporeans have built the most prosperous country in the world. They choose to believe high caste alien Indian charlatans coming from the worst slum on the earth. Instead of taking what rightfully belong to them, many Singaporeans self-victimize and think that they deserve their low status. They do not hate low IQ racists who victimized them, instead, they feel that they deserve to be screwed.

High caste Indians are always minority, often less than 10% in a state. The damage caused by this small amount of people are dis proportionally immense.

Today, with 200,000 FT Indians and many more naturalized ex-FT Indians in Singapore, we could have 5% of high caste Indians among us. In addition, we need to fight PAP. Our struggle against wicked racist will be tough. We need to harden ourselves.

The high caste Indians run the once cleanest Dravidic Indus civilization, into the dirtiest place on earth. The pictures below show what Singapore will look like in 100 years time. For our sons and daughter, we must fight racism. We must not let low IQ racist take all our resources, and return to accuse the highest IQ, most hardworking, honest Singaporeans as stupid, lazy and xenophobic.

The misery of India is due to the evilness of high caste Indian. The pictures are being reposted in many sites. And many Indian nationals denied these are real. [link1] [link2] [link3] [link4


Bathing in Rubbish

A holy ground covered with feces! Note: No toilet paper!

Cows in Puri. In India, I saw large herds of cows in CBD of Delhi and Kolkata, shitting everywhere.

Everywhere is rubbish

The famous ancient city of Varanasi. The Ganges is for both morning baths and cremations. On top, a shit collector.

At the river side lighting the fire for cremation.

The dead are burn at public.

Burn, burn, burn. Look at the leg on the left.

The man died. No one give a damn -- yet.

A dead cow in Ganges. 

Indian relish Ganges water, whereby dead and sewage are dumped. Certain stretch of Ganges has fecal coliform counts up to 100,000,000 per 100 ml. That is 500,000 times above the safety limit for swimming. That number I believe is still under reported. And my goodness, for mouth rinsing and drinking....etc   

Dead bodies

Dead cow

Women swimming inside dead bodies infested water

Man bath there as well

Dogs feeding corpse

Another corpse

More corpse

Dog feeding corpse

Tourist/commuter boating beside dead bodies

Dead cow





Cow and laundry side by side


Women bathing in corpse infested Ganges

I hope this corpse got burn into ashes before it is being dumped into Ganges

Look at bottom right

This is the stuff you see on bottom right on the previous picture.

Man in water full of rubbish


Another corpse







drinking the water in Ganges? There are Sadhus who really relish the water.

Drinking the water of Ganges


Dead cow become dog food 


Dog eating cow


Fighting to eat child's head, dog win.




This fish is from Ganges. The fishes growth up feeding on rubbish and corpse. Dare to try?



Children playing in Ganges