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SAP schools 1: An epitome of Chinese sufferings and humiliation

SAP school system is good target for bigots, to accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. I have came across numerous blogs, comments and even articles in major books and magazine ranting about Chinese racism then, picked a few examples to support their accusations whereby SAP school system is among of their favorite.

Nothing can be further from truth. Reality is SAP school system is the biggest insult to Chinese, a legacy of Chinese culture genocide and the epitome of the sufferings Chinese Singaporeans have gone through.

Dr Michael Barr and his anti Chinese hate

Michael Barr
Dr Michael Barr is an important source of hate writings against Chinese Singaporeans. Partly due to his endless evangelism, many are filled with rabid hate against SAP schools.

Below is what he wrote.

Yet even before the scholarship stage, the education system has stacked the deck in favor of Chinese, starting in preschool. Here is the heart of Singapore’s systemic discrimination against non-Chinese.

The early outward signs of the Sinicization program were the privileging of Chinese education, Chinese language and selectively chosen “Chinese values” in an overt and successful effort to create a Mandarin- and English-speaking elite who would dominate public life. Two of the most important planks of this campaign were decided in 1979: the annual “Speak Mandarin Campaign” and the decision to preserve and foster a collection of elite Chinese-medium schools, known as Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools.

The SAP schools are explicitly designed to have a Chinese ambience, right down to Chinese gardens, windows shaped like plum blossoms, Chinese orchestra and drama, and exchange programs with mainland China and Taiwan. Over the years the children in SAP schools have been given multiple advantages over those in ordinary schools, including exclusive preschool programs and special consideration for pre-university scholarships.

For instance, in the early 1980s, when there was a serious shortage of graduate English teachers in schools, the Ministry of Education ensured there were enough allocated to SAP schools “to help improve standards of English among the Chinese-medium students, in the hope that they will be able to make it to university”—a target brought closer by the granting of two O-level bonus points exclusively to SAP school students when they applied to enter junior college. By contrast, neither Indians nor Malays received any special help, let alone schools of their own to address their special needs. They were not only left to fend for themselves, but were sometimes subjected to wanton neglect: inadequately trained teachers, substandard facilities and resources and the “knowledge” that they are not as good as the Chinese.

Chung Cheng high: A Chinese style building is racism

Barr painted SAP schools as cesspool of Chinese racism against minorities. The schools serve to sinicized minorities because they are built in Chinese architecture style. PAP starved all other schools of English teachers and allocate them to SAP schools. Malays and Indians got shit.

In addition many have blog and comment extensively about SAP schools. Below are some of their opinions in summary.

  • SAP schools are good because of various unfair advantages (Barr had listed a few for example priority in getting English teachers in early 1980s).
  • Only Chinese are given SAP schools (no Malay SAP or Indian SAP)
  • SAP school is racist and breed Chinese elitism. Minorities have small representation there.

What else can be a better evidence of a racist Chinese for many of our minorities bloggers and commenters? Someone even write a wikipedia entry of anti Malay sentiments using SAP schools to support their case. James Gomez has wrote SAP schools in practice they favour Chinese culture and Mandarin language and add to the marginalization of minorities.

The only thing these people are able to prove is, they are either too stupid, too full of self-victimization, have no breadth of historical knowledge, or they they simply preaching hate.

Chung Cheng lake: Another Chinese style architecture. It should be demolish as this is evidence of racism
The cultural genocide of Chinese and the SAP school system

In reality, SAP school system was born due to the need to wipe out Chinese cultural and Chinese school system. Then there was Chinese school system in Singapore. SAP schools are former Chinese schools. Every single subjects were taught in Chinese and English was learned in language lesson.

PAP being banana Peranakan hated everything related to Chinese culture. They have all along trying to close Chinese schools and finally succeeded in the early 1980s. The Chinese saw all our schools, multiple of tenths of them, closed shop or taken over by PAP. The Chinese leaders are not able to gain any grounds for us in Chinese education and had to accept PAP's humiliating terms.

The Chinese communities managed to get nine former Chinese schools structured in a way that, students have options (not obligation) of choosing two more subjects, namely a Chinese literature subject and a slightly more difficult Chinese language subject.

This is nothing but to placate the Chinese which saw all their school closed and anglicized. Overnight, the medium of instruction other than Chinese language and Chinese literature were changed to English.

Chinese High students celebrating Mid Autumn Festival: Racist KKK are caught red handed
Malays allow to keep their Madrasah

In comparison, PAP has allowed Malays to keep their Madrasah. Malays are free to promote their culture and languages. Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to nationalized a few Madrasahs into "SAP madrasah" to see whether anyone will attack their "Malay ambiance".

Chinese are among the least racist people in the planet. The banana PAP even though extremely un-chinese like, still treats the minorities better in cultural aspect. Unfortunately, by letting Malay madrasahs run independently and killing all Chinese schools, it makes many narrow-minded minorities feel that they are short-changed by Chinese racist (only Chinese SAP schools means Chinese are racist).

These minorities will never look at how much advantage they have in shaping their culture, in being able to control their own school system.

Chinese suffering and pain mis-interpreted maliciously as Chinese racism 

Michael Barr mentioned SAP schools got allocation of English teachers in 1980s even when there is shortage. So Chinese are racist. This is a lie. The reason of English teachers shortage is due to massive Anglicization of Chinese schools in a short period of time. Given a choice, Chinese would rather keep our Chinese schools and get rid of these English teachers.

Hwa Chong celebrate Chinese New Year. This is Nazi-ism

Barr and some of our minorities also claim SAP schools are racist because of their Chinese ambiance such as Chinese architecture and a wider choice of CCA related to Chinese culture. Not even feces are that odious compared to such accusations. Instead of a proof of Chinese racism, it is a good proof such people are nuts.

SAP schools are reincarnate of Chinese schools. The SAP school buildings like those of Chung Cheng and Chinese high were built long time ago to house Chinese schools, from Chinese donations, designed by Chinese, and attended by Chinese students. Unless people hate it so much that they would like them to be dynamite, else it will remain very Chinese.

Teachers and students there, have started Chinese culture oriented CCA long before anyone here were born. So there will be a lot more choice of Chinese culture oriented CCAs. Unfortunately this is enough to be racism for some, because SAP schools are not celebrating for example, Thaipusam or provisioning CCA such as Silat fighting.

Is Madrasah racist by having a middle eastern architecture as well as Malay ambient?

Hwa Chong Chinese Singaporeans just cannot stop being racist against minorities again--by celebrating Chinese New Year

Anglicization or Sinicization?

Many people are filled with hate against Chinese and will spin up any malicious accusations against us. Michael Barr and many of our commenters stated that SAP school is an outward sign of sinicization. The opposite is true. SAP is a sign of Anglicization, to extinguish Chinese culture. In SAP schools, all subjects are taught in English except Chinese language and Chinese literature.

PAP allow Malay to keep their Madrasah, but has shut down all Chinese school. If Chinese are able to keep our schools, Singapore will be a sinicize state. In addition, no one is forcing Chinese language and Confucious ethnic on anyone of our minorities.

If people can argue that SAP schools are sinicization, why not the argue the presence of Madrasah as Islamization or Malayu-lization? All majority races in South East Asia  promote or impose their lect on minorities, other than Chinese Singaporeans and to a lesser extend Javanese. Just watch Malaysian Malay for example.

Our minorities need to do much more soul searching.

Singapore Chinese being hated for fake accusation of promoting Sinicization, while in reality adopting a neutral language from our British colonial master

What if PAP allow Nantah and all Chinese schools to run? The outcome will be Singapore will be a very sinicized state compared to today. Our English language standards will not hit current level. A lot of business and public activities will be conducted in Mandarin.

Today most Chinese in Singapore speak English at home precisely because PAP's sabotage of Nantah and Chinese schools. Chinese languages are going the way of dodo.

However, many people have irrational hate against anything Chinese, even though our languages are dying and English has gain supremacy. Even SAP system who retain nothing much of Chinese-ness is too much for them. They want to see SAP schools close.

Meanwhile, no one say anything about Madrasah.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Malaysian Malay self-victimization and hate: Hitler will be proud

Singaporean Chinese carry original Sin. On one hand, we got screwed by Peranakan, who are hell bent to destroy our language and culture. On the other hand, we have minorities, who exhibit irrational hate and racism in the countries where they are majority.

Our minorities have been trying very hard to prove Chinese racism. Our minorities never miss a chance to bash Chinese upon stumbling upon one or two miscreant kids' racial slur. Then they will use these one or two isolated cases to nail Chinese down.

Chinese are indeed racist but I bet all researches on Chinese racism are not going to be exciting. One can get a lot of ecstasy by R&D on Malaysian Malay racism and Indian caste system. In Malaysia, mongering hate against minorities, spreading racial lies, inculcating self-victimization and even funding terrorism and regional Islamic insurgency are institutional and big businesses.

Malaysian Malays' breakthrough in history research

Malaysia is today one of the few countries in the world where one can find a good career preaching hate against minorities. Malaysian Malay Muslim have recently accomplished milestone achievement in racism by monopolizing the use of Allah, that not even the most nut head Taliban ever dream of doing. While racists in most countries are despised, shunned or even outlawed, they are allowed in Malaysia to organize all sorts of conference and symposium, speaking to thousands of audience.
Zaharah Sulaiman

Recently Zaharah Sulaiman, a writer and historian from a society called Malaysia Archaeology Association who is also Suara Pribumi chairman, delivered the followings to a thousand-strong audience.
Dari Utara ke Selatan pula ia bermula dari Pulau Farmosa, Filipina Champa, Funan, Siam Malaysia, Indonesia, Pulau-Pulau kecil di Pasifik dan juga New Zealand....
Gerakan ini dinamakan sebagai Nam Tien atau dalam bahasa Melayu “Gerakan ke Selatan”. Gerakan ini diusahakan oleh golongan penakluk, untuk mengepung dan menolak orang Melayu hingga ke ‘penghujung dunia’.
 Berikutan dari ledakan penambahan orang Cina di Thailand, Kemboja dan Vietnam sehingga mereka menubuhkan bangsa keturunan mereka sendiri yang digelarkan sebagai Dai Viet telah menyebabkan orang Melayu semakin dipinggir di negeri sendiri. Kini mereka berevolusi menjadi bangsa Khmer (Kemboja), Thai (Siam) dan Hmong, Mong dan Miao (Vietnam)...... 
Mereka terus berusaha hingga sekarang agar orang Melayu pupus dari muka bumi dan mereka berjaya menakluki Nusantara. 

Translate the above passages.

The Malay world spanning from the North to the South, consists of Taiwan, Philippines, Champa (now central and South Vietnam), Funan (now Cambodia), Siam (now Thailand), Malaysia, Indonesia and the small islands in the Pacific and New Zealand....

The Nam Tien (南天) movement was initiated by conqueror (Chinese) and to push Malay to the end of the world.

The increased in Chinese in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam resulted in a Chinese mestizo call Dai Viet (Vietnamese), that caused Malay to be sidelined in their own countries. They (Chinese mestizo) then evolved into Khmer (Cambodian), Thai, Hmong, Mong, Miao... They strive to make Malay extinct from the face of the earth and they have manged to conquer the Malay world. 

So Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam were former Malay land. Malay there got extinct because China and their hybrid conquered them. Then, she continued

Nampaknya bukan bangsa Cina sahaja yang benar-benar ingin menakluki Nusantara, ini kerana bangsa-bangsa hibrid dari keturunan Cina juga terus berusaha untuk menolak dan menghancurkan kekuasaan orang Melayu.

Chinese are not the only one wanting to conquer the Malay world. Nations of Chinese mestizo are also continuing to destroy Malay. 

The above findings by Zahara Sulaiman was reported in English Yahoo as well. The content was much less exciting than the one in Malay version.

The Yahoo version, she was quoted saying that

"Malays are called lazy and not innovative, but it’s because the knowledge, the peoples who have the knowledge have gone extinct"

"Foreigners were jealous of us because of what Malays had, the expertise in mining gold and tin."

"When foreigners came to Tanah Melayu, they grabbed (our riches) and killed Malays, they took over our tin and gold "

Many Malays "are now awakened of the killings their tribe has suffered under Chinese"

I have read Malay comments about her article in blog and in Malay medium. Many Malay wrote with patriotism. They have just discovered Chinese has along trying to kill Malay. They responded with determination never to let wicked Chinese plot succeed. They now realize that Chinese are making Malays poor, killing Malays and making Malays lazy and non-innovative. They regret not knowing this earlier.

Malay commenters have vowed to rally and get united, and to guard themselves against the conspiracy of wicked Chinese.

A Caveat to Chinese and Singaporeans

The anti Chinese sentiment of Malaysian Malay Muslim is not an illusion but very true. Inciting racial hate, lying and inculcating victimhood, even supporting Islamic insurgencies in South East Asia have grown into a multi million dollar industries in Malaysia.

So what does it got to do with Singapore?

Singaporean Malay may be drawn to Malaysian Malay mindset. Our Malay may also be awakened of "Chinese evil conspiracy to kill Malay" after reading nuts article coming from Malaysia, without doing further verification.

Some like Mas Selamat who got radicalized much earlier simply just want to kill a lot of Singaporeans.

Chinese must strive for highest standards in virtue

Malaysian Malay historian are making inroads in histories. Malaysian Malay commentors and "well-informed people" are awakening with their delusional grievances.

We are aware that Malaysian Chinese was discriminated under bumiputera-ism. We are aware that Malaysian Malay hate industries keep mongering hate against Chinese and have indeed made a lot of Malaysian Malay hate Chinese.

I beseech all Chinese to remain calm. We must not fall into the trap of Nazi industries that add fuel to more hate. Malaysian Malay radicals can hate Chinese, and hate "Chinese mestizo" like Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian but we must not reciprocate with hate.

Recently 99% of Singaporean Chinese commenters on facebook and other sites support fair representation of Malays in SAF despite that Malaysian Malay leaders have been hostile to Singapore, and Malaysia posses big threat to Singapore's security. Singaporean Chinese again have shown to be virtuous.

On the other hand, Malaysian Malay Muslim are hostile to any change in racist Bumiputra policy.

Being called racist by many, Singaporean Chinese quietly bearing insults meanwhile trying all the best to eradicate racism. Singaporean Chinese always respond with love to minorities.

Singaporean Chinese do not impose caste system on minorities.
Singaporean Chinese do not preach hate and lies about minorities.
Singaporean Chinese do not Islamized, Christianized or Confucius-nized minorities.
In Singapore all Muslim are free while in Malaysia, Shia and Ahmadya got shit.

Singaporean Chinese must stand up against racism and caste system. If we fall, minorities like Shia or Ahmadya may get shit or we may descend into caste system. We must continue to anchor our righteous way and be a beacon to all nations.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Indians and their shit: Looking at Indian's mind from defecation

Indians and shitting on the streets

Few days ago, there is a conference in Singapore discussing about shitting on the streets. Before going into the findings published in the conference, it is worth look at the above CNN news clips first.

According to the above CNN clips, a lot Indians rather have mobile phones and satellite TV, than getting themselves a toilet. Most Indians, even those that living in the bigger cities shit in the streets. India is a country whereby it is easiest for someone to have a view of woman vagina so long they take a walk outdoor. Is this one of the factor of high rape case in India?

In India, just 2% of 162 out of 7035 town have proper sewage treatment. The remaining 98% of Indian's shit is being dangerously disposed. That is to say, India's rivers and aquifers are inevitably polluted by shit. Indians are drinking these polluted pooh water on daily basis.

Latest UN figures on shit of India

UN has done their research on Indian shitting on the streets. The conclusion is most Indians still shit on the streets. The below are their findings.

About 638 million people in India, or more than half of those residing in the second-most populous nation on Earth, defecate in the open.
Toilets are out of reach for 53 percent of India’s 1.2 billion residents left with little choice but to go outdoors the figure for those lacking a toilet in India is an improvement from 63.6 percent in 2001.
While more than half of India’s people go to the toilet outdoors, in Bangladesh and Brazil only 7 percent do. That figure is 4 percent in China, Unicef data shows.

Shitting on streets is Indians choice of lifestyle. Islam civilization is far superior than Hindus

Indians like to shit on streets -- no doubt. They would rather spend monies on Iphones that get themselves a toilet.

Bangladesh people are Islamized Indians. The diagram below shows urbanization rate of nations [source]. India is 30% urbanize and twice as rich as Bangladesh. Besides Bangladesh is just 28% urbanize. Yet in Bangladesh only 7% people shit on streets as compared to 53% of Indians. In 2001, an appalling 63.6% of Indians shit on the streets.

Urbanization rate

Analyzing Indians' mind through shitting culture

It make no sense that a backward Islamic country like Bangladesh has better defecating culture than India. Other than that, the Arab states never mind how poor will be reluctant to let their women expose themselves in public. And while there is sanitation issues in Africa due to poverty, India rank number one in shitting on the streets even though she is way more prosperous than many African states. How can someone do not have a toilet while having all the Iphones and satellite TV?

The only explanation is Indian prefer to shit on the streets. I will try to further illustrate using economics principle of externality. A manufacturing plant often let go their waste to the surrounding causing water or air pollution. The company pay nothing for such pollution. However the society on the whole foot the bill when the ill effects of pollution show up. The cost imposed on society is given the name of externality.

Indian pee and shit in public for reason being, there is no ROI aka return of investment if they build toilet. The cost of shitting is externalize. So why spend monies for hygiene? On the other hand, Iphones and satellite TV have value of utilities. A toilet has no value, given that one can shit in the streets FOC, free of charge.

Besides Indian culture may have higher tolerance for nude compare to others. The Muslim and traditional Chinese culture are very prude. Public exposure is a big shame and everyone are expected to cover up properly.

Lastly, Indian culture could have a high tolerance for filth. Certain cultures that stress cleanliness have clean toilet. Examples are Japan and Islam. Other than shitting on streets, dead body disposal also shown Indians have high tolerance for filth. You can always see corpse on Ganges.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Malayan Communist Party 1: Chin Peng praised by Thai, bad mouthed by Malaysian Malay

Chin Peng's fan

The Thai generals, who all led troops against the CPM guerrillas in southern Thailand, said they saw Chin Peng as a “father figure” and “model of honesty and bravery.

Thailand former Prime Minister General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh
Chin Peng was a hero who fought for power for the people. He is not a guerrilla leader but a friend to us. He fought for justice and freedom.

In fact, he is a patriot......

Chin Peng was not someone who was fighting for personal glory or interests, but fighting for the people.

"In the hearts of many Thai people, especially the soldiers, Chin Peng was a hero who was much admired for his dedication, perseverance and resourcefulness. Despite the insurmountable obstacles he faced, Chin Peng was never deterred, he did what he felt was right

Thai former army Lieutenant General Pisan Wattanawongkiri 
Chin Peng is the Malaysian equivalent of Ho Chin Minh, Aung San and Kusno Sosrodihardjo or Sukarno, for his ceaseless efforts during the battle for independence.

Chin Peng had fought ceaselessly and sacrificed a lot for the cause of the Communist Party of Malaya.

Although the Malaysian government, vilified Chin Peng, Pisarn said he was a kind, honest and principled individual.

"He was like a father figure to his men and I looked up to him like a big brother. He has been like a relative of mine for the past 20 years and I will always appreciate the time that we have spent together

Chin Peng was 'etched' into the 'hearts' of four generals. For 20 years, he has been in our hearts (including Kitti's aide General Akkanit Muensawad). He was always talked of with fondness. I am happy that I had the opportunity to know this man who fought for independence for 50 years......

Chin Peng's 'jungle' fighting skills that was taught to the Australian army.

He also had a very good relationship with the Thai royalty and Princess Chulabhorn Walailak," he said.

Thai former army Lieutenant General Kitti Rattanachaya
Personally, I saw him as my big brother. I love and respect him. He was a true gentleman. "He was also a fighter for independence like Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh and Indonesia's Sukarno.

"He was a model of honesty and bravery,

Chin Peng "played a key role in maintaining peace" along the Thai-Malaysian border.

Chin Peng's detractors

Chin Peng's detractors are mostly Malaysian Malay status quo.

Malaysia Former PM Mahathir
CPM killed civilians and security personnel by the thousands without considering their role as defenders of independence or their innocence.

Malaysia Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah
Chin Peng is an enemy of the state.....Lives of members of the armed forces and policemen were lost, and civilians were killed and suffered as a result of Chin Peng and the communist terrorists' actions.

Malaysia PM Najib Razak 
Chin Peng will always be remembered as a terrorist who was responsible for many atrocities

Malaysia Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said 
People should remember that Chin Peng was first and foremost a terrorist leader.....Malaysians should remember the scores of people who suffered and died because of the violence inflicted by Chin Peng and his party

Malaysia Defence minister and Umno vice-president Hishammuddin 
He and the CPM terrorists had committed atrocities......


Malaysia Former PM Tunku Abdul Rahman, in his book Lest We Forget
Just as Indonesia was fighting a bloody battle, so were the Communists of Malaya, who, too, fought for independence.

Malaysia Former inspector-general of police Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor
If the government succumbs to this public pressure not to allow Chin Peng's ashes to be brought back, I think, we are making Malaysia a laughing stock to the whole world.

There were other ex-communists who were allowed to come back and they were mainly Malays. Abdullah CD (CPM chairperson) was allowed to come back to Malaysia and was even given an audience with the current sultan of Perak. Rashid Maidin (CPM central committee member), I was told, performed his pilgrimage through KL with the help of the Malaysian authorities

Chin Peng, the man born Ong Boon Hua, should be remembered for his role and the CPM’s role in fighting against British colonial rule.

People who have same career with Chin Peng

Chin Peng was indeed responsible for the death of many, and so were those portrait below me, as well as all military personnel that ever went to war. So it should be no surprise that people form different opinion towards Chin Peng.

USA George Washington
China Tibet Dalai Lama (few know he did conduct arm insurgencies)

China Chairman Mao, Cambodia Chairman Pot and top Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary

Brazi President Dilma Rousseff on trial as a communist guerilla 1970

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff now

Saudi Arabia Osama Bin Laden

France President Charles de Gaulle
Israel PMs Begin and Shamir
Palestine Arafat
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap
China President Sun Yat Sen
Nepal PMs Prachanda and Bhattarai

Sri LankaTamil Tiger V. Prabhakaran

North Korea chairman Kim Il Sung
Palestinian Sheikh Yassin
Turkey's Ocalan

Who is Chin Peng?

Admiral Mountbatten about to decorate Burma Star and 1939-1945 Star on Chin Peng.

Chin Peng (陳平), nee Ong Boon Hua (王文華), pass away in 16 September 2013, Bangkok, Thailand was a long-time leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). Chin Peng was borned in 21 October 1924, Setiawan, Perak, Malaysia. His father had come to the town in 1920 and started a bicycle, tyre and spare motor parts business. He attended a Chinese language school in Sitiawan. In 1937 he joined the Chinese Anti Enemy Backing Up Society (AEBUS), formed that year to send aid to China in response to Japan's aggression. According to Chin and Hack, he was not yet at that time a communist. He was in charge of anti-Japanese activities at his school. Initially a supporter of Sun Yat-sen, by early 1939 he had embraced Communism.

Later, Chin Peng enrolled in the Methodist-run English medium Anglo-Chinese Continuation School but left six months later "for fear of British harassment" and to focus on revolutionary activities. At the end of January 1940 he was admitted to the Malayan Communist Party as a candidate member.  In December he attained full Party membership

In early 1941, Chin Peng rose to become Ipoh District Committee Member of the Party. By June 1941 he became a member of the Perak State Committee.

The Japanese occupation 1942-1945

The MCP was the only effective resistance during the Japanese occupation, not the highly hyped Force 136. The MCP started from zero soldier in at the start of Japanese Malayan campaign in December 1941. At the time of Japanese surrender 3 years 9 month later, MCP's military wing, the  Malayan Peoples' Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) swelled to 10,000 members. Chin was awarded an OBE (subsequently withdrawn by the British government), a mention in despatches and two campaign medals by Britain.

At the end of the war, Chin Peng emerged as the number 2 man in MCP, after Lai Teck. Lai Teck was later killed in 1947, for treachery against MCP and since then, Chin Peng led the MCP.

Malayan Emergencies

The 1948 to 1960 is a period of civil war that saw fighting between the British Malaya and later Malaysia against the MCP, led by Chin Peng. The former MPAJA changed its name to Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA) of about 8000-10,000 personnel fought the Malayan government.

By 1958, the war was lost on the MCP side and most MCP members withdrew to Betong, Thailand. Since then, there was no serious attack against Malaysia.

Finally, the MCP laid down its arms on December 2 1989 at the town of Had Yai in Southern Thailand. Separate peace agreements were signed between the CPM and both governments.

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Ex-Rafflesian is world's top academic and revolutionaries: Behind free education and Google Brain

Problem in education, especially higher learning institute

In USA many educational institutions function like a cartel, loading their students with astronomical debts while top managements enrich themselves. This problem is getting unsustainable today especially in college, where student debt bubble is a time bomb waiting to go off anytime.


The leader of online education today is Coursera, launched by Stanford University computer professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in response to exorbitant education prices. Today, Coursera top in online higher education. Coursera promises to deliver high quality education from star professors and top scientists -- free for some courses while charging very low price for others.

The course involves taking tests, and getting grades. Once you’ve completed the course and have your grades, you can then share your detailed course performance with employers via a web-based interface.

Accredition and endorsement

Right now, Coursera is working with the American Council on Education (ACE) to ensure that credits that come from the Signature Track program will be honored by many of ACE’s 1,800 member schools, such as Amherst University, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon and many others.

That is to say, one day, a student can save a lot of monies by taking courses in Coursera while working towards a degree in an establish college. One day, Coursera could be a platform of totally online college.

Co-CEO Co-Founder Andrew Ng 

Professor Ng 吳恩達, 36, who is British, lived in Singapore from the time he was in Primary 2 till the end of his junior college education. He enrolled in Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College.

He has since moved to the United States. He studied PhD in MIT then transferred to the University of California, Berkeley. He is now an associate professor of computer science at Stanford.

Ng is Times 100 most influential people today, on the same list with people like Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Park Guen Hye, Pope...etc. He was also named the top innovators under 35 by MIT.

Ng is also the Director of Stanford's AI (artificial intelligence) Lab. On 2011, Google recruited Ng into Google X Lab to work on one of the world's top AI research, the Google Brain project, where he focused on Deep Learning. Ng and his AI work, had generated a lot of attention in the engineering communities of AI. The neural network that he worked on in Google is 1000 times larger than what others in academics were working on. Ng has since moved on to run Coursera.

Ng is visiting Singapore

Ng is coming to Singapore to conduct a meet up with people in coming December 28.

Friday, September 27, 2013

A 3rd generation of Lee's family is extremely smart

This is something personal. Recently I start falling in love with a new paradigm. I am now working on challenging problems, nothing to do with my full time work. It sucks out all my social life. I am not sleeping before 1200 or 0100 for the past few weeks.

I scrambled for solutions online. As I am struggling, I chanced upon the writings of Kuan Yew's grandson. This person is extremely brilliant, given his age. Recently I took an IQ test during interview, giving me a score of 132. But this person obviously is much much smarter.

In addition, this person is extremely hard working. His writings show that he has read a lot of books and accumulated incredible amount of knowledge. In a strange way, my resentment against Kuan Yew somehow decreases.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Banana get the best deal in Singapore 4: Kuan Yew-ism and collateral damage 1

Click here for part 1 of the series 
Click here for part 2 of the series
Click here for part 3 of the series 

The effect of PAP's policies that harm minorities are more of collateral damage as a result of ultra capitalism. I have posted writings on IQ of nations and to provide balance view, I quickly post a write up on early intervention and its help on boasting IQ. There is a need to link the two to give people a better impression of IQ of nations.

The cultural factor of East Asians Q

The IQ of nations statistic give people a false impression that East Asians are entirely hereditary. The hereditary factor of East Asian high IQ is just part of it.

There are also cultural factors which boost East Asian IQ. The East Asians have very few kids, and today, are far below replacement level. As the result, the East Asians are able to better invest in their kids education. Also East Asian women are ultra materialistic. Monies play an important role in selection of mate. East Asians marriage are more stable and possess resources to invest in kids.

The East Asian culture give a lot of prestige to scholastic achievements. So even the poorest East Asian family will prioritize on education spending. Hence the East Asians kids have higher IQ. It also shows that any tribe can raise their IQ if they are willing to change their culture or upon enough resources.

Under PAP, low education = low wages. Such policies hurt low income people and damage their children's IQ

My earlier post shows the Heckman Curve, created by Nobel prize laureate James Heckman. Also I have another post which shows that family income affects IQ of a kid, which stays with him for the rest of his life. A kid from poor family will have lower IQ. He will not be able to make it in schools. He will not have cognitive job.

Under the current system, this kid will grow up an adult taking low pay job. Then he will marry. Due to his low pay, he will be in high risk of divorce. His kids will never have adequate access to educational intervention. Then his kids will do badly in school. The cycle continues.

The low wages of non cognitive jobs are entirely engineered by PAP. It enriches the elites and screws the poor

Right now, PAP keep brainwashing us that if we do not study, then we are going to get low pay in future. Unfortunately, the low salary of our manual jobs have more to do with PAP than to our school results.

Lets take toilet cleaners as example. Toilet cleaning is a dirty job that few people want. The fewer people want the merrier. We have a lot of toilet. To prevent shit from overflowing, the rich will need to raise the salary to entice people into this career. If there is no taker, the salary will need to be raised even further. Benefits like career path, short working hours, free meal, long holidays, huge bonuses will eventually be throw in, if there are really no takers. Under free market capitalism, toilet cleaning job remuneration and working conditions will be so good that no one is going to college, but fight to work with shit and pee.

Unfortunately, PAP floods Singapore with foreigners. Our uneducated workers now have salary pegged to the slum kids in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the rich and GLC prosper beyond their wildest imagination, by arbitrating the wage between local toilent cleaners, and the imported Bangala. That is to say, the due compensation of our local toilet cleaners are being stolen by the rich, by means of importing foreign workers. 

Low wages family = low IQ family

My previous blog shows that planting low IQ (high 70s) kids into a middle class family raises their IQ by 15 points, while a rich family will add 20 points.

When a certain portion of our population are impoverish, it will prevent their kids from developing IQ. On the other hand, the rich kids in Singapore perform well in schools not merely because they are particularly very smart.  but also due to the fact that they have better access educational resources.

The East Asian poor is able to cope better

While PAP keeps salary of manual job low, the impact are felt differently across different tribes. Among them the East Asians are coping better, and stand a better chance of upward social mobility, though this social mobility today is very slim.

The most important factor is that East Asians are much more willing to invest in children's education. Second, East Asians value hard work. Even if poor East Asians have higher IQ, they would not be able to overcome poverty if they are idle. East Asians students spend more time in studying. Idle and poor East Asians are too trapped inside the poverty cycle -- no exception.

Singapore elites have narcissism and solipsism problems

If you have high IQ, its a blessing from God. You do not have any credit to it. If you have access to good education, its a blessing from God. You do not have any credit to it. If you study very hard, you deserve to be fairly rewarded, not scandalously.

Today, too many rich people mistaken good fortune and good luck as capability. Too many successful people think that they have succeeded due to their capability, hard work and nothing else. Too many people think they deserve the obscene pay.

The high IQ of a tribe has a lot to do with collective culture

While individual high IQ is a blessing, the high IQ of a tribe is mostly due to their collective culture. Tribes that place premium on education, hard work and justice will have high IQ. We can explain it by evolution. Chinese respect educated people and hard work. Over the years, the educated and hard working people get to breed and pass down their genes. On the other hand, gangsters who preach violence are decimated in Chinese society. Chinese do not admire hate preacher or racist. So we have evolve to be a tolerant people. Over the years, the IQ of Chinese increase through such selective breeding.  

Socialism will save us from our destruction

In Singapore, you may never work your way out of poverty even if you are willing to work hard. PAP will always screw you once he see that you have a high salary. There are so many broken families due to low salary of breadwinner. There are so many kids who cannot make it in schools because they have little access of educational resource. Broken family is a issue. But failing in schools is not an issue under a the socialist economy.

In socialist economy, we may see blue collar workers like toilet cleaners drawing higher salary than some white collar workers. Today in western countries plumbers are drawing such pay.

When a toilet cleaner have monies, he will more likely to have a stable marriage. His kids will also have better access to education. His kids will have higher IQ. By then, IQ and school results does not matter. As long as someone is willing to work hard, he can always drop out and clean toilet.

Under socialism, everyone will get their fair share of wealth. The people who work hard in schools will generally get more, but not scandalously more. The people who work hard as blue collar workers will be fairly compensated. The solution of poverty, and racial issues in our country is not affirmative action, but socialism. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Banana get the best deal in Singapore 3: The dilemmas, two fake solutions

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Our minorities did have valid grievances. Unfortunately, the only acceptable way of discussing issues is to attribute all woes to Chinese racism. The minorities elites have much to be blamed for this. The mainstream one keep quiet. The rebel intellects mis-informed by blaming minorities problems on Chinese -- far from accurate. There are also the white men intellect who are hostile to Chinese given that China is challenging the supremacy of white man.

The Malaysian Malay elite (only) are far more advance and mature. 40 years ago, they have already self introspected, and acknowledged a lot of their own problems.

The Malay Indian bastard Mahathir 

The book is called The Malay Dilemma is a masterpiece by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It was published in 1970, in Malaysia and subsequently banned by the then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman as being too inflammatory, only to be lifted after Mahathir became the Prime Minister. Foreign observers pronounced the book as unscientific, racist, and shocking. It contains a lot of bigotry against Chinese and it is very problematic, especially in the recommendations of solutions. Nevertheless, this book summarized what the Malay elites are thinking.

I read Malay Dilemma inside out, and shall refrained from citing too much from it, in order to be sensitive about racial sentiments. If I write this book today, I will be lock up by ISA (go and read what Mahathir wrote yourselves and prepare for surprises).

Mahathir's findings

Mahathir's proposition is that the Malays are ill-equipped by their racial traits, upbringing and conditioning to compete against the commercially advanced and acquisitive Chinese in their midst. In fact, the above statement is not just owned by Mahathir, but also a common sentiment of Malaysian Malay elites.

Left alone, the Chinese may well deliver Malaysia faster to the common goal of national prosperity. But should the Malay stand aside and watch his country prosper under the Chinese? Or should he demand a share in that prosperity, even at the cost of slowing down the economy? This, Mahathir says, is the Malay dilemma.

The blind spots of Chinese bashing

 Above, Mahathir cried for unknown reason. Mahathir always cries when he bash his tribe.

A lot of books out there try to portray Chinese Singaporean wealth and educational attainment to Chinese racism. Evidences show otherwise. The Chinese were very much over represented in wealth and education attainment in Malaysia before 1969, whereby Malays are more or less in hegemony.

The Malay never loss numerical superiority in Malaya. The Chinese never holds executive power in British Malaya that allow Chinese to gain economics favor. There is not much way Chinese can bully Malay in Malaysia. The reverse is true. But Chinese still prosper.

Mahathir despite himself being a racist, provided a lot of valuable opinions on Chinese success  that has no reference to racism. Besides, a lot of Malaysian leaders speak out publicly against certain short coming of their own tribe

Chinese bashing will bring us nowhere

Hate mongers preach hate without any introspection. Today a lot of people have even much lower standards than racist Malaysia Malay elites.

To move forward, all major tribes in Singapore, namely the Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasian need to be honest and aware of going on. There are too much denial. There are too much brainwashing towards the people by both Malaysia and Singapore government. Only informed population can cease to be divided and break the chain of enslavement, forced upon us by elites.

The toxic prescription of Kuan Yew and Mahathir

Kuan Yew proposed the "meritocracy" as the basis of nation building. Mahathir proposed the Malay affirmative policy and was sibsequently implemented as Malaysia New Economic Policy, NEP. Kuan Yew's proposal look fair, but unfortunately, the devils are in the details and the way of administration. On the other hand, Mahathir's NEP is even more problematic. While NEP has been deservingly widely criticized, there is a need to further expose Kuan Yew-ism.

The people of Singapore and Malaysia have been duped by our leaders. Our intellects have been bribed. Very few choose to side the people. Some criticize PAP system on racial lines, but such approach will not give a broader perspective. I will further discuss about Kuan Yew-ism.

Chinese version of Malay Dilemma provided as below. I am not able to find the English one.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Banana get the best deal in Singapore 2: Chinese get the worst cultural genocide

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PAP is an anti-Chinese culture government. PAP shut down Nantah and all Chinese schools

While some minorities bigots keeping trumpeting PAP being a pro-Chinese chauvinist party, the reverse is true. The only Chinese university outside China, Nanyang University (南洋大学), abbreviated Nantah was close down by PAP. And immediately, PAP proceed to close down all Chinese schools, forcing every single Chinese to conduct lessons English. Nantah, being the magnet for all South East Asian Chinese students could have made Singapore a very sinicized country. PAP does not want that from the very beginning. All people leaders are banana.

The reasons cited for closing Nantah and Chinese schools are fabrications. PAP talked about Nantah low academic standards because good students wanted to go University of Singapore. However, the successful NTI (later NTU) opened shortly after Nantah closure shows, there is still enough good high school population to accommodate one more university. And Nantah's catchment pool was the entire South East Asia Chinese, not just Singapore.

Chinese school system are among the more successful one in the world. The Taiwanese school system produces a Nobel prize laureate, Yuan T. Lee (李远哲). He completed all his studies in the Chinese school system except for Ph.D. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (姚期智) who won the highest award in computing, the Turing Prize did all his studies in Chinese school system other than his two Ph.D. The Hong Kong Chinese Pui Ching Middle School (培正中學) produces one Field Medalist, the greatest commendation in Mathematics and one Nobel prize laureate. Both Nobel prize laureates CN Yang (杨振宁) and TD Lee (李政道) did all their studies in Chinese school system in China, other than post graduates.

Even if our Chinese schools were bad, it could always be improved by flooding it with teachers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Nevertheless, our Chinese schools were good schools. The teachers and students of our Chinese schools were using Chinese for teaching and learning. Suddenly, they had to use English due to PAP's mandate. The Chinese teachers and students struggled but eventually they triumphant. They were still acing the exams even they were taking it in English, an alien language. That is the reason the SAP schools who are originally Chinese schools are the better schools even today.

Next excuses given by PAP to close were Nantah enrollment were getting smaller. While it may be true that a lot of students prefer University of Singapore, Nantah can always remain as a boutique school that takes in 200 undergraduates for Chinese studies, Chinese histories, Chinese classics ...etc. Nantah had the best Chinese program in South East Asia. Caltech which won a total of 32 Nobel prizes takes in around 200 undergraduate each year.

Also the reason given by Nantah students of lower enrollment in Chinese schools are discrimination against them especially from civil service.

The minorities are infinitely better treated to educate in their own culture. The Malays are allowed to keep Madrassahs.

The banana PAP even though extremely un-chinese like, still treat the minorities better. The Malay are allowed to keep Madrassah.

In his 1999 National Day Rally speech to the nation, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong commented on the high dropout rates amongst madrasah students, citing figures from the past three years that some 65% of madrasah students dropped out of school each year without completing their secondary education. His concern was that these dropouts were neither qualified to be religious instructors nor suitable for other skilled jobs in the developing knowledge based economy of Singapore. Another concern was related to national integration. Madrasah students, who are physically and socially segregated from mainstream pupils, also lacked the opportunity for socialisation in a multi-racial, multi-religious context.

PAP can easily cite low academic standards to close down madrassah but she does not. In fact, PAP charges MUIS to look into ways to improve Madrassah standards. In contrast, Nantah who get top students from South East Asia was forced to close shop.

While certain poison pen writers never fail to accuse Nantah and SAP schools of Chinese Chauvinism and impediment to national integration, by these racist's standards, the same could be attributed to Madrassah. These trouble makers have completely ignore Chinese's human nature's love of their own culture, meanwhile, too ready to forgive similar desire of themselves.

The Peranakan PAP though quite un-chinese still manages to preserve some traditional Chinese way, of treating minorities better than Chinese majority in this aspect.

There are still Chinese schools in Malaysia and they are doing very well

A lot of non Chinese students in Malaysia enroll in Chinese schools for their high standards and good discipline. Only Kuan Yew says Chinese school no good. Only Kuan Yew says Chinese school nobody want to come. In Malaysia going to Chinese school is increasingly a fad as China become stronger and stronger

While PAP smears that Chinese schools standards sucks, no one wants to enroll, hence deserves to close shop, the experience in Malaysia shows otherwise. The Chinese schools are the best schools in Malaysia. Not only are Chinese enrolling in large numbers, other tribes are eager to send their sons there.

Students from Malaysia Chinese schools especially Chung Ling ace exam in the whole world. Delivering lessons in Chinese does not affect students' learning abilities later in non Chinese medium universities.

Khaw Boon Wan is an alumni of Chinese Chung Ling High School, Penang. Chinese school low standards? Khaw got himself redeemed after a Colombo Plan Scholarship and doing his under graduates in Australia. PAP treats people studying in white man land, as one of their kind. If he went Nantah, however smart he is, he will have no chance here.
Chinese culture and Chinese language are supposed to be naturally dominant in Singapore. PAP has destroyed that

What if PAP did not closed down Chinese school and did not deliberately sabotage Nantah? Singapore with a 77% Chinese majority will be steep in Chinese culture. Singapore will be flooded with Chinese poetry, and people will relish classical Chinese literature. You will see Chinese calligraphy everywhere. You will see everyone speaking Chinese.

There are even much more things PAP did, to harm Chinese culture. The Sinitic lects of Chinese such as Hokkien and Cantonese were denigrated as "dialects", are being banned in all TV broadcast. In Singapore, speaking your own "dialect" (mother tongue) in schools are deemed as vulgarities and liable to be punished. The Mandarin, a Northern Sinitic lect, 100% unintelligible to Hokkien and Cantonese speakers is imposed on us. Kuan Yew tell us this is our "mother tongue".

With the lost of our Hokkien and Cantonese which are our real mother tongue, a lot of culture are lost.

The dominant language today is English not Chinese

Kuan Yew has destroyed Chinese culture and he always wants to further the damage. To do so, he has to confuse his enemies -- the true Chinese. On one hand, Kuan Yew fake promoting things like Confucius ethic and Mandarin (not our mother tongue). On the other hand he make it clear to everyone that English is the prestigious language, and failing to master it will badly affect one's career. As Kuan Yew are still putting on all his theatrics, Singapore is fast moving into an English mother tongue country. Today, English is the mother tongue of 60% of students.

The Singapore language policies are entirely wrong. We are fast moving into a monolingual society whereby Malaysian Chinese are trilingual. Eventually we will be more stupid than Malaysian Chinese and will be unable to compete with them -- thanks to Kuan Yew.

A small number of minorities racist self-poisoned with their hate against Chinese

Most minorities are good. Nevertheless there are few trouble makers. These rabble rousers never fail to bark on the rubbish that PAP promotes Chinese culture. Then these people equate PAP with Chinese and preach self-victimization that minorities are discriminated.

These racist are either too stupid or too full of hate. First, Kuan Yew has never impose Confucius and Mandarin on minorities. Second, they ignore that Kuan Yew has done them a big favor by liquidating all Chinese schools, destroying Chinese as a dominant language as well as dominant culture. Else Singapore will be very Chinese.

Chinese culture here is going the way of dodo, nevertheless, to many racist, they have no pity on Chinese. Then they take Kuan Yew's theatrics of Confucius ethic wayang and Mandarin speaking promotion as a sign of Chinese racism against minorities. These minorities racist shout "PAP is Chinese racist", "minorities are oppressed".

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Banana get the best deal in Singapore 1: How Chinese is banana?

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The racial hatred against Chinese Singaporeans

The minorities in Singapore today do not really know who and what screw them. Many of the active chatroom, bloggers and other online participant of our minorities are half bucket, and a lot of them do not have intellectual breath and depth. While most minorities are ok, there is an small element of half bake trouble maker. The minorities in Singapore do get shit, and then these trouble makers look around.

The trouble makers realize Chinese Singaporeans have white skin that a lot of their own women covet. They realize that Chinese Singaporeans are doing well in school and are doing well in life. The most important thing is Chinese are majority and this Chinese race are extremely gentle to their minorities, if we take a look at the record of Chinese treating their minorities in places like China, compared to Singapore minorities core state like Malaysia and India. Meaning, Chinese will always tolerate minorities bully to a large extend. Hence, a small number of trouble makers started to write lies in line with their own wet dream of "Chinese racism". As they are writing, they get more and more self victimized.

The banana of Singapore are dominant not Chinese Singaporeans

Very few people are aware that there is this banana race of Singapore. The banana race are anglophile. The window to convert to most authentic banana race closed roughly after World War 2, but there is no general agreement on this. For examle, the Peranakan are banana race, they despise Chinese. The Sri Lankan Tamil are banana race, and they are the one who hold the power levers in Singapore, far greater the Indian Tamils. Then there is this tiny number of westernize Malay, but their numbers are few. 

Kuan Yew is a banana. Followings are what wikipedia write about Kuan Yew. Lee and his wife Kwa Geok Choo were married on 30 September 1950. Both speak English as their native tongue. Lee started learning Chinese in 1955 at age 32, before that he was illiterate in Chinese. How can someone who is illiterate in Chinese, conceptualizes things in English, brought up 100% in English culture, represent the Chinese people?  

You can still join the banana race now but it is not so easy to get into the inner power circles. Nevertheless, if one can be such a big asshole like Goh Chok Tong who cannot stop screwing the peasant, the person may succeed in ascending.

The Chinese mestizo banana deny they are Chinese

Many bastard Perankan do not identify with Chinese at all. A little minorities are sinophille. Most despise Chinese since the days of colonial period until shortly after independence of Singapore These mestizos hate their yellow skin and regret not being a white person. In the past two decades, such shameless sentiments somehow subsided as these spineless folks witness the rise of China.

Mother admit Kuan Yew not Chinese

Below is an article appeared in Straits Times 3 March 1971, Kuan Yew's mother, Mrs Lee Chin Koon, nee Chua Jim Neo announced to the whole world that Straits-born Chinese (Peranakan) as a "race apart from Chinese". They have their own special kind of food, their own customs, and they spoke Malay or English -- and not Chinese.

Kuan Yew's mother was daughter of Malaccan Chua Kim Teng with a woman from Indonesia Pontianak. All these places are infested by mestizos because their histories of Chinese settlement were far before the establishment of Raffles Singapore in 1819. 

Even Kuan Yew's mother deny her tribe is Chinese, how can Kuan Yew be a Chinese. So Kuan Yew is definitely not a Chinese. In fact, the Peranakan are better in Malay languages than Chinese. According to Kuan Yew's mother, her tribe have special food, distinct custom and speak no Chinese languages. So how can Perankan be "Chinese"? These people are so different.

The 1st generation PAP leaders are Peranakan, not Chinese, with westernized Tamil and westernized Malay. The theory that Chinese Singaporeans bullied minorities are overblown. Chinese have never hold power in Singapore. It would be more accurate to say that the Malay-Chinese bastard Peranakan implement policies that negatively affect the rest of the tribes in Singapore. 

Nevertheless, it is also true that the Peranakans have lost their identity since the departure of white man colonist. Today, the Peranakan married with Chinese so much that people tend to see them as one tribe. In addition, the policies implemented by Kuan Yew have indeed hurt the minorities more than Chinese, though it benefits the banana most. The bananas are not just Peranakans, but westernized Tamils and westernized Malay.

This will be further discussed in later postings.

Chua Jim Neo, Kuan Yew's mother claimed baba is apart from "Chinese"