Sunday, February 19, 2012

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 7: The worst racists in universe accuse Singaporeans racist

I believe at most, 3% in the party tanned their skin (can someone send me more info). Most probably can't be bothered even to buy a costume. Why make the big fuss? FT Indians are eager to pick a fight.

Recently, Singaporeans received a spate of accusation. Many of the plaintive are apparently FT Indians, who are drawn predominantly from the higher caste. AsiaOne reports as below, criticizing Singaporeans, with a strong biased in favor of Indians.

Several Chinese employees have drawn the ire of netizens after they posted up pictures of themselves with their faces painted black and dressed in Indian traditional attires, presumably for a Bollywood-themed occasion...

They were quickly slammed for being offensive. 'Blackface' is widely seen as being racist, especially in the US. The term originated from the theatrical black make-up light-skinned performers used to wear to act out caricature performances of an African American person.....

Many FT Indians are found on the internet describing themselves being "hurt", "offended", "disturbed" with all kinds of self-victimization you can only find in the worst crackpot feminist. They then continue of accuse the most tolerant Singaporean Chinese of racism.

High caste Indians are the worst racist in the whole universe
Why FT Indian perceive darker complexion as an insult? The answer is they are the worst racist in the whole universe discriminating the dark skin people. The high caste Indians are those descendent of bunch fair skin Aryan gangsters, who wondered out of their Central Asia steppe. These wicked and uncivilized bandits descended on the plains of Indus and Ganges, proceeded to forcibly subjugate the native dark skin Dravidians, who were then the most clever people in the world.

These descendants of dark skin Dravidians later known as Dalits, are today the most despised and lowest IQ people in India, due to millennium of marginalization by Aryans. Today, Dalits work as shit collectors, prostitutes and doing all the most miserable jobs no matter how clever they are. Besides, Aryan uses rape as an institution against the lower caste. Millions of Dalits women have been raped every year.

Indians' skin color

You can see that Tamil Nadu and Kerela where ancestors of local Indians hailed are as black as Africa. So to all these FT racist scumbag, who is the real racist?
Roughly 30% of Indians are Dravidian that have dark skin and 20% of Aryanized Dravidian are dark as well. Despite of a significant number of Indians of darker skin color, that in actual fact, occupied a larger geographical area than the fairer skin Aryans, the insane FT Indians still insist that describing Indians having dark skin is an insult. 

This crazy self-victimization are against the fact that even in India today, the lighter skin high caste Indians are minority, while the darker skin Indians are majority and living on a greater area. Mathematically, to dress up as a Indian, putting a darker skin is closer to reality than making up like a Snow White.

What does it means when one in Indian costume wears dark skin?
The worst scumbag racist Indian Aryans hate people to wear Indian costume and colored their skin dark. To the high caste Indians, only sub-human that is worse than animal, has dark skin color.

Why Singaporeans perceive Indians having dark skin
There are historical reasons that Singaporeans tanned themselves when making up as Indians. First, majority of local Indians, probably up to more than 90% are low caste Indians, that have dark skin color. The first wave of Indian migration to Singapore consisted mainly of lower caste poverty stricken southern Indians, who indentured themselves.

Next, very few Singaporeans has travelled to places like Punjab or Haryana where they got a chance to meet the descendants of savage white Aryans. Even fewer bankers in UOB actually understand the historical and societal context of India. Most did not major in Indian history. 

Base on the experience growing up with our Indian friends, it would be crazy for someone here to paint themselves like a albino, the ideal skin color for FT Indians. So whats the big deal when I dress up myself like Sivalingam next door when there is a masquerade party?

FT Indians go home
Today, the new wave of Indians consist mainly of the higher caste, that have fairer skin. The UOB Bollywood theme event served as a catalyst for FT Indians to show their racism and superiority against Singaporeans.

These FT Indians conveniently ignore that fact that locals grown up with dark skin Indians, that they despise. They also choose to forget that they have just newly arrived and in the mindset of Singaporeans, most Indians have darker complexion. Once Singaporean Chinese tanned their skin wearing Indian costume, these worst racist scumbag accuse us of racism.

Since FT Indians feel so hurt and discriminated, they should go home. Save themselves from all these discriminations.

My further diagnosis of FT Indians. High caste Indians 3000 years old trick
FT Indians not only shown racism in workplace such as Citibank, kicking out every Chinese in CDP, today they went a step further, they accuse us of racism.

We must be vigilant of the dirty tricks FT Indians try to play by taking lessons from history.

When the Aryans plundered and raped the Dravidians that later became Dalits, they told them the following bullshit.

The Dalits deserve to be treated as outcasts because of their karma from bad deeds done in a previous life. Of course, in reality, they are no more or less deserving than any other human being of a good life but as long as they believe that they deserve their station in life they are less likely to agitate for changes that will impact the wealth of the ruling class.

So you're more likely to accept your place in the Status Quo as shit collector and prostitute than if you believe that you are miserable because you did something wrong in your past life.

Today, FT Indians try playing the worst racism on Singaporeans. They now accuse Singaporeans as racist with the help of MSM and PAP. Their persecution of Singaporeans will succeed only if we start believing that we have injured FT Indians and we must ease more and more of our rights-- maybe to the extend of collecting their shit, in order cleanse away our sin.

We must resist these racist in our deepest perseverance.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

It is common for the poor victim to be defending just because the culprit points the finger first or complain first.

And if a media is too shallow or has a hidden agenda, it may act innocently to publish the allegation and help to stir up the shit.

Responsible media must act responsibly and not to engage in such smearing schemes.

Veritas said...

Hi Redbean

PAP and its MSM stooges are really wicked and despicable.

Why must they marshal us into self-guilt, in order for racist to take advantage of us?

Can't me be educated like a proud Frenchman, Danes or Swedes?

The bankruptcy of our intellectual class is also astonishing. All our professors, scholars remain in deafening silence.

We must be optimistic. First thing to do, take down PAP.

Mr.Deeds said...


I have read through much of your posts. Dude I really think you need to get some professional psychiatric assistance man. Like not saying that to discredit you or anything.

Maybe you got fired by Citibank or some North Indian did something to you that you did not like but half your posts are just nonsensical ramblings and the other half: well just plain psycopathic.

Just so you know, Singapore has a native Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Parsi populations who have been here just as long.

I don't want to get into caste but dude seriously don't just dismiss this comment as some troll shit.

Tonight if you get a chance in the shower or when you have some alone time think about it. If some Indian guy did some shit to you I apologize on their behalf but no need to stereotype man. And once again, think about getting professional help.


Veritas said...

FT Indians should apologize on behalf of their bhai bhai for their disgraceful and insane comment on UOB.

Next, go home and marry a Dalit if you are single, or go match make your children with dalits.

My good intention is so mis-understood, by millennium racist.

Anonymous said...

Are you a mamak in any way? And your one half ancestry of Indian origin possibly the southern Indian? I'm quite impress with the strong injustice felt for the darker skin caste of that region. Take heart that so many of this people ancestry are top earners in sg from bankers to lawyers to politician. Many have beautiful Chinese and Caucasian wives and their children are now very much like their fairer northern cousins back home

Veritas said...

This got nothing to do with personal. It has 100% to do with racist Indians abusing the most gentle Singaporeans, using UOB party as a pretext. Those Singaporeans in UOB party has got it right by painting themselves black by representing the color of at least 50% Indians.

Those Indians who wants to be albino, get lost and consult the doctors of Michael Jackson. Don play your race card here.

These albino-phille shows the true colors of viciousness, insecurity of the thousand years poisoned caste fanatics.

Don't insult my people.

auto said...

I do not mind people critizing bankers - they are equally evil - most of the time worked with the evil PAP to screw own people. Anyway, everyone is a racist deep down except people who are from mixed parentage. They are more open-minded when it comes to race. Btw, French especially farmers are more humble, hardworking and friendly than you can ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Did you that most of the chinese in Singapore are poor homeless farmers from Guandong and Fujian before they ran away from China to survive in a foreign island called Singapore?

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil said...

hi veritas,

i have come here just because you have commented in my blog.

what you say about indians is 100% FALSE.

you need to slow down.

seriously you can get incarcerated in singapore ( as per existing singapore laws ) and even lose your bank balance , for this race RANT post --

-- in case any singapore citizen sues or presses charges.

capt ajit vadakayil

Anonymous said...


like your comments here and on other blogs.

Just opinions from me...

The mainstream media is just an advertising platform, available to the highest bidder. Expecting them to be honest is highly delusional. They serve whoever writes the biggest cheques, always has been that way, always will be. (I work for an SME who has its own advertising platform, can see the similarities)

The government cannot do anything to address complaints about excessive FT, nor the other comments about high housing prices. It operates like a trading company (see MOE history textbook) and its first and foremost objective is to maximize revenue. Lee Hsien Loong is the CEO. Doesn't he have a Prime Minister's Office department, just like CEOs are usually under a department called CEO's Office?

Anonymous said...

i see the need to masturbate