Sunday, February 5, 2012

PAP attacking Singaporeans again 1

During these few days, Singaporeans are bombarded by MSM, accusing us stupid, and praising foreigners and racist FT as clever. It is really quite disheartening to find that many of our youngsters have subscribed to these lies and instead of attributing to rampant racism as a cause of their employment predicament, they start blaming their own stupidity.

Aisa1 threw a spate of Molotov cocktail against Singaporeans as followBANK executive Mark Tan considers himself a minority in the Singapore-based foreign bank where he works.

It isn't because he is a member of a specialised team that sells and services e-commerce trading platforms.

It is because Mr Tan, 31, is one out of only five Singaporeans in the 12-man team. The rest are Employment Pass (EP) holders from Britain, Germany, India and the Philippines.

How special and talented is this Mark Tan? Doing sales at age of 31, how many lines of code, different OS platform and computer languages has he got in his belt. Same thing applies to the rest of his team members. There are many expert Singaporeans that has coded millions of lines, and gone through many different system than that Mark Tan. I do not know on what basis does AsiaOne form such opinion that Singaporeans lack such skill sets.

Next, how complex is the e-commerce trading platform that those chaps are selling? How many lines of code it contains? I bet with you a Windows OS on the shelves of any IT shop is at least 1000 times more complicated, code size 1000 times bigger, employing 1000 times more development engineers, than that junk platform. If a simple sales girl can sell Windows OS, it is puzzling that AsiaOne suggests only Mark Tan + 4 out of more than 3 million Singaporeans is cut to sell that crap e-platform.

"In foreign banks, Singaporeans usually occupy the operational roles, while most of the trading and sales positions are occupied by foreigners," he said.

Singaporeans are unable to fill these roles as they lack the niche skill sets and experience, observed Ms Axer Goh, manager of the contracting division at professional recruitment consultancy Robert Walters Singapore.......

But Singaporean executives are not being squeezed out of these white-collar jobs by foreigners, say industry observers and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF).

The truth is that there aren't enough talented Singaporeans to go around yet.

"Within the financial-services industry, the pool of Singaporeans with prior knowledge in market risk and valuation, or exposure to exotic products within trading desks remains limited and requires a longer period to mature," explained Ms Goh......

The above joker Axer Goh is really shameless and wicked. The most useless traders here in Singapore are those foreigners who have caused spectacular blown up. Rogue traders Nick Leeson and Chen Jiulin are both foreigners. In fact, "talent" like Nick Leeson did not even had a university degree. Chen Jiulin had no background in finance.

He cited Norwegian solar-energy specialist firm REC, which opened a $2.5- billion production facility in Tuas in November 2010, and wind-energy solutions firm Vestas.

He said: "These are newfound sectors that need newfound skill sets. Universities and institutions may not have produced such a niche curriculum to cater to their needs."

Mr Yim said: "With regard to the lack of skill sets in such highly specialised portfolios, this issue will persist for at least the next two to three years. It takes time for (potential employees) to acquire certain skill sets."

I am sick on further debunking these lies. For example, if you look at the profile of Vestas FTs, I cannot see any salient skill sets that distinguish them apart from the local for the majority of them. Nevertheless, a small number of them are quite good. Go search these folks at Linkedin.

Today in Singapore, the most important thing in not your capability, but whether can you find a patron. At the same time, the MSM promotes discriminations against Singaporeans by accusing us of being lack of talent.

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