Sunday, January 29, 2012

Singapore inflation numbers 2011 December and comparison

On the month December 2011, CPI increase as below
Singapore 5.5% 
Malaysia 3.0% 
Indonesia 3.79% 
Thailand 3.53%

Why are our neighbours reining inflation at 3% while our best government in the whole world unleashes CPI like wild fire.

This is what our government has said about inflation. Department of Statistics said the lower CPI reading was largely due to a smaller increase in the cost of private road transport, which moderated at 12 per cent year-on-year compared to 14 per cent in the previous month.

But accommodation costs - which increased 11 per cent during the month - kept inflation elevated. For the whole of 2011, inflation averaged 5.2 per cent.

While PAP always claim that we cannot control inflation because we import everything, in reality, even DOS admit that it is property and a lesser extent transport, that keeps our CPI elevated. In short, PAP and especially the cronies banks/landlords are profiting on our misery.

Then PAP will come and tell us, we must not let our salary rise to keep ourselves competitive -- at the same time hiking property and causing business cost to rise. The wickedness of PAP are difficult to detect except for the financial savvy. Property is a tool to transfer monies from the poor to the rich.

In this game, PAP is reluctant to rein inflation because they themselves and a certain number of super rich FT benefited massively from it, despite that it injures Singapore terribly in the long run,

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