Sunday, January 1, 2012

Singapore inflation numbers 2011 November and comparison

On the month August 2011On the month November 2011, CPI increase as below
Singapore 5.7% 
Malaysia 3.3% 
Indonesia 4.15% 
Thailand 4.2%

Our CPI once more emerges the ugliest.

According to ST, Transport costs, which rose the quickest at 11.6 per cent over a year ago, was mainly due to the rise in Certificate of Entitlement premiums. Housing costs spiked by 10 per cent from last November, as rental costs remained sticky.

Excluding transport and accommodation, core inflation as defined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, grew 2.4 per cent from a year ago. Core inflation was 0.3 per cent higher in November against October.

Almost all other economies other than Singapore seen their CPI peaked. Inflation is a hidden tax imposed by PAP. It can be solved by letting SGD rise, increasing bank reserve ratio, increasing interest rate...etc.

In Singapore, certain thing are allowed to rise while others are not. PAP and elites have allowed of their wares, COEs, properties...etc to increase exorbitantly while suppressing price level of all others.

Taking out housing and transport, the inflation is only 2.4%.

PAP is morally bankrupt.


Temasek Revealed said...

In the recent GE, PAP promised to keep check on inflation rate. However, now, right in our very own eyes, we can see the slew of newly implemented policy changes that are wholly responsible for the spike.

Could the PAP have interfered with the transport fare hike through the Public Transport Council? Yes, but did they?

They have gone beyond morally bankrupt, they are becoming incapable and irresponsible. The very incompetent government Hairy Lee described should an opposition party rise to power.

Veritas said...

They have indeed suppress the price level of everything, other than their own wares.

Their suppress the inflation of our salary, of the hawker center food price...etc

But property and COEs that PAP is selling must always go up.

Anonymous said...

A Irish moved into my block recently couple teach english, FT we can welcome, certainly paid local terms. He asked why so many nice new Audis and BMWs in HDB, isn't HDB for the ordinary? I said I know 2 of the owners of the new Audis, they are small businessmen/women, their sales did not go up much, but now they only hire workers from Bangla, Philip and China, and bypass foreign workers quota creatively. So sales stagnant, wages go down, profit increase, they buy new cars, but pay less taxes with creative accounting. And they proudly vote PAP. No offence to towkays, but this is what a PAP world has become.