Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our scumbag ministers

Over the years, Singaporeans' moral values have been utterly destroyed by wicked LKY. Kuan Yew's vision of Singapore is a nation of liars, back-biter, rich panderer....etc. In short, we can expect nothing good from Kuan Yew.

Recently, our million dollar ministers cried foul when they suffered some haircuts in their salary. They still have more than one million dollar a year. To get pay raise, both the old and new formula are to make the rich richer and poor poorer. In the new formula, their salary was peg to the middle of 1000 rich man. So I would expect they will devise policies that target salary hike for those top 1000 richest.

To our ministers, living frugally is a fairy tale. They are too used to having a few cars, landed properties all over the world and sending their kids to ivy league universities. They love the bullshit that they themselves will corrupt or would not join politics unless their salaries are way beyond us.

To these idiots, I can only shake my head.

Lets compare our scumbags to leaders of Taiwan

Pictures below obtained by googling 马英九 住所.

For three decades, President Ma Ying Jeou wears the same watch given by his in-laws. The watch was spoiled and sent for repair for many times.

Ma's sending his sport shoe for repair. (He is too frugal to throw them away)

Ma's wife was famous for taking bus to work. She had been taking public transport even when her husband was Minister of Justice, and later mayor of Taipei. She stopped taking bus only after her husband became president as it will cost the country more to ensure her security.

Mrs Ma was fond of shopping for own groceries before Ma became President.

Ma's house in the 3rd storey. No landed property, no posh condos.

The neighbourhood of Ma's house is middle class, or maybe lower middle class. Try find our minister staying in HDB?

Ma's house

Ma is a avid jogger. He is doing more swimming these days as that requires fewer security guards 

Ma's eldest daughter, an Havard graduate.

Ma's youngest daughter, studying in Brown University

Ma's youngest daughter receiving awards from her father, the then mayor of Taipei. She has received in more than one occasions, in her high school days, commendations from her father when he was holding the office of Taipei's mayor.

Ma's family is elite of Taiwan since the days of his father Ma Ho-ling. They did not seek to enrich themselves excessively through public office.

Political oppenent DPP's Tsai Ing-wen. She is from a rich family. She simply does not need the public office salary. She does not need to work at all.

She runs for presidency for her passion and love of the land.

For such talent to serve the people, a country must get rid of scumbag like Kuan Yew. He is the one who prevents the really best to stand forward. He will ISA or bankrupt anyone who does not listen to him.

Our leaders go eat shit. 


Anonymous said...

Ministerial pay pegged to the median income of top 1,000 Singaporean earners less 40 per cent”

Median of 1,000 is 500th i.e. ministerial pay pegged to the top 500th earner’s pay for that year.

Veritas said...

You are more accurate. thanks,

Anonymous said...

though he does not get fat salary, he gains more , that is "respect".

Anonymous said...

If our national median income is $48,000 per year, then to an ordinary Singaporean,

$96,000 (2 x 48,000) is good pay
$144,000 (3 x ) is very good pay
$240,000 (5 x ) is high pay
$480,000 (10 x ) is very high
$720,000 (15 x ) is sky high
$960,000 (20 x ) is extremely high
$1.2 million (25 x ) is exorbitant
$1.44 million (30 x ) is outrageous
$1.68 million (35 x ) is #%&$@!

If we wish to pay our ministers between sky high to exorbitant pay, then our ministers’ pay should be about 15 to 25 times the median income (those who demand more than 25 times are not suitable to be a minister). This would be about $720,000 to $1.2 million annually.

The new ministers’ pay of $1.1 million to $1.76 million (grade MR4 to MR1) is about 23 to 37 times the national median income. They are overpaid by more than 50% if we compare the entry pay of $720,000 and $1.1million (1,100,000/720,000 = 152.8%).

Veritas said...

You are probably looking at household income.

According to CNA our 2010 median income for "full time employed" is $2710. That does not include unemployed, under-employed or part timers.

I recall there is a German rule of thumb that CEO must not be more than 14x company's janitor.

Using it as a rule,

14x (fully employed)
= 450k a year.

14x (lowest salary aka maid)
= 64k a year

Anonymous said...

I get the figure of $48,000 from an article, Wining back public trust after GE, Page A36, Saturday, July 2 2011, The Straits Times by Ngiam Tong Dow:

"The formula used for benchmarking ministerial salaries to top earners in the private sector is perceived as a case of heads you win, tails we lose. Worse, it is regarded as self-serving.
A better benchmark would be the medi¬an income at the 50th percentile. If we can agree that the core role of govern¬ment is to raise the livelihoods of the peo¬ple, then the median income is a good measure of the Government's perform¬ance. As a minister's job is more complex than that of the average wage earner, his compensation can be 10, 15, 20 or 25 times the average. Ministerial salaries can range from $40,000 to $100,000 a month or somewhere in between. This would be about $480,000 to $1.2 million annually”

It is higher than my own guesstimate of about $32,500 per year (13 months x $2,500). But if we include the employer’s CPF contribution of 16% and the fact that civil servants received 14.5 months pay in 2010. Then it will be $42,050 (14.5 x $2,500 x 1.16).

If the median monthly pay of $2,710 does not include the employer’s CPF contribution and we use 14.5 months for calculation of the annual pay, then the median annual pay will be about $45,582 (14.5 x $2710 x 1.16). It is not too far from $48,000.

Anonymous said...

Here is an independent database of all developed countries' income levels, plus some 3rd world as well, plus bbc's latest on the income gap. Select the country then click on the date fieldand select the type of data you wish to see.

Now that the talking shop at Davos (WEF, attended by the PM) are all emphasizing on wealth gap, you can count on it that our oxbridge pen pushers (aka admin service superscalers, designated multi-millionaire at the rip old age of 18 year old) would be stealing some cath phrases to show their great concern for the rest of the 99% silliporeans. They might even implement a few show-case schemes in the next budget to show their CEP, of course with KPI easily attainable t justify their new "country well being bonus". Sad casion our civil service has become. Bunch of Ponders.