Monday, January 23, 2012

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 14: Starving Singaporeans to feed foreigners

Days after days, the PAP genocide against Singaporeans get ever more clear to all other than those imbecile. PAP has secretly lavished scandalous amount of monies to foreigners hoping to squeeze out Singaporeans, in jobs, social standings and everything they can think off. All these are kept secret but occasionally snippets of newspaper reports inadvertently  give us cues on the luxury and secret propping given by PAP.

Few days ago, Yahoo News SG reported a stories whereby a PRC student was found dead in her hostel. The passages that caught my attentions are as below.

Lan (the student) first came to Singapore to study slightly more than a year ago, in December 2010. She reportedly won a scholarship with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and was supposed to choose her major this year after her bridging course at the university, which she started after moving into its hostel a month ago.

The one-and-a-half year bridging programme acts as a preparatory course, which allows international students to take introductory courses in disciplines they may want to major in, and learn English as well.

It is really a madness to give scholarship to students that includes a package for prep course of 1.5 years for English medium university. I cannot recall any country that host English medium university does that. Why can't MOE just dump them into the university and let these scholars compete with locals? Certainly if they are smart, the will out-perform anyway, maybe not in the first year. All foreign self-funded students from non-English countries who are able to survive without prep course. Besides, non-native English speakers all over the world go straight into the universities of US, UK, Australia..etc, without such molly-coddle of prep course.

Everyone in the world has taken English as a foreign language. Even if there is a need of bridging course, I do not see a duration of more than half a year given that most students in the world would have studied at least 6 years of English upon high school graduation. Even with these prep course, there are still some FT scholars who are unable to compete with locals. They will still get scholarships, while locals incur lots of debts.

For Singaporeans studying in Taiwan and PRC under scholarships or self funding, I have not heard of any language prep course. Singaporeans are forced to survive.

The reasons for all these nonsense is PAP want to take good care of foreigners. They want to make sure foreigners get good grades against the locals. The 2 prong approach is to ramp up their English in a slow pace of 1.5 years. To reduce their workload in university, foreigners are allow to take some introductory courses during the period.

Doling out scholarships to the most undeserved FT while making our students incur debts
Recently I wrote in my blog regarding some passages from Lianhe Zaobao.


PRC Hubei's Dong Zhihong (24 years old), graduated 2009 Shenyang Normal University in International economics law, came to Singapore the same year for 1 year IT masters degree in NTU. He got a Singapore government scholarship and need to serve 3 years bond.... What the hell is PAP doing by giving scholarship to someone from the most obscure provincial "teachers college", depriving our own students.

The craziness PAP is beyond comprehension in this case that this Dong Zhihong studied "International economics law" as undergraduate. He was awarded a scholarship to study master degree in IT. In short, he is total unqualified and neither is he a talent.

But, with a masters from NTU, this very ordinary person is going to have unfair advantage against Singaporeans first degree graduate. Poor Singaporean graduates has to work as too much debt is incur in studies while unqualified FTs get master degrees and trump the local in job market.

Hopeless PAP spinning it give welfare to poor again
Starving our old, and meanwhile give every social welfare to FT. Today, CNA has another spin.

A new welfare programme, providing housekeeping services for the elderly living in the central district, will begin in April.

Called "Hands For Homes", it will replace mattresses to prevent bedbug infestations - a common problem among senior citizens living in rental flats...... It will take an estimated S$200,000 a year to run the programme. 

PAP are funding ten of thousands of FT students for free over these years while keeping quiet. When it decide to splash S$200,000 to help the old, PAP goes to the roof top and shout its welfare program proudly. This amount can easily be raise by sending 4 FT scholars back home.

I can only see despair and nothing else for Singaporeans under PAP.

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