Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Israel strikes gas

I have heard a joke regarding land of Israel something about Abraham was led to the very few spots in middle east without oil.

The reality is much bleak than that. Abraham's place of birth Ur, which is widely believe to be within Iraq, is the only place in middle east that has both oil and water, with the most fertile soil in the region. The land of Iraq is so fecund that the it gave birth to the first great civilization of mankind, Babylonia, whose hedon and material well-being reaches the greatest height not seen before its time. 

Israel, on the other hand, is a piece of desert today, and since aeon it is dearth of water. Abraham's old home seems to me more like land of honey and milk rather than Canaan. Abraham must have had a lot of faith, still believing despite of overwhelming contradicting evidences.

Today Iraq has the 3rd largest oil reserves while scantly anything underneath the grounds had been found in Israel -- until very recently.

Since the past 3-4 years, Israel has strike giant gas field one after another. While its earlier field Mari-B of 1 tcf is somewhat 2/3 depleted, the past 4 years of discovery amounts to around 33.3 tcf. That is just a little smaller than the known gas reserves of India. These reserves can supply Singapore for 100 years base on our current consumption.

For Israel current consumption, the gas could last more than 250 years. Should Israel decides to base its entire energy consumption on gas, which includes converting its entire fleet of vehicles to CNG, the gas would last for around 26 years.

Besides, geologists have speculated that Levant Basin, which all Israel gas reserves are located, could have potential for further gas and even oil discovery. 

Overnight, Israel was transformed. Its enegy security assured.


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