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Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 7: The worst racists in universe accuse Singaporeans racist

I believe at most, 3% in the party tanned their skin (can someone send me more info). Most probably can't be bothered even to buy a costume. Why make the big fuss? FT Indians are eager to pick a fight.

Recently, Singaporeans received a spate of accusation. Many of the plaintive are apparently FT Indians, who are drawn predominantly from the higher caste. AsiaOne reports as below, criticizing Singaporeans, with a strong biased in favor of Indians.

Several Chinese employees have drawn the ire of netizens after they posted up pictures of themselves with their faces painted black and dressed in Indian traditional attires, presumably for a Bollywood-themed occasion...

They were quickly slammed for being offensive. 'Blackface' is widely seen as being racist, especially in the US. The term originated from the theatrical black make-up light-skinned performers used to wear to act out caricature performances of an African American person.....

Many FT Indians are found on the internet describing themselves being "hurt", "offended", "disturbed" with all kinds of self-victimization you can only find in the worst crackpot feminist. They then continue of accuse the most tolerant Singaporean Chinese of racism.

High caste Indians are the worst racist in the whole universe
Why FT Indian perceive darker complexion as an insult? The answer is they are the worst racist in the whole universe discriminating the dark skin people. The high caste Indians are those descendent of bunch fair skin Aryan gangsters, who wondered out of their Central Asia steppe. These wicked and uncivilized bandits descended on the plains of Indus and Ganges, proceeded to forcibly subjugate the native dark skin Dravidians, who were then the most clever people in the world.

These descendants of dark skin Dravidians later known as Dalits, are today the most despised and lowest IQ people in India, due to millennium of marginalization by Aryans. Today, Dalits work as shit collectors, prostitutes and doing all the most miserable jobs no matter how clever they are. Besides, Aryan uses rape as an institution against the lower caste. Millions of Dalits women have been raped every year.

Indians' skin color

You can see that Tamil Nadu and Kerela where ancestors of local Indians hailed are as black as Africa. So to all these FT racist scumbag, who is the real racist?
Roughly 30% of Indians are Dravidian that have dark skin and 20% of Aryanized Dravidian are dark as well. Despite of a significant number of Indians of darker skin color, that in actual fact, occupied a larger geographical area than the fairer skin Aryans, the insane FT Indians still insist that describing Indians having dark skin is an insult. 

This crazy self-victimization are against the fact that even in India today, the lighter skin high caste Indians are minority, while the darker skin Indians are majority and living on a greater area. Mathematically, to dress up as a Indian, putting a darker skin is closer to reality than making up like a Snow White.

What does it means when one in Indian costume wears dark skin?
The worst scumbag racist Indian Aryans hate people to wear Indian costume and colored their skin dark. To the high caste Indians, only sub-human that is worse than animal, has dark skin color.

Why Singaporeans perceive Indians having dark skin
There are historical reasons that Singaporeans tanned themselves when making up as Indians. First, majority of local Indians, probably up to more than 90% are low caste Indians, that have dark skin color. The first wave of Indian migration to Singapore consisted mainly of lower caste poverty stricken southern Indians, who indentured themselves.

Next, very few Singaporeans has travelled to places like Punjab or Haryana where they got a chance to meet the descendants of savage white Aryans. Even fewer bankers in UOB actually understand the historical and societal context of India. Most did not major in Indian history. 

Base on the experience growing up with our Indian friends, it would be crazy for someone here to paint themselves like a albino, the ideal skin color for FT Indians. So whats the big deal when I dress up myself like Sivalingam next door when there is a masquerade party?

FT Indians go home
Today, the new wave of Indians consist mainly of the higher caste, that have fairer skin. The UOB Bollywood theme event served as a catalyst for FT Indians to show their racism and superiority against Singaporeans.

These FT Indians conveniently ignore that fact that locals grown up with dark skin Indians, that they despise. They also choose to forget that they have just newly arrived and in the mindset of Singaporeans, most Indians have darker complexion. Once Singaporean Chinese tanned their skin wearing Indian costume, these worst racist scumbag accuse us of racism.

Since FT Indians feel so hurt and discriminated, they should go home. Save themselves from all these discriminations.

My further diagnosis of FT Indians. High caste Indians 3000 years old trick
FT Indians not only shown racism in workplace such as Citibank, kicking out every Chinese in CDP, today they went a step further, they accuse us of racism.

We must be vigilant of the dirty tricks FT Indians try to play by taking lessons from history.

When the Aryans plundered and raped the Dravidians that later became Dalits, they told them the following bullshit.

The Dalits deserve to be treated as outcasts because of their karma from bad deeds done in a previous life. Of course, in reality, they are no more or less deserving than any other human being of a good life but as long as they believe that they deserve their station in life they are less likely to agitate for changes that will impact the wealth of the ruling class.

So you're more likely to accept your place in the Status Quo as shit collector and prostitute than if you believe that you are miserable because you did something wrong in your past life.

Today, FT Indians try playing the worst racism on Singaporeans. They now accuse Singaporeans as racist with the help of MSM and PAP. Their persecution of Singaporeans will succeed only if we start believing that we have injured FT Indians and we must ease more and more of our rights-- maybe to the extend of collecting their shit, in order cleanse away our sin.

We must resist these racist in our deepest perseverance.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PAP attacking Singaporeans again 2

If you see a few similar scenarios described below played out in MSM, it usually means PAP will start hammering Singaporeans hard for the next few weeks. First, MSM will usually carry a report on aging Japan, which is nothing but mis-informations and half-truth. Next, some clowns from PAP will spew poison usually about something like if we do not accept more FT, we will be next Japan.

Then, a few more PAP clowns will jump out. Some acting as messengers for CEOs in Singapore accusing Singaporeans as the more lazy and most stupid in the whole universe. This time, Heng Swee Keat got this role as a clown.

Others will accuse Singaporeans being racist, xenophobic and remind us that our ancestors are FT as well.

All these idiots are playing the role of similar to somebody called John the Baptist. The PAP stooges are setting the stage for Kuan Yew. Finally, the old idiot appears, repeating his same old mantra again and again.

1) Singaporeans is going to be extinct if we do not accept FT. FT here to redeem Singaporeans.
2) FT is going to feed our old folks.
3) FT take care of our old.
4) FT create jobs for Singaporeans.
5) FT make Singapore vibrant
6) Singapore is "too big" and population "too small", we need more people
..ecetera, ecetera.....

Last few days, exactly the same old thing happened again. While Kuan Yew seems not to be bothered about other things, this FT policies appears to be the only thing he is not able completely hands off. All PAP's John the Baptist and FT advocators have shown to certain extend fatique in all these lyings, only Kuan Yew is still passionate.

Hence, it seems Kuan Yew, more than the rest is the mother FT policy, designed to screw Singaporeans.

Debunking FT policies
I am really sick for debunking PAP lies repeatedly for so many times. But since Kuan Yew did it again, I couldn't help but to repeated myself as well, else I am going to choke

My previous posting titled "Singaporean facing extinction: PAP's genocide explain" has the passages below.

Not true that every developed society will have low TFR
While its true that as a country prosper, fertility will drop, but experiences from other developed society has demonstrated that low fertility could be reversed. This includes countries like USA, New Zealand, Ireland, France, UK, Iceland...etc, which have fertility rate more or close to 2. In particular France and Iceland accomplish reasonable fertility rate through policies that providing adequate social service and support, as well as regulations to reduce social tensions.

How the genocide works
Our disappointing fertility rate has a lot to do with our stressful lifestyle, high indebtedness due to property and job insecurity. Instead, of improving the above social ills, PAP mass import foreigners, making the matter worse. Meanwhile PAP justify their immigration policies giving reasons that Singaporean are not producing. The relentless influx of foreigners acerbates the exact social ills that sterilize Singaporean.

And when Singapore's fertility rate drops further, PAP import even more foreigners. The vicious cycle goes on and on and it seems that PAP is targeting a fertility rate of zero for Singaporean. When Singaporean has zero baby, PAP can proudly give reasons why they need to import the whole world.

Singapore's demographic time bomb and hell in making
Even without further immigration, I estimate our population as follows.

Right now at 5 million population, Singapore population will peak at around 5.5 million in 15-20 years time, if current fertility rate of 1.16 continues. If Singapore improve its procreation to TFR of 2.1, which is the ideal case for population planner, our population probably will hit in 20-30 years to about 8-9 million and probably peak at even higher population further down.

In whatever outcome, Singapore's population is likely to explode further. Even if we hit the best outcome of 2.1 TFR, we will still be heading down to disaster of at least 8-9 million of population at a certain point of time. Then, Singapore will be extremely crowded. The property price will rocket stratospherically. At that time, the price of a 5 room HDB flat today may be just enough for a space for toilet bowl. Singapore will be worse than hell.

However, an import of millions more foreigners and a TFR of zero looks more like the outcome instead.

In The truth of aging society economics Part 1, I wrote.

Spreading fear that old man need people to look after
Recently, we have been receiving frequently bombardment of sinking into the despair aging society that only FT can bail us out. Old man are being described as some burden that requires the support from working adult.

My grandfather need my support?
But I really found it quite puzzling. I live with my grandfather who is 100x richer than me. He funded my university, gave me a Porsche the day I got my driving license and a condominium. Instead of me supporting the old, I think is the other way round as my grandfather is giving me S$10,000 every month. (fiction)

Aging society is a problem especially in Europe largely due to its pension system
In Europe, due to the pay as you go pension system, aging society would contributes to financial trouble. The old Europeans need wealth transfer from the productive young to survive. In Europe, the old has little savings.

Singapore's old people is a gold mine
As long as the old are able to support themselves, they behave like a gold mine. Due to the CPF system, and high saving rates, "in theory" the more people ages the better in some cases.

Instead of transferring wealth from the workers to the old, the reverse happen. The old would start spending on health care, leisure...etc all out of their own pockets creating plenty of jobs for the young people.

Best scenario is the old found themselves so much monies that they actually transfer their wealth to the young as gift, just like my grandfather did to me. Even some of the poor old Singaporeans did not burden anybody. They work hard no matter how miserable the wages. Others indeed rely on their offsprings or society for support.

In the next decades, all Singaporeans are expected to retire with either CPF or housing assets. So, we should not have a serious aging issue. In practice, we have a problem. (will discuss in part 2, you guess who sabotage us)

In many countries, retirement is a big business
Countries like Thailand are destinations for retirees from Japan and western countries. The more old men coming to Thailand, the better for them. The old retirees stimulate consumption and create jobs. Many old men took young Thai wives and when they died, huge amount of wealth are transferred to their Thai wives.

Kuan Yew stated that "there would not be enough people to look after the old and work the economy at the same time". In theory, 100% of the productive adult in a country can work just to take care of the rich retirees and do nothing else. It itself is a lucrative business.

So is aging society good or bad?
Aging society economics is paradoxical. In addition the elites do not want you to understand the subjects. Part 2 will further explain.

I also wrote that its deceptive to say FT support the old. The FT does not transfer directly a single cent to the old in the tax system. The transfer to the old take place if FT rent a house from our old folks, anyway, this benefit the elites and landlord more than the old.

We do not need FT (talent) or migrant to look after the old, just a few maid will do. No Singaporeans ever oppose importing maid.

I have to stop now even though I have not yet finished the write up. PAP's madness affect me badly when I was writing this blog.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

PAP attacking Singaporeans again 1

During these few days, Singaporeans are bombarded by MSM, accusing us stupid, and praising foreigners and racist FT as clever. It is really quite disheartening to find that many of our youngsters have subscribed to these lies and instead of attributing to rampant racism as a cause of their employment predicament, they start blaming their own stupidity.

Aisa1 threw a spate of Molotov cocktail against Singaporeans as followBANK executive Mark Tan considers himself a minority in the Singapore-based foreign bank where he works.

It isn't because he is a member of a specialised team that sells and services e-commerce trading platforms.

It is because Mr Tan, 31, is one out of only five Singaporeans in the 12-man team. The rest are Employment Pass (EP) holders from Britain, Germany, India and the Philippines.

How special and talented is this Mark Tan? Doing sales at age of 31, how many lines of code, different OS platform and computer languages has he got in his belt. Same thing applies to the rest of his team members. There are many expert Singaporeans that has coded millions of lines, and gone through many different system than that Mark Tan. I do not know on what basis does AsiaOne form such opinion that Singaporeans lack such skill sets.

Next, how complex is the e-commerce trading platform that those chaps are selling? How many lines of code it contains? I bet with you a Windows OS on the shelves of any IT shop is at least 1000 times more complicated, code size 1000 times bigger, employing 1000 times more development engineers, than that junk platform. If a simple sales girl can sell Windows OS, it is puzzling that AsiaOne suggests only Mark Tan + 4 out of more than 3 million Singaporeans is cut to sell that crap e-platform.

"In foreign banks, Singaporeans usually occupy the operational roles, while most of the trading and sales positions are occupied by foreigners," he said.

Singaporeans are unable to fill these roles as they lack the niche skill sets and experience, observed Ms Axer Goh, manager of the contracting division at professional recruitment consultancy Robert Walters Singapore.......

But Singaporean executives are not being squeezed out of these white-collar jobs by foreigners, say industry observers and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF).

The truth is that there aren't enough talented Singaporeans to go around yet.

"Within the financial-services industry, the pool of Singaporeans with prior knowledge in market risk and valuation, or exposure to exotic products within trading desks remains limited and requires a longer period to mature," explained Ms Goh......

The above joker Axer Goh is really shameless and wicked. The most useless traders here in Singapore are those foreigners who have caused spectacular blown up. Rogue traders Nick Leeson and Chen Jiulin are both foreigners. In fact, "talent" like Nick Leeson did not even had a university degree. Chen Jiulin had no background in finance.

He cited Norwegian solar-energy specialist firm REC, which opened a $2.5- billion production facility in Tuas in November 2010, and wind-energy solutions firm Vestas.

He said: "These are newfound sectors that need newfound skill sets. Universities and institutions may not have produced such a niche curriculum to cater to their needs."

Mr Yim said: "With regard to the lack of skill sets in such highly specialised portfolios, this issue will persist for at least the next two to three years. It takes time for (potential employees) to acquire certain skill sets."

I am sick on further debunking these lies. For example, if you look at the profile of Vestas FTs, I cannot see any salient skill sets that distinguish them apart from the local for the majority of them. Nevertheless, a small number of them are quite good. Go search these folks at Linkedin.

Today in Singapore, the most important thing in not your capability, but whether can you find a patron. At the same time, the MSM promotes discriminations against Singaporeans by accusing us of being lack of talent.

Friday, February 3, 2012

What Toh Chin Chye really did for Singapore?

A few days ago, former PAP minister cum co-founder Toh Chin Chye kicked the bucket. From the MSM, I gather the impression that other than holding the most insignificant portfolio like Minister for Science and Technology and Minister for Health, Toh basically did nothing.

Among the 1st generation PAP leaders, we all knew Rajaratnam spearheaded foreign affairs. Goh Keng Swee destroyed Singapore well-being in the long run by ruining domestic capital and set up the abominable GIC with Jewish Rothschild shylock. We knew Lim Kim San put Singaporeans into debt by forcing us to stay in HDB. That given a choice, most would prefer to stay in the worst slum than PAP's HDB barrack. We knew Kuan Yew cannot do any good things but ISA, FT polices, property ponzi....etc.

But what did Toh Chin Chye did, that make him stand side by side with Raja and Goh, and even ahead of Lim Kim San?

Toh Chin Chye was the kingmaker
Toh was beholden to Kuan Yew because he re-created PAP modelling after tyrannical Lenin's Communist Party. This helped Kuan Yew to consolidate power by suppressing grassroot democracy.

According to wikipedia, The election of the CEC through the PAP cadre system has been described as a "closed system" in which "the cardinals appoint the pope and the pope appoints the cardinals. The PAP's organisational structure has Leninist roots whereby a group of elite PAP members known as cadres elect 18 CEC members from a list of candidates. Originally when this structure was organised in 1957, the outgoing committee recommended a list of candidates for the next CEC. This has been changed recently so that the CEC nominates eight members and the party caucus selects the remaining ten.

The cadre system was started in 1957 by Toh Chin Chye, in an effort to prevent the popular leftist faction of the PAP, which dominated the early Party at the grassroots level and many of its committees, and composed much of its early membership, from ever taking control of the CEC again.

Before 1957, every party member could vote in CEC elections. However on August 9 1957, the leftists took control of the CEC, and the original founders (the "Peranakan Circle") lost control. After Lim Yew Hock, cracked down on many of the leftist leaders in the CEC in 1957 (as well as many non-PAP leftist leaders in general), the Peranakan Circle regained control of the CEC.

CNA today wrote that, in a tribute years later, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said without Dr Toh holding the fort in the PAP, the party might never have held together. Lee was wrong, without Toh, the party would still exist but Kuan Yew would most likely not become the PM.

Toh had few occasions to become PM but he supported Kuan Yew. He supported Kuan Yew in all the inflexion points.

To conclude, Toh did nothing for our country, or rather his works were mostly destructive. He has such a high standing in PAP because without him, Kuan Yew would almost certainly not ascend to power. And his destruction of party democracy means Kuan Yew is able to have a iron grip of the party for as long as he like.

Toh was spurned by Kuan Yew
He was not given any significant portfolio. He watched and saw all his PAP buddies rotating in and out of prestigious appointments such as defence, finance, foreign affairs....etc.

After doing running dog for Kuan Yew, he was kicked out mercilessly, in all major projects of nation building. This is the reason till this date, no one can tell what Toh really does. He was just a spent stepping stone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kuan Yew Bio 6: Oei Tjiong Ham, the boss of Kuan Yew's grandfather

Oei Tjiong Ham
Over the years, PAP government under Kuan Yew has been de-emphasizing the study of history. Even if Singapore history is taught, the content must be studied superficially, littered with mis-informations, half-truth and deliberate omission.

In my previous post, I wrote about Kuan Yew's grandfather Lee Hoon Leong. He ran the shipping business, Heap Eng Moh Steamship, rising to CEO for the biggest opium cultivator in the whole south east Asia, Oei Tjiong Ham.

Semarang Alumni
Oei was the richest man in south east Asia, hailed from Semarang, Java, Indonesia. Many in Singapore are not aware of the the real extend of power of Semarang peranakans in our country. Kwa Siew Tee, the father of Kwa Geok Choo was born in Semarang and environ. Kuan Yew's paternal grandmother, Ko Liem Neo was from Semarang, who was taken as a minor wife there, by married man Lee Hoon Leong.

Lee Hoon Leong enjoyed his young minor wife 10 years his junior in Semarang, out of sight of his Singapore spouse Mark Hup Sin at first, until after the birth of their first son Lee Chin Koon. Lee Chin Koon, Kuan Yew's dad was born in Semarang and brought in as FT to Singapore.

About Oei Tjiong Ham
Among so many talented Chinese in Indonesia, Oei was able to stand out due to his business in opium. Between 1890 and 1904, Oei made a profit of 18 million guilders from the opium trade alone. During that period, Oei Tiong Ham became a major opium license holder in Central and East Java (in Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakar-ta, and Surabaya). He also owned the largest opium farms.

With astronomical profits from opium, Oei was able to build Oei Tiong Ham Concern (OTHC), the largest conglomerate in south east Asia the early 20th century. Its flagship was Kian Gwan, which Oei inherited from his father in 1890.

Apart from opium, Oei also became famous as the "sugar king" as well. Among its subsidiary, there was this Heap Eng Moh Steamship Company Ltd, where Kuan Yew's granddaddy was running.

Opium and Kuan Yew
Today,anyone caught 1.2kg of opium, 15g of heroin, 30g of morphine will be sent to gallows. The sentence is harsh. Ironically, Kuan Yew's grandfather prospered by working for Oei who had been the biggest opium dealer in south east Asia.

Places in Singapore and building in NUS still carries name of Oei Tjiong Ham.

Oei family in Singapore
Daughter Oei Hui Lan wrote that of his father "All his life he had great interest in women and sex. He had 18 acknowledged concubines and a total of 42 children by them"

Oei relocated to Singapore in early 1920s where he died in 1924. His empire soon vanished under nationalism after Indonesia's independent.

Mavis Oei
Arguably only Kian Gwan Thailand manages to survive while Kian Gwan Singapore office long felt into oblivion. Despite of this, the Oei family in Singapore remains extremely powerful without attracting very much attention nowadays.

Son Oei Tjong Ie was the Chairman and one of the founder of Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia. The family holds substantial stake in OCBC. Ie's son Humphey Oei Ing Tjien married Mavis Khoo daughter of Singapore No 1 richest Khoo Teck Puat.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Singapore inflation numbers 2011 December and comparison

On the month December 2011, CPI increase as below
Singapore 5.5% 
Malaysia 3.0% 
Indonesia 3.79% 
Thailand 3.53%

Why are our neighbours reining inflation at 3% while our best government in the whole world unleashes CPI like wild fire.

This is what our government has said about inflation. Department of Statistics said the lower CPI reading was largely due to a smaller increase in the cost of private road transport, which moderated at 12 per cent year-on-year compared to 14 per cent in the previous month.

But accommodation costs - which increased 11 per cent during the month - kept inflation elevated. For the whole of 2011, inflation averaged 5.2 per cent.

While PAP always claim that we cannot control inflation because we import everything, in reality, even DOS admit that it is property and a lesser extent transport, that keeps our CPI elevated. In short, PAP and especially the cronies banks/landlords are profiting on our misery.

Then PAP will come and tell us, we must not let our salary rise to keep ourselves competitive -- at the same time hiking property and causing business cost to rise. The wickedness of PAP are difficult to detect except for the financial savvy. Property is a tool to transfer monies from the poor to the rich.

In this game, PAP is reluctant to rein inflation because they themselves and a certain number of super rich FT benefited massively from it, despite that it injures Singapore terribly in the long run,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The drug mule get hang, the drug lord just get some detention

The Chinese Lianhe Zaobao has repeatedly trump our English MSM in reporting. There is new progress on the case of drug mule Yong Vui Kong, and to the time of my writing, are reported online only with Lianhe Zaobao and TOC.






至于杨伟光,他声称他只是个跑腿,罪责较轻,却被控死刑罪;反之他的老板罪责较重,只是被控方以刑事法(临时条款)(Criminal Law, Temporary Provisions)拘留。

Yong Vui Kong is facing the gallows and awaiting presidential clemency, and meanwhile a criminal motion was filed against AG, for violation of constitution in fairness, in prosecuting him with death sentence while merely detaining "his boss"

Malaysian drug trafficker Yong Vui Kong (24) was sentenced to death for 47.27g of Heroin.

He failed appealing through legal channel few times and is now waiting for the result of presidential clemency.

Yesterday, he filed through lawyer Ravi Menon, accusing AG of unfair treatment of himself versus boss Chia Choon Leng. He perceives discrimination of AG and its contravention of constitution 12(1), "before the law, everyone are equal". Yong wants Court of Appeal of Supreme court to get rid of his charges, and to throw it back, for AG to decide whether to charge Yong with the same thing as his boss.

Or to change the charges, stop prosecuting for death sentence, to prosecute under non-capital punishment in the same way as his boss Chia received.

Yong claims that he is just a runner, but he got death for lighter felony. The more culpable boss merely got himself lock up under Criminal Law, Temporary Provisions.

Chia was charged previously, but charges against him was dropped for lack of evidence.

Is it so difficult to prosecute drug lord?
First we look at another scenario. There is a conspiracy of intellects and governments to feed public with bullshit that corruptions are extremely difficult to prosecute and to prove.

Nothing can be further from truth. Corruption is the easiest crime to prove and yet it is so rampant and no one get convicted except until the old quo is being replaced by new one. It is easy to steal $1-2 but to embezzle millions, you would leave trails of accountants, private bankers, large amount of bank accounts transactions...etc

These are the easiest things to track down.

Similarly, a drug lord will leave trails of money laundering that involve a squadron of accountants, financial advisors, and dubious transactions, which cannot be explained. He will have a lackies of bouncers, runners which could provide pieces of jigsaw puzzle to unravel the criminal empire.

Persecuting drug lord threatens the status quo
Put it this way, a significant portion of powerful people in the society have connections in organized crime. There are less such people in Singapore, but many Hong Kong and Taiwan tycoons like Stanley Ho, Henry Fok...etc are well-known to be involved in criminal activities.

And even more people, have dealings and business interest with these mafia bosses.

Hence, the game is such that, the investigations and prosecutions must not target anyone higher than the field soldiers. It is extremely easy to trace up drug lords by investigating the chain of command when one drug mule is captured. However, this is never done throughout the whole world.

The exceptions are when certain drug lord severely injured the interest of large number of elites, examples are those Colombia cocaine bosses. Or when government want to place some control on increasing unruly and ostentious mafia including Al Capone. For the later, the anti organized crime campaign is often short in duration and target only one or two arrogant mafia bosses who have made too much enemies. The rest are unmolested. These campaigns are just for public showcase.

Below is what Australian a newspaper wrote about Singapore connections with drug lords.

Both the Burmese generals and drug lords have been able to take advantage of Singapore's liberal banking laws and money laundering opportunities. In 1991, for example, the SLORC laundered US$400 million through a Singapore bank which it used as a down payment for Chinese arms. With no laws to prevent money laundering, Singapore is widely reported to be a financial haven for Burma's elite, including its two most notorious traffickers, Lo Hsing Han and Khun Sa (also known by his Chinese name Chang Qifu).

Lo Hsing Han is chairman of Burma's biggest conglomerate, Asia World, founded in 1992. His son, Steven Law, is managing director and also runs three companies in Singapore which are "overseas branches" of Asia World. Although Singapore is proud of its mandatory death penalty for small-time narcotics smugglers and heroin addicts, both father and son travel freely in and out of the friendly (to them) island-nation.

In 1996, when Law married his Singaporean business partner in a lavish, well-publicized Rangoon wedding, guests from Singapore were flown in on two chartered planes. According to a high-level US government official familiar with the situation, Law's wife Cecilia Ng operates an underground banking system, and "is a contact for people in Burma to get their drug money into Singapore, because she has a connection to the government." According to the official, Ng spends half her time in Rangoon, half in Singapore; when in Rangoon, she is headquartered at Asia Lite, a subsidiary of Asia World.

The husband-wife team are also the sole officers and shareholders of Asia World subsidiary, Kokang Singapore Pte Ltd. Founded in Singapore in 1993 with $4.6 million, the company "engages in general trading activities in goods/products of all kinds/descriptions.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Armenian Genocide 3: The Glory of Eastern Church

Today, most people think of Turkey as a Muslim country. Very few knew that the land of Turkey, known also as Asia Minor or Anatolia was formerly a stronghold of Christianity.

The seven churches of Revelation hail from Anatolia.

The glorious Constantinople/Istanbul
Constantinople, now known as Istanbul was the former seat of Eastern Church. Hagia Sophia, the HQ of Eastern Church in Constantinople was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years, until Seville Cathedral was completed in 1520. Hagia Sophia was converted a mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1931.

From the greatest church to the biggest mosque, the event is the pain and shame of all adherents of Eastern Church till this day. Finally the building was secularized and opened as a museum on 1 February 1935.

Famous in particular for its massive dome, it is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and is said to have "changed the history of architecture.

Former church is the biggest mosque for a long period of time and template for all mosques in Turkey

Today, any visitor would note the mark differences between mosque in Turkey compared to elsewhere. This is the legacy of Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia, was once the largest church for 1000 years

For almost 500 years the principal mosque of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia served as a model for many other Ottoman mosques, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque of Istanbul), the Şehzade Mosque, the Süleymaniye Mosque, the Rüstem Pasha Mosque and the Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque.

On the conversion into a mosque, the bells, altar, iconostasis, and sacrificial vessels were removed and many of the mosaics were plastered over. Islamic features – such as the mihrab, minbar, and four minarets – were added while in the possession of the Ottomans.
Any paintings to do with Jesus were covered with plaster for 500 years when someone used the former church as a mosque, until very recently. All those Jesus pics finally see daylight when the building was converted to a museum. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our scumbag ministers

Over the years, Singaporeans' moral values have been utterly destroyed by wicked LKY. Kuan Yew's vision of Singapore is a nation of liars, back-biter, rich panderer....etc. In short, we can expect nothing good from Kuan Yew.

Recently, our million dollar ministers cried foul when they suffered some haircuts in their salary. They still have more than one million dollar a year. To get pay raise, both the old and new formula are to make the rich richer and poor poorer. In the new formula, their salary was peg to the middle of 1000 rich man. So I would expect they will devise policies that target salary hike for those top 1000 richest.

To our ministers, living frugally is a fairy tale. They are too used to having a few cars, landed properties all over the world and sending their kids to ivy league universities. They love the bullshit that they themselves will corrupt or would not join politics unless their salaries are way beyond us.

To these idiots, I can only shake my head.

Lets compare our scumbags to leaders of Taiwan

Pictures below obtained by googling 马英九 住所.

For three decades, President Ma Ying Jeou wears the same watch given by his in-laws. The watch was spoiled and sent for repair for many times.

Ma's sending his sport shoe for repair. (He is too frugal to throw them away)

Ma's wife was famous for taking bus to work. She had been taking public transport even when her husband was Minister of Justice, and later mayor of Taipei. She stopped taking bus only after her husband became president as it will cost the country more to ensure her security.

Mrs Ma was fond of shopping for own groceries before Ma became President.

Ma's house in the 3rd storey. No landed property, no posh condos.

The neighbourhood of Ma's house is middle class, or maybe lower middle class. Try find our minister staying in HDB?

Ma's house

Ma is a avid jogger. He is doing more swimming these days as that requires fewer security guards 

Ma's eldest daughter, an Havard graduate.

Ma's youngest daughter, studying in Brown University

Ma's youngest daughter receiving awards from her father, the then mayor of Taipei. She has received in more than one occasions, in her high school days, commendations from her father when he was holding the office of Taipei's mayor.

Ma's family is elite of Taiwan since the days of his father Ma Ho-ling. They did not seek to enrich themselves excessively through public office.

Political oppenent DPP's Tsai Ing-wen. She is from a rich family. She simply does not need the public office salary. She does not need to work at all.

She runs for presidency for her passion and love of the land.

For such talent to serve the people, a country must get rid of scumbag like Kuan Yew. He is the one who prevents the really best to stand forward. He will ISA or bankrupt anyone who does not listen to him.

Our leaders go eat shit. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Armenian Genocide 2: Turkey's low christian population

Below are Christian of various middle east in percentage of overall population according to wikipedia and CIA factbook

Turkey    0.13%
Syria       10%
Jordan     6%
Lebanon  39%
Egypt      10%

Syria and Lebanon fell under Muslim after AD 638, while the whole of today's Turkey was only conquered after AD 1453. Before these dates, these were Christian countries. In short, while Christian still exists in Syria and Lebanon today, after almost 1500 years of Muslim rule, its population fell to 0% in Turkey in around 500 years. And this is despite the fact that Turkey is closest in proximity to Christian Europe than any middle east countries.

Ottoman conquest of Christian land
After the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to Ottoman Empire, the children of Eastern Church found themselves isolated and surrounded by a sea of Muslim population, like an abandon child.

Other than Asia minor, the Ottoman Empire conquered large amount of then Christian land, and even besieging Vienna twice. The last attack of Vienna by Muslim Turk occurred in 1683, just 73 years before the birth of Mozart.

Christian under the Ottoman: The tolerant period
Under the emerging Ottoman, Christians were subject to the whims of their Turkish and Kurdish neighbors, who would regularly overtax them, subject them to brigandage and kidnapping, force them to convert to Islam, and otherwise exploit them without interference from central or local authorities. In the Ottoman Empire, in accordance with the Muslim dhimmi system, they, like all other Christians, were accorded certain limited freedoms (such as the right to worship), but were in essence treated as second-class citizens and referred to in Turkish as gavours, a pejorative word meaning "infidel" or "unbeliever.

At this period, state sponsored mass slaughter generally did not occurred. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Armenian Genocide 1: French senate votes to criminalize Armenian genocide denial

Few days ago, Al Jazeera, a news channel controlled by Islam Qatar and heavily influenced by puritanical Saudi Arabia did some of the unthinkable that deserves a loud commendation. It reported in a direct and critical way on the Armenian genocide, which in reality is a genocide of Muslim against Christian, instead of Turks against Armenian. To put it more specifically, Sunni Muslim against Eastern Church. In addition, Al Jazeera aired a dramatic documentary (above) pissing off the Muslim Turks, which belongs to the same Sunni Sect as Qatar and Saudi.

Al Jazeera is far from altruistic as I will write more about it in my later blogs, of supporting Christian causes against Turks. Nevertheless, Al Jazeera is increasingly proving itself to be more credible than any other western news sources, including BBC and CNN. (However, Al Jazeera won't criticize Saudi and Gulf States for sure )

France's upper house of parliament has approved a bill that will make it illegal to deny that the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago amounted to genocide.

The French upper house voted 127-to-86 in support of the bill after debating it into the night on Monday, nearly a month after the French national assembly voted overwhelmingly in favour of the draft law. The bill was approved by the lower house in December.
France recognised the killings as genocide in 2001, but the new bill would go further, by punishing anyone who denies this with a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros ($57,000).

Armenia says that at least 1.5 million Armenians died when Ottoman Turks deported them from eastern Anatolia to the Syrian desert and elsewhere in 1915 to 1916. They were killed or died from starvation or disease.

Turkey estimates the total to be about 300,000. It admits that atrocities were committed but argues that there was no systematic attempt to destroy the Armenian people and argues that many people on both sides died amid the chaos of World War I, in which all sides suffered.

Armenia is the first Christian Nation and home to Noah's Ark, source of Euphrates

Mount Ararat, where Noah parked his ark. Before this was Christianland,
today there are zero Christian here. They were all murdered.

The great Euphrates river which gave birth to Babylonian civilization as
well as Abraham has its origin in Armenian land. 

In 301 AD, Armenia adopted Christianity as a state religion, becoming the first nation to do so. The Armenians collective has, at times, constituted a Christian "island" in a mostly Muslim region.

The cradle of Armenian lies in the highlands surrounding the Biblical mountains of Ararat, upon which Noah's Ark is said to have come to rest after the flood. To the south is Lake Van. The Armenian land is also the source of Euphrates river, which give birth to great Babylonian civilizations.

Abraham was from the city of Ur, on the western bank of lower Euphrates.

Zakarids Armenia around early 13th century, the last independent Armenian kingdom

Armenian demographics in Turkey's Western Anatolia before the genocide 1870. [ link

Monday, January 23, 2012

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 14: Starving Singaporeans to feed foreigners

Days after days, the PAP genocide against Singaporeans get ever more clear to all other than those imbecile. PAP has secretly lavished scandalous amount of monies to foreigners hoping to squeeze out Singaporeans, in jobs, social standings and everything they can think off. All these are kept secret but occasionally snippets of newspaper reports inadvertently  give us cues on the luxury and secret propping given by PAP.

Few days ago, Yahoo News SG reported a stories whereby a PRC student was found dead in her hostel. The passages that caught my attentions are as below.

Lan (the student) first came to Singapore to study slightly more than a year ago, in December 2010. She reportedly won a scholarship with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and was supposed to choose her major this year after her bridging course at the university, which she started after moving into its hostel a month ago.

The one-and-a-half year bridging programme acts as a preparatory course, which allows international students to take introductory courses in disciplines they may want to major in, and learn English as well.

It is really a madness to give scholarship to students that includes a package for prep course of 1.5 years for English medium university. I cannot recall any country that host English medium university does that. Why can't MOE just dump them into the university and let these scholars compete with locals? Certainly if they are smart, the will out-perform anyway, maybe not in the first year. All foreign self-funded students from non-English countries who are able to survive without prep course. Besides, non-native English speakers all over the world go straight into the universities of US, UK, Australia..etc, without such molly-coddle of prep course.

Everyone in the world has taken English as a foreign language. Even if there is a need of bridging course, I do not see a duration of more than half a year given that most students in the world would have studied at least 6 years of English upon high school graduation. Even with these prep course, there are still some FT scholars who are unable to compete with locals. They will still get scholarships, while locals incur lots of debts.

For Singaporeans studying in Taiwan and PRC under scholarships or self funding, I have not heard of any language prep course. Singaporeans are forced to survive.

The reasons for all these nonsense is PAP want to take good care of foreigners. They want to make sure foreigners get good grades against the locals. The 2 prong approach is to ramp up their English in a slow pace of 1.5 years. To reduce their workload in university, foreigners are allow to take some introductory courses during the period.

Doling out scholarships to the most undeserved FT while making our students incur debts
Recently I wrote in my blog regarding some passages from Lianhe Zaobao.


PRC Hubei's Dong Zhihong (24 years old), graduated 2009 Shenyang Normal University in International economics law, came to Singapore the same year for 1 year IT masters degree in NTU. He got a Singapore government scholarship and need to serve 3 years bond.... What the hell is PAP doing by giving scholarship to someone from the most obscure provincial "teachers college", depriving our own students.

The craziness PAP is beyond comprehension in this case that this Dong Zhihong studied "International economics law" as undergraduate. He was awarded a scholarship to study master degree in IT. In short, he is total unqualified and neither is he a talent.

But, with a masters from NTU, this very ordinary person is going to have unfair advantage against Singaporeans first degree graduate. Poor Singaporean graduates has to work as too much debt is incur in studies while unqualified FTs get master degrees and trump the local in job market.

Hopeless PAP spinning it give welfare to poor again
Starving our old, and meanwhile give every social welfare to FT. Today, CNA has another spin.

A new welfare programme, providing housekeeping services for the elderly living in the central district, will begin in April.

Called "Hands For Homes", it will replace mattresses to prevent bedbug infestations - a common problem among senior citizens living in rental flats...... It will take an estimated S$200,000 a year to run the programme. 

PAP are funding ten of thousands of FT students for free over these years while keeping quiet. When it decide to splash S$200,000 to help the old, PAP goes to the roof top and shout its welfare program proudly. This amount can easily be raise by sending 4 FT scholars back home.

I can only see despair and nothing else for Singaporeans under PAP.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Man gets 12 months for stealing $32 to buy mummy food

I was made aware by Lucky Tan's blog regarding a 12 months jail term was sentenced to an unemployed man for stealing -- $32. AsiaOne reports. A jobless man was sentenced to one year in jail today after he had stolen $32 from a mosque.

......40-year-old Noraizam Abdullah pleaded guilty last month to stealing the money to buy food for himself and his wheelchair-bound mother.

He also told investigators that he had stolen the money out of desperation as he was not able to get help from the mosque.
The Straits Times report also added that Noraizam had served six jail terms since 1997, which includes five years of corrective training in 2002.

The white man does not get jail term here even for more severe theft
Lucky's blog also contains other interesting cases. The son of M1 ex-CEO was merely fined by stealing $13,000. This amount is 406 times greater than what Noraizam Abdullah has stolen.

The son of former MobileOne chief executive was fined a total of $23,000 on Friday for theft from his boss and forgery.

Briton Alexander Montefiore, 28, a former sales trader of Cantor Fitzgerald, a financial services company, stole a total of $13,000 from its managing director, Mr William Louis Selig, using his DBS debit card.

For Singaporeans that are rich or well-connected or those from elite schools, another set of law applies to them as well
Our judicial system is designed in such a way that the elites get off hook for whatever felon they committed.  This is done in several ways, and I will list some below.
  • A psychiatrist will jump out to testify that the accused is acting involuntarily due to his mental conditions, such as depression, kleptomania, or even sex addiction...etc
  • The accused's parents, relatives, pastor (from rich church), elite school ex-teachers, friends (obviously rich and well-connected), and all kinds of clowns will come forward to speak of the cherished memories with that accused, and to prop up the accused with a list of fantastic past testimonials.

For certain serial thief, the doctors invented an arcane jargon call "kleptomaniac" to get them off hook. One day, if some rich kids choose to murder one after another, I am 1000% sure doctors will come out with something like "murder-maniac". The rich murderer walk free.

However, if you are poor, come from a bad school, I doubt you get the privilege of "kleptomaniac" classification. You are just a rogue if you steal.

The femme fatale

Merely, 6 months back, there is a case in court whereby a certain Goh Lee Yin, mitigating herself with kleptomania by several doctors. She is from a rather humble background. She did well at school, scoring a PSLE aggregate of 257. She attended CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The total amount of theft is more than $9000. She committed theft repeatedly despite probations and many appearance in court, since 2005. Eventually, she was given 6 weeks for all these 6 months ago. If she is a guy and from a bad school, I seriously doubt whether the judges would have let her off lightly in so many occasions.

The followings are from AsiaOneShoplifting history

April 27, 2005: Stole an $83 skirt from a Ngee Ann City boutique.

May 12, 2005: Stole an $80 haversack, 167 hangers, two bottles of wine, two bottles of lotion, one towel, two bottles of wine cooler, worth about $233, from two stores in Bishan.

May 16, 2005: Stole 18 boxes of shaving cartridges, one razor, eight packets of insoles, one skin file and two boxes of dental floss worth some $306 from a Thomson Road supermarket.

Stole body shaving system valued at $90 from a department store in Orchard Road.

Stole four bottles of sun care lotion, each valued at $45, from a department store at Paragon shopping centre.

August 2005: Jailed 21/2 months by district court. Appealed against sentence.

Oct 15, 2005: Stole four pairs of earrings valued at $70 in total from a department store at Wisma Atria.

November 2005: On appeal, jail term set aside by then Chief Justice Yong Pung How. Two years' probation, with stringent conditions, was ordered.

Nov 20, 2006: Stole $375 wristlet clutch bag from Coach boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Stole Louis Vuitton denim handbag valued at $1,960 from LV boutique at Raffles Hotel.

When caught, she was also found with a $143 blouse, a $39 handbag and a $56 handbag, for which she was charged with fraudulent possession.

May 2007: Fined $8,000 and jailed one day by district court. Prosecution appeals.

Nov 29, 2007: Appeal dismissed. Further 18 months probation ordered for breaching the original probation order.

February and December 2010: Stole a $4,790 Chanel bag, $3,200 Gucci dress and $610 Emporio Armani sweater.

May this year: Pleaded guilty to two shoplifting charges, with one similar charge taken into consideration. June 25

Charged with stealing items such as women's magazines, shower cream, canned fruit and jelly powder - totalling $83 - while out on bail.

July 22: Jailed six weeks and fined $4,000 by district court.

The reputedly harsh judicial system only targets the poor. For a certain group of people, Singapore's law is one of the kindest and most gentle in the whole world.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A very special foreign talent 1

Robert Friedland born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on August 18 1950,  lives in Singapore and runs Ivanhoe Capital from here. According to wikipedia, Robert Martin Friedland, also known as "Toxic Bob", is an international financier and major player in the junior mining industry...... He is the founder and Chairman of his private, family-owned firm, Ivanhoe Capital Corporation,...... and Chief Executive Officer of Ivanhoe Mines — a Canadian public company listed on the New York, NASDAQ and Toronto exchanges. Robert Friedland's net worth is estimated at $2.8 billion by Forbes Magazine.

Very few other than miners would heard of this man, before Steve Jobs published his memoir.

Drug Trafficker
Robert's dad was a survivor of Auschwitz, who later became successful in the construction industry in Chicago. Bob, a charismatic young student, got an early start in dubious trafficking at Bowdoin College in Maine in the late 1960s, where he ran an LSD smuggling business out of a college dormitory until he was busted by local undercover cops. He was found with 24000 tablets of LSD worth USD 125000 in value.

Boss of Student Union
He went to Reed College in 1972. Immediately, he stand and was successfully elected for student union leader. The theme of his rally was to seek justice from the unfair judgement he received (for drug trafficking).

Jobs and Friedland and their first rendezvous
According to Jobs memoir, he first met Friedland when he decided to sell his IBM typewriter as he needed some cash, during the days of Reed College. Job brought his wares to the room of the buyer saw that guy was -- screwing a girl. While Steve Jobs started to leave, the buyer invited Jobs for a sit and to wait for him finish his screw job.

That buyer was Robert Friedland.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The sick lies about graduate salary

For the past few years, there has been considerable madness in reporting of graduate salary. On one hand, MSM rub salt into wounds by bashing unemployed graduates, which is obviously existing in large numbers. The below passages from AsiaOne are especially venomous.

While university graduates are wallowing in self-pity over the latest news that more of them are unemployed than are polytechnic graduates, the latter group is laughing all the way to the bank.

The Manpower Ministry recently found that more than 20 per cent of the unemployed in Singapore were university graduates, while just 6 per cent were polytechnic graduates.
So eat humble pie, university graduates, because you can't have your cake and eat it too.

On the other hand, MSM keep hyping graduates' starting pay shot through the roof, and being snapped up like hot cakes as below.

Top Median Gross Monthly Salaries (in brackets are the 75th-percentile salaries)
  1. SMU Information Systems Management (4-yr programme) Cum Laude and above – $4,000 ($4,600)
  2. SMU Economics (4-yr programme) Cum Laude and above – $3,200 ($4,000)
  3. SMU Economics (4-yr programme) – $3,000 ($3,763)
  4. NUS Business Administration (Honours) – $3,000 ($3,600)
  5. SMU Business Management (4-yr programme) Cum Laude and above – $3,000 ($3,500)
  6. NUS Chemical Engineering – $3,000 ($3,500)
  7. NUS Industrial & Systems Engineering – $3,000 ($3,450)
  8. NUS Dental Surgery – $3,000 ($3,400)
  9. NTU Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering – $3,000 ($3,300)
  10. NTU Aerospace Engineering – $3,000 ($3,250)
  11. NTU Arts (with Education) – $3,000 ($3,200)
  12. NUS Information Systems – $2,975 ($3,250)
  13. NTU Physics & Applied Physics – $2,950 ($3,000)
  14. NUS Computer Engineering – $2,900 ($3,440)
  15. NTU Chemistry & Biological Chemistry – $2,900 ($3,300)
  16. NUS Computer Science – $2,900 ($3,290)
  17. NTU Computer Science – $2,900 ($3,250)
  18. NTU Science (with Education) – $2,900 ($3,200)
  19. NTU Computer Engineering – $2,900 ($3,200)
  20. NUS Mechanical Engineering – $2,900 ($3,200)
  21. NUS Science (Honours) – $2,900 ($3,200)
The Dumping Grounds by Starting Pay (Gross Monthly)
  1. NTU Art, Design & Media – $2,300 ($2,800)
  2. NTU Accountancy (3-yr direct Honours programme) – $2,400 ($2,500)
  3. NUS Business Administration (Accountancy) – $2,400 ($2,500)
  4. NUS Applied Science – $2,500 ($2,500)
  5. NUS Science – $2,500 ($2,600)
  6. NUS Arts – $2,500 ($2,600)
  7. NUS Business Administration (3-yr programme) – $2,500 ($2,700)
  8. SMU Social Sciences (4-yr programme) – $2,500 ($2,850)
  9. NTU Maritime Studies – $2,500 ($2,900)
  10. SMU Accountancy (4-yr programme) – $2,500 ($2,950)
  11. NUS Nursing – $2,550 ($2,700)
  12. NTU Environmental Engineering – $2,600 ($2,900)
  13. NTU Communication Studies – $2,600 ($2,900)
  14. NUS Real Estate – $2,600 ($3,000)
  15. NUS Applied Science (Honours) – $2,600 ($3,000)
  16. SMU Accountancy (4-yr programme) Cum Laude and above – $2,600 ($4,000)
It seems that PAP and her institutions cannot live a single day without lying. The reality is the numbers above are gathered through mail surveys. Will those jobless graduates respond to these survey? Without a single doubt, the numbers are skewed fraudulently towards high income earners.

In my case, the surveys NTU sent me ended straight away wiping by backside, after I had relieved myself. I have responded to none of them. I have never like my ala mata NTU. I think she is the most sickening school I ever been. I gave her staff a round of scolding the last time she send someone to call me for donation.

If PAP really wants to reveal the truth, a few keystroke by the CPF operator would do. What is the need for such ridiculous survey?

My advice to fresh grad is, it is always the sworn aim of PAP to make Singaporeans feel bad. It would be foolish to take their lies seriously.

Below is from a blog which explains further.

I’m not sure how rampant this is in other countries, but here’s a problem caused by Singapore’s universities and tertiary schools that can herald more serious consequences than they foresee: the fudging of average starting salaries of their recent graduates.

Reading the figures every year can be a very humbling experience. According to the numbers, the average bachelor’s degree holder should make S$5000-6000 dollars at his first job, and the average diploma holder (it’s like an associate and vocational degree) should make S$3000-4000.
Here’s an old saying that applies: there are lies, there are damn lies, and there are statistics. In this case, badly reported statistics.

Ask your average recent graduate on the street and most of them will exclaim that their starting salaries are nowhere near these rosy figures. By most accounts, the average degree-holder makes S$2000-3000 and the average diploma-holder receives S$1500-2000. Exceptional cases exist, such as those on commission-based positions or are employed by rich business-owning relatives.

So what accounts for this horrible discrepancy? A valuable find clued me in: someone working in a reputable business school here, which is one of the most guilty parties in this charade of lies, revealed that very few students respond to such job surveys – the sample size was just 16 in the previous year.

For those of you who know some basics of surveys design, 16 is an outrageous figure to draw any conclusion from. For a minor study you need 30; for something as important as a cohort-wide survey of average incomes, you should get hundreds of respondents.

Every single faculty member in those schools should warn their employers to not publish such disgustingly fudged poppycock. In fact, all 3 mainstream universities in Singapore are positioning themselves as “research-intensive” institutions, and this makes the issue even more of a farce.

How does the pathetic respond rate lead to high average incomes? Simple: it means only those who are proud to reveal their salaries respond – the salesmen, commission-based jobbers, and family business employees.

So what well-intentioned disasters can result from such false reporting? I count at least three.
1. They may be feeling the intense competition for good students, which compels them to report higher starting salaries to get the best candidates. But how would the students feel after spending 3-4 years at the school and getting a mere fraction of the promised “average salary” upon graduation? Have the schools considered the ethics of, effectively, cheating their students?

2. The average degree or diploma graduate who is not aware of the true story ends up feeling really sorry for himself, especially when relatives start to question his salary in comparison to the “averages” they see in the papers. He will be even less likely to respond to future employment surveys too – why get involved in something that has (deceptively) made you feel inferior?

3. And what happens when these graduates find out the truth? They’ll feel really mad, and their alma maters can forget about maintaining lifelong links with them or even soliciting their donations. (Incidentally, alumni relations is a disastrous issue in most Singapore tertiary institutions, for a variety of reasons other than this; it’s worth another lengthy post)

So here you are. Don’t feel too bad about your “lower than average” starting salaries. Those aren’t even real averages. It’s a disgusting deception to attract quality students in the next recruitment drive.

And most unfortunately, expect your salary to stagnate even more because in most of Asia, employers are still fixated on minimizing costs and taking the lowest bidders as their staff.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Singapore and arm sales to Iran

Two months ago, CNA reports few people were arrested for selling "military technologies" to Iran.

The United States charged four Singaporeans and an Iranian on Tuesday with illegally exporting US-made radio equipment to Iran that ended up in roadside bombs targeting coalition forces in Iraq.

The United States has requested the extradition of the Singaporeans, who were arrested on Monday in Singapore, but the Iranian is still at large and lives in Iran, the Justice Department said.

Three Singapore-based companies and an Iranian company were also charged in the indictment, which accuses Iranian national Hossein Larijani of masterminding the illegal export of 6,000 radio frequency modules from a Minnesota-based company to Iran.

The modules have encryption capabilities and a range that allows them to transmit data wirelessly as far as 40 miles (65 kilometers) when configured with a specialized antenna.

At least 16 were discovered by US forces in Iraq being used in remote detonation systems for IEDs (improvised explosive devices), which, according to the indictment, caused roughly 60 percent of American combat casualties in Iraq between 2001 and 2007.

"Yesterday, authorities in Singapore arrested Wong Yuh Lan (Wong), Lim Yong Nam (Nam), Lim Kow Seng (Seng), and Hia Soo Gan Benson (Hia), all citizens of Singapore, in connection with a US request for extradition," the Justice Department said.

"The remaining individual defendant, Hossein Larijani, is a citizen and resident of Iran who remains at large."
Admiral Mike Mullen, then the top US military officer, said in July that Iran was stepping up its support for Shiite militants in Iraq, supplying them with more sophisticated weapons that were being used against American forces.

I see the charges made by US as a moral bankruptcy. First, triggering a remote control bomb certainly does not requires a RF device of 65km range. Which crazy man would trigger a road side bomb at 65 km away, without seeing the target passing by real time. A clear line of sight is needed for such operation. A simple off the shelf Bluetooth which can be boosted to 200 m range is more than enough. A couple of Bluetooth used as repeater could trigger a bomb 2-3 km away. I do not see the rationale a "high class' 65km long range RF module being use in road side bomb.

Regarding IEDs in Iraq, most are planted by Sunni militias who are the enemies of Shiite Iran. The former Iraqi Shiite arm men now form the backbone of Iraqi army and police.

While its true that Iran tries to buy sensitive military technologies, US is at the same time guilty of hyping Iranian threats and make false accusation of terrorism against Iran.

Further Singapore arm sales
The greatest benefiter of our arm sales is not Iran, but ironically Saddam Iraq, when he was a lackey of US fighting the Mullahs of Iran. According to wikipedia, Singapore was the largest Chemical supplier to Saddam, for him to gas the not only the Iranian, but also the kurd in the Halabja poison gas attack.

The Kim Al-Khaleej firm, located in Singapore and affiliated to United Arab Emirates, supplied more than 4,500 tons of VX, sarin, and mustard gas precursors and production equipment to Iraq.

Selling a few RF module brings some small people in trouble. On the other hand, no one goes after the Kim Al-Khaleej. Till now, no one in Singapore is aware what the company Kim Al-Khaleej is about.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bankers remove an enemy

These days, bankers are so powerful that those who propose a fairer and less dangerous banking system are immediately fired. The tenets of banks are others can starve and die but we must have our bonus. The MSM quickly vilified anybody whom bankers deem threatening to the status quo.

Recently, such misfortune visits Phillip Hildebrand, the president of Swiss central bank, the SNB. The super-rich former hedge fund manager is accused of insider trading just because a currency deal of his wife netted -- a pathetic amount of US$83,000. He resigned.

People are being gorged by MSM to believe that Phillip Hildebrand is a bad guy. Political coup may be more accurate picture of the truth.

Below are from NYT on fights between Hildebrand and banks to save bankers from their own greed and to make the world a safer place.
Mr (Phillip M) Hildebrand, the president of the Swiss central bank, was called "arrogant" and "egotistical" by bankers quoted anonymously in the pages of Swiss newspapers. His supposed sin: Wanting banks to hold extra capital. The fact that Mr Hildebrand was himself a former hedge fund manager in New York seemed only to heighten the sense that he had betrayed his profession.

"He'll never find another job in Switzerland", the Swiss newspaper Der Sonntag quoted an unnamed high-ranking banker as threatening Mr. Hildebrand in 2010.

The unusually bitter attacks on a central bank chief were a measure of what was at stake. Mr Hildebrand, 48, had a high-visibility role in a struggle between bankers trying to preserve their most lucrative business practices and regulators trying to defuse a system that, many believe, nearly blew up the world economy.
In response, Mr. Hildebrand as well as top officials in the United States and Britain began trying to revive an old-fashioned idea, the so-called leverage ratio, as an extra layer of insurance in addition to tougher capital requirements for risk-weighted assets.

The aim was to set a minimum level of capital to be held against gross assets, regardless of estimated risk, to restrain the banks’ strong incentive to make optimistic assumptions and supercharge leverage.

Banks considered the leverage ratio a blunt tool, an insult to all the investments they had made in the last decade to create sophisticated risk management systems, as well as a threat to potential profits and payouts to top bankers.
But there was powerful resistance from organizations like the Washington-based Institute of International Finance, whose membership includes most of the world’s largest banks.

In Switzerland, Mr. Hildebrand pushed for local rules that would be more rigorous than the Basel rules. It was this push that inspired so much bile from the banks in 2010.
But circumstances were on Mr. Hildebrand’s side. As Swiss legislators were debating the proposals earlier this year, UBS disclosed that a 31-year-old employee had caused losses of $2.3 billion by making unauthorized trades.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Israel strikes gas

I have heard a joke regarding land of Israel something about Abraham was led to the very few spots in middle east without oil.

The reality is much bleak than that. Abraham's place of birth Ur, which is widely believe to be within Iraq, is the only place in middle east that has both oil and water, with the most fertile soil in the region. The land of Iraq is so fecund that the it gave birth to the first great civilization of mankind, Babylonia, whose hedon and material well-being reaches the greatest height not seen before its time. 

Israel, on the other hand, is a piece of desert today, and since aeon it is dearth of water. Abraham's old home seems to me more like land of honey and milk rather than Canaan. Abraham must have had a lot of faith, still believing despite of overwhelming contradicting evidences.

Today Iraq has the 3rd largest oil reserves while scantly anything underneath the grounds had been found in Israel -- until very recently.

Since the past 3-4 years, Israel has strike giant gas field one after another. While its earlier field Mari-B of 1 tcf is somewhat 2/3 depleted, the past 4 years of discovery amounts to around 33.3 tcf. That is just a little smaller than the known gas reserves of India. These reserves can supply Singapore for 100 years base on our current consumption.

For Israel current consumption, the gas could last more than 250 years. Should Israel decides to base its entire energy consumption on gas, which includes converting its entire fleet of vehicles to CNG, the gas would last for around 26 years.

Besides, geologists have speculated that Levant Basin, which all Israel gas reserves are located, could have potential for further gas and even oil discovery. 

Overnight, Israel was transformed. Its enegy security assured.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The predicament of non-PR residence

PAP under LKY never failed to formulate policies without the slightest concern for plight of people. Below is by Lianhe Zaobao of the distresses faced by recent batch of graduating students.




Since early 2010 when government tighten the immigration, ICA ceased to send PR invitations to foreign students.

The PR invitation letter serves a proof to the employee of PR eligibility, and hence, company here often considered somebody with such letter. Otherwise, the students would lose considerable advantage in job market.

Many found difficulties in adapting to changes. 2 years have passed and many have returned without serving their bonds......


One student said "Half of my batch of students have gone home one year later......"
So as to say many of those on scholarship never serve a single day of 3 years bond. Nevertheless, PAP will look the other way at the same time going after Singaporeans in NS matters full force.


PRC Hubei's Dong Zhihong (24 years old), graduated 2009 Shenyang Normal University in International economics law, came to Singapore the same year for 1 year IT masters degree in NTU. What the hell is PAP doing by giving scholarship to someone from the most obscure provincial "teachers college", depriving our own students. With a masters from NTU, this very ordinary person is going to have unfair advantage against Singaporeans first degree graduate.


Without PR invitation, there will be limitations in job market. Minimum salary to qualify for EP was raised from S$2800 to S$3000, while first degree and master degree may not reach S$3000 starting pay ( I thought PAP say now starting pay for graduate is above 3k). Without EP, FT students need to go back if they do not want to settle for S permit.

MOE the biggest culprit
Over the years, MOE have dished out scholarship to the undeserving foreign students, in almost all levels of our institutions. Locals incur crushing debt while PAP crank up school fees. Monies were then used to support foreigners. I used to teach in a secondary schools whereby local students having the same grade as foreigners scholar need to pay, while foreigner scholars get everything free.

Unfair advantages give foreigners a big edge against Singaporeans
Many FT came from the dumb university in their home countries and got master degree in local college funded by PAP. Hardworking Singaporeans students crush under debt load, and often academic path ruined by low grades from teachers, have to work after first degree. If there is a matriculation exam, I believe many local students will out perform those FT scholars.

With many FT having master degrees, Singaporeans lose out.

Singapore need to extend humanitarian policies to landed aliens
My opinions is we give PR to most of those (probably 80%) who have received scholarship from universities before 2011. Next we need to cut back wasteful scholarship scheme to foreigners.

Being a particular brainless and foolish organization, I believe MOE is still throwing out scholarship to dumb foreigners freely even though the PR window is somewhat being tighten. This should be stopped immediately. I believe we need foreign students but most importantly, but scholarship must be for the best.

For the non scholars we set the cut-off date as 2010. For these folks who landed before 2010, we consider them case by case on humanitarian grounds if they apply PR. Those came after 2010 must be subjected to harsher immigration rules.

Singapore's own H1-B
Other than MOE, Singapore should cut back substantially intake of foreigner workers from overseas. We need to implement something like the USA H1-B visa, not just on technical field but across all spectrum. Inflow of foreign workers are subjected to yearly quotas, slowly reducing the intake to zero. Singapore is just a tiny red dot.

However, top talent such as Nobel Laureates....etc are always welcome.

Singaporeans need to show magnanimous and graciousness even to racist foreigners
I have worked in quite a few engineering companies. It is fair to conclude that once certain groups of foreigners (Indian PRC Malaysian Pinoys) become the managers, they hire their own kind. This is especially true to FT Indians and you can testify it by going to Citibank CBP tomorrow morning.

I used to worked with a PRC manager from other department. He hires ZERO Singaporeans but welcome some of the unqualified and incompetent PRC. Singaporeans have enough. Despite of the ugly racism suffered by Singaporeans, we must still offer help to foreigners on humanitarian grounds.

Above all, we must reduce the intake of foreigners other than the top talent, targeting close to zero intake. We are too small. But for those who got in, we treat them nicely.