Thursday, December 29, 2011

Working to support his family, Singaporean jailed for reporting NS late

Lianhe Zaobao reported





Translated as below

A man who receives a conscription notice was torn between family responsibilities and national service. He decided to evade draft but after 9 months, he report himself to Civil Defence as he felt that he can no longer procrastinate.

Chen Fuquan, 21 years old received 5 month after he admitted his guilt.

The defendant who was not represented by lawyer, pleaded that he love the country, but he love his family more. If he was conscripted at the slated date, his wife and family would have financial difficulties. This has caused him to delay his conscription in order to make more monies.

He also told the judge that he has 2 kids, the elder one being 4 years old and the younger one is 1 month......

The rich, the powerful officially dodge draft. The poor get jail because he need to work to support family while NS will put his family into financial disaster.
On my previous posting , I wrote that a Singaporean is able to go all the way to High Court fighting to dodge draft. That person is obviously rich because buying lawyer and fighting with PAP in the interpretation of constitution cost lots of monies. CMPB even beg him to defer so that he will not need to serve NS after he get rid of SG citizenship after 21.

Other case like Patrick Tan, son of President Tony Tan is a celebrity draft dodger, who pretends that working in DMRI is as good as carry guns.

Our poor man here is being used to make a showcase to the people in Singapore. If you are poor, your family can starve. Your NS pay is miserable and we don't care if your wife and kids goes into ruin. If you want to work and salvage your family, prepare to go to jail.

Why can't SAF/Police/CD paid family dependences allowances?

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