Saturday, December 3, 2011

While Singaporeans are suffering, the rich are getting richer

When PAP tried convincing us the merits of COE, they told us that Singapore is too small. Too small and so we must control car population.

At the same time, they keep telling us that Singapore is too big, and the population is too little, hence, we need to import FT.

In reality PAP are a bunch of mad and wicked maggots, who cannot be consistent on their words. Their vision is to dracula Singaporeans dry and enrich the most unproductive leeches, especially the bankers, landlord and million dollar government employees. The key instrument of plundering is FT policies which massively benefit the elites.

Recently, COE prices rocketed after Lui Tuck Yew rigged its supply giving reason that the land in Singapore is limited. At the same time, LKY keep on barking on importing more FT. When there are more FT, PAP can harp more about limited land.

According to AsiaOne, high-end names such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are expected to make up for more than half of new cars sales next year.

This is due to the lower number of certificates of entitlement available next year, which predetermines the number of cars sold.

I bet all those buyers hail from the most parasitic element of the society, especially finance and property, profited by the crazy FT policy. Now, we are having a society full of limousine and sportscar on one hand, and ultra poor people on the other. Many Singaporeans are put into housing debt of 30 years so that the rich get even richer. We are already in a textbook situation of Marxist revolution. 

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