Monday, December 12, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 6: Rape committed by mercenary FT Indian (from Kuan Yew's memoir)


新加坡警察部队里的西克教徒, 共有650人......他们是英国人从旁遮普招募来的......他们在森路平民集中营担任守卫时凶神恶煞,仗势欺人的恶行无人不知,市面上传说被拘留的英国妇女也遭他们凌辱。殴打起平民来,他们是警察当中最凶狠的。战后这批警察全被解雇,送回印度,过后再也不从旁遮普招募警察。

The above passages are from Chinese version of Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew page 95 regarding events during the Japanese occupation. I do not have the English version at home. Translate in English as below.

Worse than new master (Japanese)
The Sikh police contingent of 650 men are recruited by Brits from Punjab. Their atrocities including viciousness and bullying are well-known when they were guards in "" road concentration camp. There were rumours they have raped British female detainees. They were the most violent in beatings of civilian (even worse than Japanese Kempeitai). After the war, they were fired and kicked back to India. Henceforth no police are recruited from Punjab.

The FT Indian mercenary who served in Malaya
The FT Indians who served here were the high caste Indian, the British termed Martial race. Unfortunately, high caste Indians were known to sexually abuse the low caste in their home country. Although the situation has somehow improved in India, it is still very common for high caste Hindus to rape the Dalits in Nepal, even in today. Rape of Dalits in Nepal was reported in a passage of an article by Al Jazeera some times back.

What happened when Singaporeans were made Dalits
The FT Indians having poisoned by racism in India for 5000 years showed their true colour once people around them were made Dalits. This actually happened during the Japanese occupation time whereby locals and the Europeans are made de facto Dalits by Japanese.

Towards the European women who were made "Dalits" by the Japs, the Sikhs police vented their animal sexual lust. LKY even indicated that they were worse than Japanese. Towards the civilian, they were the worst tyrant.

The most shameless Sikh contingent
The worse thing about this Sikh gendarme is just a moment ago, they had been recruited by British to protect Malaya. They stooge towards the Brits when Brits were in power. They did not martyred fighting the Japanese, instead they volunteered their services to the Japanese victors. They then out done the Japs in cruelty and sexual perversion. They raped their former masters' woman folks.

Who on earth can do such things other than the most scumbag?

The Singaporeans neo-Dalits of today
Before, the FT Indians came here by self-bragging and convincing the British that they have brawns. They turned out to be the most pervert, most cruel and most coward.

Today, FT Indians come here by telling everyone that they have brains. Once they become the manager, they "cannot" find suitable employee among Singaporeans. Only those that are shipped in from India meet the cuts. (Only PAP believes). At the same time, they kick out whatever Singaporeans they can.

In Citibanks, Stand Chart, and by observation many foreign banks in Shenton Way are already full of FT Indians. They bring their racism to Singapore. Any Taxi driver will tell you horrible stories regarding these FT Indians (almost 100% have been bullied by FT Indians). The locals are bullied on a daily basis.

The nouveau riche FT Indians buy up all the posh condos, drive cars enjoying the lifestyle that should be rightfully belong to Singaporeans. All the wealth are backed by nothing other than racism and condemnation of smart Singaporeans workers. PAP is going to celebrate itself by creating a neo-Dalits caste with the help of FT Indians.

The Brits kicked all these coward, pervert, vicious mercenary FT Indians back home. Ironically LKY brings them back here to help to make Singaporeans Dalits.


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Anonymous said...

Your anti-Indian bias is characteristic of the majority of the Singapore Chinese, who are actually, unashamed racists. I am a witness to their racism and I have seen how they used to treat harmless and innocent Tamil men, women, and children.

I saw this racial harassment on an unrelenting scale. Lee Kuan Yew is an untruthful writer of history. His books have no credibility. It may be true that the Sikh police contingent was disnonourable but the British Indian Army defended Malaya and Singapore in 1941. Many of them, though poorly equipped, fought valiantly against the Japanese.

British officers, including General Arthur Percival, who was the commander of all Allied forces, have testified to that. There was no Chinese Army and no Malay army.

When the the Japanese finally surrendered in 1945, it was the same Indian army, which arrived in Malaya and Singapore to protect the population and to accept the Japanese surrender.

This is undeniable history and the Chinese of Singapore should learn to morally accept the truth in this world and stop living in their own prejudiced world.

Because you think like that is it any wonder that 1.3 billion Chinese in China are ruled by criminals and tyrants. The same story prevails in Singapore.

Veritas said...

Re December 12, 2011 4:12 PM

British brought in FT Indians not because no Chinese wanted to serve in Malaya or that Chinese needed Indian "protection".

Because British do not wanted to arm the Chinese. Chinese then were supported of KMT and they volunteered to form divisions to defend Malaya. The British rebuke them.

And please do not forget to mention that indians are the most coward in the Malayan campaign. More so than the white people.

And worse 1/3 or more of the colonial soldiers are Indian. The presence of so many coward is the the real cause of greatest military defeat in the history of British.

The Indian FT mercenary are the most shameless also. After surrendering 1/2 change side and serve the Japs.

Today, LKY again bring them back to screw Chinese. And now, ungrateful Indian are here are talking bad about LKY.

haha so funny.

Anonymous said...

You are a an ugly Chinese racist bitch, who has a language only fit for the prostitutes, and you run a blog?

What a shame you are you ugly flat nosed, yellow slut. Like the cowardly Chinese race you can only post blogs rather than go and openly defy the father of the Chinese - the ape like LKY.

1.3b cowardly yellow monkeys in China, who have committed shameful acts on the poor Tibetans and Uighers, and about 5 million smelly ones in Singapore who repeatedly insult and harass and discriminate against innocent Malays and Indians. Try that in Malaysia you slut or in Indonesia where cowardly Chinese dare not speak up.

And by the way the true history is that the British did not want cowardly Chinese soldiers who were never reliable fighters. The Japanese soldier was far superior to you Chinese and they took China like a piece of cake. And you needed American, British and Russian help to fight the Japanese.

The same Japanese were stopped at the Burma frontier by the brave Indian Army, you slut. Don't forget that. Puki Mak!

Anonymous said...

Anon December 12, 2011 5:57 PM is more of a racist than Veritas.

Anonymous said...

why no one condemn the rapist and those coward mercenary?

Anonymous said...

i thought lcb lee is going to die very soon, once he is dead, LOL.... real shit will happen to these bunch of trash that are brought in.

zx said...

Han people are not monkeys. You dirty Indians are black monkeys.
You say we are cowards, but we defeated India in 1962. We also defeated America in the Korea.

The inferior Japanese only got lucky during WW2 because China was ruined by nomadic animals. The Han has never been defeated by inferior Japanese. Our army during the Tang dynasty and Ming dynasty completed destroyed the Japanese army. Japan was our vassal state.

And Hinduism and Buddhism are evil cults.