Saturday, December 3, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 4: Rape is common act among FT Indians

Al Jazeera report the Maoist revolution was largely motivated by long-standing and extreme abuse and exploitation of poor rural people by a small, landowning elite. An upper-middle-class friend of mine, whom I used to tease for being a "feudalist”, admitted to me that he knew people who had raped Tharu (indigenous) women and thought little of it. But although he empathised with those who joined the revolution, he could not bear the thought that his privileges might come to an end if the revolution was successful.

Who are the Tharu? They are the direct descendent of most clever people that have given us Buddha. They are deemed the most stupid by the high caste Brahmins. Another theory is by exploiting and marginalizing the Tharu, the Brahmins have created the most stupid people from once the cleverest and wisest people. (Next target is Singaporeans) The recent wave of migration, has resulted in immigration of people from other areas to claim the fertile land, making many Tharus virtual slaves of the new landowners and developing the Kamaiya system of bonding generations of Tharus families to labour. [wikipedia] (Domestic FT displacing the aboriginals)

Who are those Nepalist landlord? The are the upper caste Indian FT whose fathers started migrating there 2500 years ago from the Indus and ganges plains. In fact, sexual abuses of Dalits are not uncommon in India until the reform by Nehru reined the upper caste Indians. For more info, LKY despises Nehru. Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world until 2006.

In fact, when the FT Indians came to Nepal and take over the country, they make themselves high caste officially and forcibly, made all the other aboriginal lower caste (some are much lower than the others). Nepal descends to hell.

Further to the east, similarly along the foothill of Himalayas, Bhutan being Sino-Tibetan as many of Nepal aboriginal is the happiest nation in the world, even though they are poor. The reason is that Bhutan far from the heartland of Hindic civilization, has barely able to escape the immigration of FT Indians.

In short, both aboriginal of Sino-Tibetan Nepalis and Bhutanese are essentially same racial stock. Nepalis are now the one of most miserable country in the world because of FT Indian imposing their racism there.

Today, we are seeing FT Indians taking over Singapore and unwittingly Singaporeans are already Dalits. The FT Indians will play their old tricks wherever they go. In years to come, we will be like Nepal. Those Brahmins will start raping our woman. I foresee that at that time, not only SAF will not defend our country, but every Singaporeans will be eagerly hoping that Malaysia throw in divisions of their army to liberate us.

A recent article in Transitioning website indicates that the persecution of Singaporeans by FT Indians is getting harsher each day. The followings are some of its highlights. On the day of the interview with the preselected Indian candidates, the director purposely came along with me into the interview room. Half way through the conversation, he conducted the interview in Tamil and they were happily chatting away. . The director turned to me and told me: “ Put in the interview report that YOU ( meaning I) recommend this Indian candidate and submit the report to him”. He will put the report up to his management for approval. So, it appeared that he is not the person doing the interview and recruitment but the candidates was recommended by me and approved by his boss.

Today Singaporeans are deemed the most stupid and most untouchable by FT Indians. They are deputies of PAP helping to destroy Singaporeans.

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