Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The new Singaporean/quitter-wannabe freedom fighter

Today, Singapore citizenship is the cheapest of its kind among the world, given out freely by PAP to anyone in the world, on the condition that they come here to screw Singaporeans. Hence, the high idealism of patriotism, defending our motherland have increasingly become a big joke.

Taking other nationalities and flushing our worthless SG passport down the shit bowl is nothing new. Recently, someone manage up the game much further by going to the high court, in order to renounce citizenship that brings him no goodies, but rather heavy penalties of NS. He wants to revert to -- PRC nationality.

CMPB wants to hush everything up by begging him to apply NS deferment until 21 years old, when he is legally able to say "ciao Singapore". He refuses, and decides to bring the fight to high court. Bravado, this man is really my hero.

That is enough to show how people despises SG nowadays.

Lianhe Zaobao reported.






Translated as follows.
A HK born young man who has failed to forsake SG citizenship ask High Court to review the decisions of ICA and CMPB. The 2 organization reiterate that a citizen can only forgo his citizenship after 21 years old, and the man has to serve NS, unless a deferment is granted.

Zhang Junyi, (16 years old) wrote last October to ICA, which one year before his registration of NS, about his desire to forgo SG citizenship.....

ICA throw out the case citing SG Constitution 128-1, which states that Singaporean can only give up citizenship at 21 years old, not even parents are able impose the wish onto the person.

And 128-2 states that before giving up the pink IC, a person must duly serve the NS as per all male Singaporeans.

CMPB suggested him to apply for NS deferment, which will be considered. (Try to hush things up and hope that Zhang come back to apply dropping citizenship after 21. Zhang don't buy that)

Zhang is unhappy with the decision of ICA and CMPB. Last month, his father appeal to the High court on his behalf. 

Foreigners rightly despising Singapore
The sick FT policy that is the proud brainchild of LKY is exactly the main reason foreigners despise us. In case of Zhang, he wouldn't wait 3 years until 21 to say bye bye SG even though CMPB will grant him a deferment. He wants back his PRC nationality immediately.

NS is a joke today
Zhang is right not to serve the NS. For me, I cannot see the purpose of NS as well. You slave in NS for the best 2 years of your life. During NS, officers will yell "fxxk" on you, and even if you are abused, you must still stooge. Else, the wicked army will court-martial and throw you into the cage. When you are out of conscription, you loose out 2 precious years in the job market compared to FT.

I forecast there will be more and more high profile dumping of SG citizenship in the future. The stayers will be increasingly demoralized. 

One day, every citizen may just pack up and leave. PAP can have Singapore with all their foreigners they relish.   
If Singapore is so good as what PAP has described, would there still be 1000 Singaporeans giving up citizenship each month. (Correction: The number is 1000 Singaporeans give up citizenship each year )

Tell me who has ever heard Dubai-ese, Swiss or Qatari giving up their citizenship? Because Singapore is such a hell, that according to survey, most cannot wait to get out of here when chances arrive.


Anonymous said...


I too hate the dirty politics in singapore. Life is getting more stressful I'm a teacher in a neighbourhood school near Choa Chu Kang and I tell you as hell that students need to come to school at 730 am and class starts at 745 am. In australia, students start at 9am so that they have time to eat breakfast. Fucking singapore MOE schools start at 730 am. Japan starts classses at 840 am and many international schools here start at 9 am. MOE is a nutcase with no resp[ect for students. What kind of singaporean parents do we have? They cant even ask their government to let ppupils start class at 9 am like other developed first world countries so that the kids have time to eat breakfast and wont be so sleepy at that hour. Only the PM LEE goes to work at 10 am.

Veritas said...

MOE has all the hardware and resources to be the most wonderful working environment in Singapore.

The problem is over the years, only the most wicked get promoted to HOD and P.

The stress of teaching is less about students but more about the exhaustions of the politics of school management.

Teachers today go meeting, do this do that for-- nothing.

Next come the EPMS that HOD play all sorts of mind game as if they are the emperor.

You need to be the most wicked, else, you will be the next target to be kicked out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this will be an interesting case
to follow!

I also did not know that one can renounce citizenship only after being 21 years old!

No wonder the Government seems to be so at ease with the grumblings! There is nothing that the citizen can do!

Do you think they will have closed door hearings, under the umbrella of "official secrets" act?

If so, their credibility will be eroded further after 'ponding' and smrt.. its really an implosion!