Tuesday, December 6, 2011

À la recherche du temps perdu 2: Chinese elite forces in World War II

The German trained divisions
The truth of World War 2 is often not what governments in the current world order want us to believe. Germany had been an ally of China until early 1940s, very often acting against the interest of Japan, the other member of Axis.

The German trained divisions of China are the best unit at the start of war. The German started training Chinese around late 1934. The Chinese had only 2 years to prepare. In view Chinese emergence, Japan started World War 2 in 1937. Then, only 8 division are fully trained by German.

For China, the war started 2 years early. There are pundits who wrote that if Japan had invaded 2 years later, China would be able to defeat Japan.

These divisions were able to neutralized Japan effectively. Tragically, they were out-numbered and were almost completely decimated within the first few months of the war. Nevertheless, their courage has bought time for China in moving all important infrastructure to the hinterland.

Chinese wearing the German Helmet

Business trip for Chinese officers to racist Germany (I will blog more
regarding Nazi racism that people want us to believe. I am not saying
 evil Nazi is good but truth is more than what is being portrayed)

The American trained divisions
Many thought that being an ally of USA against Japan, China would have receive significant help. This is not entirely correct. Substantial US aid to China only came much later. It was the German who has trained the best Chinese troops in the earlier stage.

The US trained divisions started to see actions as late as 1944. In total, a total of 6 divisions fully trained by the American served under the command of New 1st Army and New 6th Army. These crack troops annihilated all opposing Japanese units.

With proper trainings and equipments, the brave Chinese soldiers are among the best in the world.

General Sun Li-Jen 孙立人, CO of New 1st Army. He graduated from Tsinghua  University, the best engineering school in China even for today. He was a star basketball player. He earned a scholarship to US, studying in Purdue University. Later he studied in Virginia Military Institute. 

New 1st Army officers with US service women. 

General Robert Kho-Seng Lim 林可胜, who had served in the New 1st Army. He is a SINGAPOREAN. He is the  most clever, most courageous Singaporeans ever .

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