Friday, December 30, 2011

Super Draft Dodger welcome back home as FT, poor man jailed for reporting NS 9 month late

While I wrote in my last posting that Chen Fuquan was jailed for reporting for NS late as he needed to earn income for his poor family, 3in1Kopitiam forum reports that convicted NS defaulter Melvin Tan is coming back home.

Chen Fuquan gets 5 months for reporting NS 9 months late. In comparison, Melvin Tan evading NS for 30 years got -- a fine of S$3000. He has since became a British citizen and has not served a single day.

Adding to the insult, while our judge has condemned poor Chen Fuquan this week, Melvin Tan will be welcome back as FT, giving a performance next week.

NS is only for the poor. There is no rule of law in Singapore. The judges of Singapore are bullies, have zero conscience as well as sense of justice. Here, if you are poor, you are damn. At the same time, the rich get away with whatever felon they committed.

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