Monday, December 19, 2011

Chia Thye Poh commended

Largely blackout by English media, Lianhe Zaobao reports that Chia Thye Poh receives the Lim Lian Geok Spirit Award.








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Former political detainee Chia Thye Poh receives the Lim Lian Geok Spirit Award in view of his love and fight for the mother tongue (Chinese) education.

Chia said "I have receives much but contributed little towards Chinese and Nanyang University. Compared to those who sacrifices long time in silence, I am really nothing. This award should be rightly belonged to those who love Chinese education and Nanyang University".

Chia was borned in Singapore, graduated 1961 from Nanyang University, 3rd batch of physics graduate. During 1963, he won a seat of parliament representing Jurong constituency. He was arrested on 1966 under ISA and was released as late as 1998.

The reason for winning the award is being "prisoner of conscience, perseverance in idealism, fearless under incarceration, manifesting the spirit of Nanyang University. This is coherent with Lim Lian Geok spirit of standing firm under pressure of physical harm and under the lure of wealth".

Chia said "University is not an ivory tower. The value of university does not depend of good facilities, but most importantly on character, on its zeitgeist, and on answering the call of people; on cultivating people into somebody who are patriotic, who love human values, who contribute to human advancement and to the peace of the world".

He pointed that the founding of Nanyang University is as what Tan Lark Sye had said, the crystallization of the guts and aspiration of 3 million Chinese". It was force out of business by Singapore government.

He cited a phrase from Lim Leong Geok "One can destroy our body, but our spirit will prevail".

Chia is coming back home.
Malaysian newspaper reported. Asked if he would make his first public appearance in the island nation, he said he would wait for the "right occasion" to do so.

Chia's word make more sense
Today no public figure in Singapore is able to speak like Chia. Singapore has been so corrupted by PAP. The words like "Liberty, equality, fraternity" could never have come out from the mouth of PAP.

Only Chia has the towering figure to shake us back to the right mind. Chia is our hero and moral compass, a beacon of defiant facing the tyrants.


Chia receiving award

Chia (Right) and Lim Chin Siong. Chia set the world record of being locked up longer than Nelson Mandela. Lim was later thrown into the mental hospital. Lim could have become our prime minister. British handed the security apparatus to LKY who then used it against political opponents is the real reason behind his downfall.  


Anonymous said...

We have a lot of foreigners in Singapore whom the government has given PRs to. These people come in with centuries old racial discrimination in the bloodlines.

The india indians PRs are here with these...

Racial discrimination by indians to indians.

Could someone find out about the sort of shit that the PRCs are bringing here with regards to their centuries old values?

Their children are to serve NS, you know. How are you going to protect a country with these kind of values?

Veritas said...

I agree 100% that PRC after going through the shit of communism is much more ugly.

But at least you don get to see PRC kicking out every single Singaporeans, like what is happening in Citibanks, and many other fT indian hogged places.