Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 5: High caste Indians are rapists

Yes, high caste Indians are rapists and our FT Indians are overwhelmingly drawn from these folks. I am not over generalizing. Already they have been indicted by scholars and anthropologist. Their act of sexual violent is not an isolated event, but an act of intimidation and exploitation against the Dalits. These rapes are in fact institutional.

Dalits and Human Rights: Dalits: the broken future

 By Prem Kumar Shinde [links]

Human Rights Watch

 By Fédération internationale des droits de l'homme [links]

Truth About Dalits By Oliver D'Souza [links]

According Prem Kumar Shinde who is Indian himself, in 1991 alone there were an astonishing 2 million cases of rape targeting Dalits.

I wrote earlier in my blog as follow about Nepal. Al Jazeera report the Maoist revolution was largely motivated by long-standing and extreme abuse and exploitation of poor rural people by a small, landowning elite. An upper-middle-class friend of mine, whom I used to tease for being a "feudalist”, admitted to me that he knew people who had raped Tharu (indigenous) women and thought little of it. But although he empathised with those who joined the revolution, he could not bear the thought that his privileges might come to an end if the revolution was successful.

The parasitic class of high caste Indian
The way of high caste Indian to survive is racism and exploitation-- of course rape as a way of terrorizing and humiliating the honest people. This is done since 5000 years ago, by a conspiracy of denying the rest of the people a good job. After deprivation, high caste Indian start their sexual exploitation, under the auspice of corrupt judge and government who are formed by high caste Indians themselves.

Today, Citibank and Standard Chartered bank have already shown signs of HR disasters. Singaporeans are being kicked out to make way for Indians from India. I am 100% sure that after they completed their 1st phase target of daliting the Singaporeans economically, their old tricks like rape will come next.

Many many books depict rape as a institution of high caste Indians against Dalits. If Singaporeans find difficulties in working with FT Indians (they are drawn from high caste Indians), you will know why after reading my blogs. These people do not want to work with us, they want to kick us out.

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