Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wong Kan Seng on Vietnam invasion of Cambodia

AsiaOne reported that Wong Kan Seng said "Even though Singapore did not agree with the country's Khmer Rogue regime, it had to make a stand against Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia in 1978.".

According to Wong, Singapore seems to respect absolute sovereignty of government in a country. It seems that Singapore is against regime change even though the tyrants then is the wicked genocidal Khmer Rouge. Nevertheless on 2002, Kuan Yew was one of the cheerleader of USA invading Iraq with phoney charges of WMD. [links]

Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew said late Monday that a regime change in Iraq is required and military strikes against the country are seen as the only option to get rid of President Saddam Hussein.

''Few doubt that the U.S. will act to remove Saddam unless he hands over his weapons of mass destruction,'' Lee said at Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp's 125th anniversary dinner in Singapore late Monday.

''The U.S. will have to attack before the end of winter in March, next winter might be too late,'' Lee added.

Is Singapore respecting sovereignty, or is Singapore in favor of foreign intervention of regime change for removal of tyrant? In my opinion, the PAP government are none of those two above. First of all, PAP are mad people who cannot even be coherent in their own speech. Second, PAP has no ideology, they are just underlings of USA.

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5 Year Plan said...

In LKY's own words, he and his PAP are being "pragmatic".

A great moment of candour. It is absolutely true. They are always pragmatic. This means no principles, no ideals, no objective sense of right/wrong, no sense of justice/injustic, no objective morality.

This is the reality of PAP: if PAP gains, then anything goes - morals be damned.