Monday, November 28, 2011

Update on gold

First gold shipment back Venezuela
Chavez did his country a great job by shipping its gold back from London. Now those western banksters are not able to lay their hands on Venezuela's gold, unless they are prepare to send in tenths of division.

Venezuela has begun to repatriate the South American nation's gold treasures held in Western banks in a move to protect the country against economic crises in the United States and Europe, a report says.

President Chavez has described the move as an act of sovereignty that will protect Venezuela's reserves from global economic turbulence.

"It's coming to the place it never should have left. ... The vaults of the central bank of Venezuela, not the bank of London or the bank of the United States. It's our gold," Chavez said on national television.

Every countries now buying gold like crazy
Bloomberg reported "Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia Raise Gold Reserves in October".

Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Belarus and Mexico added a combined 25.7 metric tons of gold valued at $1.38 billion to reserves in October, a month after prices rose to a record.

The most "talent" GIC buys shares while others buy bullion. Singaporeans get ready to be screwed. Why can't GIC fired everyone, close shop and use all our monies to buy gold? PAP really want nothing but destroying us. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Veritas, I have a question.
What's the deal with gold prise dropping and people buying gold? Why is gold price dropping and USD rising?

Shouldn't gold price be skyrocketing all the way?

Veritas said...

I believe the market is rigged.