Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 5: Singaporeans are officially neo-Dalits

FT Indians act talent here. In HK you see few of these people because their standards are so low that few employ them. 
If you go to Citibank HK, you will scantly find any FT Indians there, even if there is, they are few in numbers and will not be taking over the whole bank. HK is open to everyone in the world, and more open than Singapore. HK has large foreign population. Their middle to high level expatriate population have been more international and diverse than us for a long period of time. But why FT Indians are such non salient in HK, while in Singapore, they have took over the whole Citibank at CBP. (Other units of Citi were very much taken over by FT Indians but Citi CBP is extremely visible)

Even in corrupt HK, those low quality expatriate who cannot perform will not be able to survive. HK people are the smartest people in the world. Its not easy to compete with Honky. In HK, many Singaporeans expatriate are not only surviving but prospering. That proves Singaporeans are smart. FT Indians self-brag themselves clever, and why haven't they left much more significant foot print in HK?

In terms of IQ, Singaporeans are on par with HK. But why have FT Indians taken over Singapore Citibank but not HK Citibank?
PAP and FT Indians hand in hand to create neo-Dalit class out of Singaporeans
The reason is because PAP gang up with racist FT Indians against Singaporeans. FT Indians do not compete, they bend on racism and has already imposed their caste system on Singaporeans with full support from PAP. Even you go to Citi New York or Citi South Africa, I am 100% sure that you find more proportion of blacks in their IT/Technology office than Singaporeans at Citi CBP. Singaporeans may now be deemed worse than the blacks. 

A few years ago, I am aware of Singaporeans who worked for Citibank IT/technology. Today I know none. The only explanation is many (could be close to 100%)  have been kick out by ruthless persecution, then replaced by FT Indian shipped in from India. 

Instead of condemning the racist, PAP keep accusing Singaporeans of being unreasonable and even xenophobic
While Singaporeans could be undergoing worse discrimination than the blacks, this is what the clowns in PAP say.

Wong Kan Seng said, "what concerns me is that for some Singaporeans, their adverse feelings towards immigrants could be indiscriminate and unreasonable......We should treat our new immigrants as if they are a new addition to our family. Show them how warm and caring we can be.".

While Singaporeans were kicked out from Citi, Lee Hsien Loong said "foreigners created more good jobs for Singaporeans".

Many many more....etc

The relentless racism. There are going to be more in the future
FT Indians have imported many of their tribe that do not merit the salary, from obscure universities with strange sounding names. These people may not even get a visa to HK, but PAP has treated them like kings.

Having played politics and being surrounded by so many clever people in Singapore, they are unsecured. The only way to survive is to bring in more of their tribes make changes in the demographics, and to deprive Singaporeans of jobs. The future generations of Singaporeans neo-dalits could be worse than those real dalits in India.

I am sticking my head out. I know people will call me racist. Readers, stand in front of Citi or Standard Chartered CBP and look for yourselves. Many are unaware that our future generations are already in mortal danger.     

Snap shot of NTU Computer Engine PHD Candidate [link]. Most are not Indians and hence they are too stupid for Citibank. Ship from India then can.
Singaporeans have the highest IQ in the world. We are NO 1 and India is NO 122. [link] We are  still too stupid for Citibank. Indians are most clever for them.


Anonymous said...

Local ruling party occasionaly called themselves "elites" and extensively use the label 'foreign talent' the English phrase they skillfully crafted to define all foreign imports as an end in itself to replace local professionals. W/o this divine intervation from the party, the rate of assimilation probably wont make significant population demographic changes. Something must give given our small size. Since bias skew towards males., esp indian since Indians families are generally protective of daughters strictly forbid their mobilities, those that leave for foreign land likely to be males. If they dont return home for arranged unions, they are likely to fine soulmates here. understandly, Blangadeshis are popular with local malays and indians while the indians FT regardless of darker dalits or more caucasian brahmins,sikhs find no shortage of chinese suitors. Just look around shopping malls, parks for yourselves. the result is trhe dissemination of local...

Anonymous said...

Hahah little cinkie munkie

We like Chinese catsies less than they like our lulls.

But anyways the IQ test is useless. This is national average and there are 1.3 b of us and the best of us usually hugely better than your best. But assume not. Assume the same percentage of genius across 100,000 people (you will say you will have more given your racial superiority - granted my mom told me early on to pick some one my own intelligence) we will still have more of geniuses than you would
And Citibank gets the message
Lol you pimp

Veritas said...

February 20, 2013 at 6:03 AM

Keep on posting, dear shit.

Anonymous said...

If Indians are good enough for Europe and the US who are you to question? And if you have doubts, check out which countries have active space programs, which countries have nukes etc. The fact that you talk about iq is insta fail moron. Tell me what mensa's contribution to science is.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... What a load shit..

S'pore is no 1 in IQ? So what?
Maybe they studied real hard, memorized every IQ test they could trawl for on the internet before going on to take and pass the IQ test. Its typical, since they take tests and exams and scores so seriously likes its a matter of life and death if they don't come out first... LOL. Ask yourself this: Did all that high IQ make S'pore world leaders in any industry? Nobel Prize Winners? NOPE. Will the world continue living on the same way if the high IQ S'pore vanished from the map tomorrow? Yes it will, nothing will be missed.

There's more to life than just a game of numbers and weak false pride.