Saturday, November 12, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 4: The psyche of high caste Indian Part 2

The recently wave of FT Indians are drawn mainly from the higher caste, who are offsprings of Aryans compared to the low caste, who are the Dravidian race (even though they have been assimilated as Aryan speakers). Even at 21th century, they are still the most fanatic racist in the whole world. Almost all the high caste Indians bullied the low caste Indians in some points of their life. Some do on daily basis.

The most vicious ones are those who hold key positions that influence hirings. In India today, all important positions are kept closely to the turf of high caste Indians. Never mind how stupid the person is, as long as he is a Brahmin or Kshatrias, he will be preferred over Dalits candidates by the recruiters, who are Brahmins or Kshatrias as well. The low caste Indians are discriminated from all lucrative positions simply because they are born from the wrong kinds of parents.

Rubbing salt to the wound, at the same time of doing all these wicked discriminations, the high caste Indians accuse the Dalits of lazy, stupid...etc and self brag themselves clever, hardworking.

High caste Indians has no remorse in all their wickedness against low caste Indians, on the contrary, many feel that they are doing God's work by helping the Dalits to redeem their past life sins--by making them suffer more.

FT Indians bringing their racism to Singapore
Having practised racism for 5000 years, the high caste Indians are extremely good at it, not having a single bit of abash. They are not ashamed to hire closer to 100% of their tribe, and telling others only Indians are good and others are bad.

Today, Citibank Singapore is a HR disaster. Over the years, locals are kicked out or left out of unbearable pressure exerted by FT Indians. In Citibank CBP, close to 100% are FT Indians. Why Citibank cannot recruit from China or elsewhere?

To the FT Indians, anything is not important, their sworn aim is to flood everywhere with Indians and condemn the rest of the people. Today, Singaporeans has lost Citibank to FT Indians. Tomorrow, if FT Indians become the manager of another company, the locals will be kick out to make place for another Brahmins to fly in from India.

Very soon Singaporeans will have no job other than shit collector.

I have already seen in forums, postings that are supposedly written by FT Indians, accusing locals of lazy and stupid, not unlike the condescension they did to the Dalits in India.

Everyone are unhappy. PAP is ecstatic. FT Indians are doing God's work on Singaporean neo-Dalits.

Dubai has a lot of FT Indians as well. Even though Dubai people have less IQ than Singaporeans, the FT Indians in Dubai dare not touch the proud muslim. PAP has found FT Indians a valuable ally to destroy Singaporeans.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai.
Under the proud ruler who take care of his subjects,  no
FT Indian dare to play the race card.


Anonymous said...

The only person playing the race card right now is you. No Indian Singaporean seriously give a shit about these India Indians much as the Chinese Singaporeans give a shit about PRCs here. So long they stay away from our children, life is fine.

Veritas said...

Ask your brothers to hire some Chinese in Citibank CBP, before you talk too much bullshit.

There are many "talent" PRC in Singapore according to PAP.

Who is playing the race card?

Racist get lost.

Veritas said...

And dont forget hire the Malay as well.

Although I don like bumi policy, I think PAP's racism is too far right that we need some form of affirmative action for Malays.

Veritas said...

Call me a racist, I don care. I want affirmative policy for malay, fair employment for Singaporeans.

Foreign racists who tries to ship their tribe here doing neo-caste system get lost.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.32
"So long they stay away from our children, life is fine"

Strange, isn't that the most discriminating thing an Indian can say to another Indian? Hmmm, sensitive subject and confusing emotions of the people.. hmmm...

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. You're not a critical thinker. Now, I have serious doubts about your analysis. And it's simple. Your assumption of me is completely wrong. Learn to be more like Lucky Tan. He has a cool head and make somewhat valid assumptions.

Anonymous said...

To: Anon @ November 13, 2011 9:41 PM

Wow! Socrates reborn! Educate us what assumption is wrong, which part of the analysis do you doubt, and why Veritas is not a critical thinker.

It is an Opinion piece, and I think he has given us a lucid context about why they behave the way they do. It's quite possible.

Let's face it, you do not work at a level which requires you to interact with the India Indians frequently. If you are an SG Indian, isn't that a sign that YOU are being marginalized?

Anonymous said...

Veritas is entitled to his opinion just that it's not an informed opinion. That's all. Just llok at his egoic responses, is enough to know how cool-minded he is. Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

The whole humanity is being marginalised, not just the singaporean chinese, indian or malay.

It's the rich government taking advantage of the poor.