Friday, November 11, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 3: The psyche of high caste Indian

The business of upper caste Indians
Since Aryan invasion of India, the FT Aryan invented the caste system,  for justification of racism against the local Dravidians. The dravidians were called Dalits. The Aryan spins that Dalits committed terrible sins in their past life, and so they need to suffer now in order to get reincarnated to something better.

To the upper caste Indians, formerly the Aryans, giving troubles to Dalits are doing God's work by helping them to redeem themselves through sufferings.

It is not uncommon in some places to bar Dalits from owning land. For the others, the dirtiest job like excrement cleaning and undertaking are forcibly proscribed for certain Dalits families. They are not allowed to change occupation.

Throughout history, those upper caste Indian help put one another into important positions by caste identity. Hence, the higher caste Indians appears to be very clever while the dalits appears like a goon.

The Dalits are not stupid. They are the cleverest people 5000 ago building the awe inspiring Mohenjo Daro and Harappa civilizations. At that time, the Aryan were still salvage nomads loitering somewhere around central Asia and Iran.

5000 years of marginalization, deprivations to learnings and economics activities by the upper caste Indians has turned the descendent of the smartest people into some of the worst under-achiever.

Forcing caste system on Singaporeans
If you stand in front of Citibank CBP, which did most of the IT related development work in Singapore, you will find closer to 100% of the employees are FT Indians, and they are inevitably the higher caste Indians.

The FT Indians have no problem in putting their own gangs and kick out the locals (rumours) once they become managers -- they have no guilt even if their departments are 100% Indians and other races are more qualified. Their ancestors have did the same thing before.

I could not see any reasons for not hiring even the bright PRC Chinese given that there are many of them here in Singapore.

5000 years ago, the Aryans use reincarnation and past life to control the Dravidians, to give good jobs to upper caste Indians. Similarly, today, in Citibanks CBP, they would be using a lot of reasons so that other than FT Indians, all races are not qualified for the jobs.

Other than Citibanks, rumors abound that HP are having similar situations though in lessor degree of severity. And I see such diseases are increasingly infecting local companies. More and more FT Indians are being shipped from India even local Singaporean graduates are fully qualified for the job. Some years down the road, the only job left for local Singaporeans will be collecting excrement. I am now seeing the emergence of caste system in Singapore.

Singaporeans can work as shit collector so that we will reincarnate better.

NTU EEE Information System PHD 2010 [link]. Majority of our Computer Science/ EECS/CE undergraduate and  post-graduate are non Indian. However,  non-Indian  are too stupid that almost none get into Citibank CBP. No matter how good you are, FT Indians still get the job even if they are less qualified.


Anonymous said...

reported today a new swanky, architecturaly endowed building combining expensive M&E automation and facilty for work and play is to be built called mediapolis. Wonder if this this an other PAP regime laying of red carpet to herald the new influx of television recruits from bollywood indians, tinseltown angmohs and honky PRCs. Just like the regime past projects like fusionpolis biopolis, science park, tampines regional centre and changi business city, this mega project will be FTs enslave borne out of Sg taxes and revenue from ERP, COES, GST, land sales, levies, duties, etc. For Sg'rean, the regime is telling us to forget about how state of the art this properties are, just find out where the taxi stands and pantries and loos. Hell with the regime.

Anonymous said...


"this mega project will be FTs enslave borne out of Sg taxes and revenue from ERP, COES, GST.."

it should be enclaves.

from anon 5:23