Thursday, November 10, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 2: What one FT Indian is thinking

I just can't understand as to why u closed minded sinkies are aiming on the Indian Fts all the time. These Indian Fts are well qualified scholars or hard working skilled workers who labour endlessly day and night in construction sites and roads and being underpaid , without any complaints. For you racist lazy big talk sinkies. Even today if you look up adverts for jobs the minority Singaporean is at a disadvantage. Why is it that none of you big mouthed suckers have not mentioned about your minority citizens put at a disadvantage. Also why u suckers do not mention about loads of your cousins from China, way above the Indian Fts who come here to create a nuisance to our citizens. Most of your cousins from China are not qualified people and hence get into the pussy trade, cheat , murder, rob , molest, lazy workers who like to complain like a kid all the time. Worst of all they don't wish to learn and speak English in a multi racial Singapore. At least the Indians try to learn the English lingo and immerse themselves with other races by speaking English. So u see these Indian Fts are bringing loads of their experiences , culture, and discipline over here for your comforts. You big mouthed suckers should be grateful and thankful to these Indian Fts rather than sitting on your arses making endless complaints on these hard working , honest Indians. You should do a complete study on China Fts and Indian Fts to make comparisons here for the truth.

The above is from a forum and may not be representative of the whole Indian FT community.

Unfortunately Singapore is not Gulf States
The Arabic oil states have plenty masculine Muslim with a lot of balls and are ruled by Sheikhs who are fiercely protective of their subjects--if resources permit. Indian FT that are found in large numbers there know how to behave themselves.

Anyone accusing those Muslim of lazy and or being suspected of discriminating the locals in job market would invite flaks of sermons calling for Jihad against the arrogant infidels from the patriotic local mullahs.

Singapore is the only place in the world where persecution of locals are supported by our own government. The Indian FT take the cue. Not only did they shipped their own kinds here discriminating locals, but at the same time they self-bragged, accusing the most hardworking Singaporeans as lazy....etc (this is PAP's official line as well). PAP found themselves Indian fans.

Karma hitting us
One thing I agree with the above joker is we have allowed Malay to be marginalized by PAP for too long. But I need to stress that the majority of Singaporeans do not want Malay to suffer. The PAP creates policy that hits the Malay and it is unfortunate that we sit by and watch. (If Chinese Singaporeans feel miserable about FT policy, the Malay are even more badly affected )

Now its the Chinese turn to suffer the bad karma. Singaporeans must do the right thing to take down PAP so that justice and equality prevail. 


Anonymous said...

As a Singaporean I have heard about the indian fts and their caste system. Through my work I get to interact with indian fts on a regular basis. I have made some good friends with the indian fts and discussed such things with them openly.

Their view is that the young generation indian fts hate the caste system themselves but they do agree that with older generation indian fts it does exist.

My issue however is that without talking to anyone and just relying on a taxi driver who might have gone on a tirade due to 1 bad indian customer that day you assume thats the case with the entire indian ft population in singapore. Thats as good as someone telling me that all Singaporeans are angmoh wannabes.

Its your blog and you can post what you want but for your sake dont trust everything that you hear, specially if its about foreigners. Foreigners are the easiest target for our frustration but that doesnt mean its right. There are tons of good indian fts as well who are talented, practice no discrimination and follow rules and try to mix with the locals.

Do some thinking on your own and use your blog as a way to educate people about the real culprits, which is the PAP, rather than posting stuff which is no different from TOC/TR.

Veritas said...

My blog do not aim to provide the full picture. As the government has given the rossy picture, I will provide the counter arguments.

Please stand in front of Citibank CBP early the morning before speaking to me whether or not some community tries to make Singaporeans Dalits.

Anonymous said...

Anon of 8.05,
to be fair and if you had been following Veritas or patient enough to review his previous posts, he has stated several times that he/she has no grudge against FTs (from anyplace) so long as they can add value - these FTs are welcome. The point he has been making in recent posts is that certain FTs are discriminating against Singaporeans, particularly the Indian FTs. Your point about making conclusion from 1 taxi driver is taken, BUT on the same token how many Indian FTs have you spoken to on the caste system and have you personally observed how your friends react or bahave when they come face to face with their southern cousins in Singapore or elsewhere?

I have further points to make:

1) whether you choose to accept or not, when someone goes away from their home, the standard they are judged by will always be higher. If not, what is the meaning of nationhood? Indeed why isn't Germany sending more trillions to bail out Greece or India's 700m living below poverty line and victims of the same caste system you claimed your Indian FT friend spoke out against?

2) When Indian FTs choose to form their own fiefdom, rejecting to hire local workers and insisting on hiring their own, that is reason enough to stand up and say, enough is enough, we don't need FTs to show us how things work in India.

3) Think about it, the Brits have created schools and educated the upper class Indians for 3 centuries on the merits of democracy for all, yet the Indian caste system has not even been shaken in any revolution while the Brits have lost their precious crown jewel. History is never wrong - Indians whether modern or or not, educated or not, live with the legacy of the caste system in their blood. The greatest Indian statesman cursed the caste system 70 years ago, today India is as divided as ever. Discrimination seems to me to be part of the baggage of the Indian FT more than others, and there is no reason we should accept it here.

Anonymous said...

@Anon of 8.05

Spoken to atleast 10-15 indian fts on this topic before and shared links with them on HWZ, stomp as well as TOC/TR.

Most recently I attended a deepavali function at an indian ft's home. he had invited around 12-15 people as he has no family in singapore to celebrate with. Ofcourse that included local indians as well and the animosity that you suggest was non-existent. As I have said before as well, the caste system does exist with the older generation but the younger generation is far from it. And honestly since I am not an Indian and neither I have stayed in that country for long periods, I dont want to make statements with no justification.

1. The 700m people that you suggested in india live below the poverty line and the judging of one's character when they are away from home dont quite connect for me. Or maybe I just fail to understand your point. Either ways to use an analogy, there are lots of old folk working in foodcourts/malls in Singapore, what are Singaporeans doing to help them? And don't give the high cost of living argument. If thats the reason in Singapore, maybe in India there are other reasons which we don't know of yet.

2. I have said before, locals or foreigners alike who practice discrimination should be brought to justice. And why are we getting so worked up about Indians hiring Indians, don't you see job ads even now which require that only mandarin speakers apply? Nobody raised a hue and cry then, why? Suddenly Singaporeans seem to have discovered brotherhood and patriotism? Give me a break. The issue here is that us chinese are suddenly realizing that we are being marginalised and hence the online furore about FTs. We should practice what we preach. Old examples but valid nonetheless.

3. Nobody is saying that caste system is acceptable in Singapore. My original point was that don't make generalizations of a community based on a single encounter.

And seriously, you think the indian fts care about whether Singapore accepts the caste system or not? They are here to make money and move to greener pastures. And also, an advice which you may or may not take, don't look at every human being with pre-concieved notions. If you assume that all indian fts have some sort of caste baggage, you would never be able to understand where I am coming from.