Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Singaporeans have worst bosses in Asia Pacific 1: We are worse than India

AsiaOne reportedmany employees here feel that bosses do not do enough to prepare them for success or give enough recognition for good work.

The finding ranks Singapore the lowest out of seven territories in the Asia-Pacific.

India ranks the highest, at 64 per cent.

Employees may work long hours, but employers may not recognise and reward such efforts, he said.

He added that employers "may focus more on immediate revenue-generating plans" rather than grooming their team.

Most Singapore bosses employ employees "to do a job" rather than develop their career, said Mr Terence Mak, chief executive of 3rd Planet, an online interactive 3-D travel portal.

When people do not see opportunities to grow, "complacency sets in...and good staff have issues and start blaming their bosses", he said.

What workers think of their bosses Less than half, or 46 per cent of 900 respondents in Singapore, feel that their efforts at work are recognised and rewarded.

Only 37 per cent of respondents believe their bosses have done a good job in preparing them for success.

Forty-one per cent said they were not prepared well. The rest were uncertain.

Nearly half of the respondents, or 48 per cent, described their organisation's leadership culture as either "empowering" or "inclusive".

However, 30 per cent described it as "authoritative" or "oppressive". The rest responded either "don't know" or "other".

Half of the respondents would be willing to recommend their current employer to a friend or acquaintance.

Singaporeans have already been destroyed by PAP
Other than that, the lazy French who worked 40% less hours than us are actually more productive by 58%, despite that we are much more clever and hardworking than them.

And very clearly, our miserable states are actively relished by PAP, who has longed design it to be so.

FT Policy is instrumental in oppressing people
PAP has no regards in efficiency or productivity. PAP's only aim is to get the top job and oppress the people. The shortage of labor forces stand in the way of PAP's wicked ambition.

Labor shortages are something most desirable for well being of country and economy. On that situation, boss will be force to improve on management skills and to raise salary. PAP hates that sort of things.

So PAP open that flood gate making Singaporeans face competition on the global basis. Bosses are empowered. Whenever a boss fires someone, he can find another one out of 7 billion people all over the world.


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