Monday, November 21, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 3: The purest Aryan Indians hate Indians most Part 1

Indus Valley and demarcation of India and Pakistan. Today more than
90% of Indus valley are in the hands of someone who happily follow Islam.
The country name of the country India well as its religion, Hinduism come from Indus river. Today 90% of Indus river valley lies in 97% Muslim Pakistan -- the sworn enemy of India.

To make comparison about the humiliation of India, it is as though China lost her Yellow River and or Germany lost her Rhine.

Boy the world must be crazy. Why is that so?

Today birth places of Hinduism breed the most fanatic Islamist
Pakistan is the cradle of Hinduism are now Islam. Afghan which straddle between Hinduism and Buddhism on one hand, and Persian Zoroastrianism is today the most fundamentalist Islamist.

The birth place of Hinduism are 97% ISLAM and people there hate Indians like mad. The purest Indian Aryan are found in Pakistan not India. Further down Ganges plain to the east and Deccan Plateau to the south, the Dravidian admixture get stronger. (Afghanistan is frontier of Hindic civilization. Part of Afghanistan went into ancient Indian empires when those empire are the strongest). Mohenjo Daro and Harapa, the oldest archaeological site of Hindus valley civilization are found in Pakistan.

Buddha of Bamiyan Afghanistan, blown up by Taliban. The ancestors of Talibans were pious Buddhist.

The high caste Indian despises people of low social standings making a Dalits caste for them since more than 3000 years ago. In AD 992, a person named Sabuktigin was borned. At age of 12, he was sold as slave.

As we see later, this man and his offsprings were going to give Indians the biggest bloody nose they have ever had. The career of such mobs culminated when Aurangzeb was made emperor.

The destruction of Hindic civilization in their cradle, Indus valley was the result of illustrious careers by offsprings of slave -- the lowest social standing of a man. A slave has even lower status than Dalits, who are considered sub-human by the Brahmins. To me, this is the most dramatic irony to a civilization which bents on creating and discriminating low caste (Dalits).

Indian believe in Karma. It seems that Karma really strikes.

To be continued

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