Friday, November 18, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 2:

The reason of different pattern in population of East Asian IQ and Indian IQ
In my previous blog, I wrote that East Asians appear to have much higher mean IQ than Indians. The average IQ of China is 105 while India is 82. Paradoxically, "low mean IQ" Indians seems to have higher representation in elite western institution especially businesses and top colleges.

The structure of East Asians IQ
There is no paradox at all if one fully understand the cultural context. The East Asians stress on conformity, respect for authority and places community above individuals. In schools, salient East Asians are dressed down.

The domination of Confucius ethnic places high premium on education. Unlike others such as India, ancient East Asians elites do not guard literacy as a trade secrecy that must be kept out of hand of people. On the contrary, East Asians elite sought to educate the people to create a civilize society.

There are inequality in Confucius culture though its far from that of caste system. In ancient Confucius society, the parity of power is biased in favor of government. While the emperor is non-replaceable except through revolution, all government officials were selected based on merits in imperial exams. The system create a massive momentum for the masses to acquire literacy.

Hence, the IQ of East Asians are rather fat and gentle on the centre part of bell curve. East Asians produces far fewer genius as compared to Ashkenazi Jews or even the whites while on average, East Asians are smarter.

How does the IQ of top Indians come about?
Indians elites made up by the high caste are exceptionally smart. Why shouldn't they? Ever since Aryan invaded India, their offsprings by the name Brahmins and Kshatrias has been living a relatively leisure life compared to the lower caste which did all the manual work.

Living off the labors of Dalits which provide services from shit collection, farming..etc, through exploitation or even enslavement, the high caste especially the Brahmins have been able to focus their time of refinement of life such as studying.

Some family of Brahmins have studied since thousand years ago, due to their job as keeper of temples and scriptures. Hence, it is not surprise that higher caste Indians excel academically since their ancesters have been studying for thousands of years.

In such system which prevails for more than 3000 years, the lower caste Indians foot the bill for doing the hard labor to feed the high caste Indians who do not work (their work is study and war). The exploitation has resulted in large segment of population that are deprived a chance to developed intellectually.

That is the main reasons India has very smart people while most have low IQ. In short high caste Indians are living as parasite for more than 3000 years. Their IQ are developed on the blood and sufferings of the Dalits.

Indians elites making stupidity out of people and Singapore is the emancipator that FT Indians are destroying
Honest people will agree that Chinese are the most non-racist among all major races. The peranankan off-shoot of PAP and Chinese are two different things.

Singapore has allowed the first wave of Indian migrant which is mainly the low caste Indians rise to the top. The low caste Indians suddenly find a place that not only no one despises them, but are treated as talent. The previous "stupid" people suddenly become clever because Singapore educated them. In comparison, their cousins in Malaysia are still undeveloped due to race based policies.

Today, new wave of FT Indians bring all their racism to Singapore. Wherever they ascend, jobs were given to other FT Indians. In some companies, to the extend that even interviews for junior positions were conducted by flying Indian candidate from India, hotel and air ticket fully paid by the companies. Finally, only India Indians are given the jobs.

Today, certain jobs are already proscribe to FT Indians bent on keeping away from others. There are wild speculations that IT/technology of banks especially Citi and Stand Chart, some department of HP, executive jobs of some of the best MNC are having all if not majority FT Indians. We are seeing FT Indians building their fledging caste system here with help of PAP.

FT Indians' racism has reach a level not seen anywhere in Singapore targeting all Singaporeans. Singaporeans are already Dalits without much awareness, tomorrow, if FT Indians take over government as they import more and more of their tribe to vote in their own tribe, you will be sure they will hatch a plan to make the aboriginal Singaporeans into the most stupid people in the world.

PAP is ecstatic.


Anonymous said...

That 'taking over Singapore' sounds like a conspiracy theory. I don't think any of the FT Indians are in any political party yet. So, there's no one to vote for.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be, by far, your most stupidest post ever. That reflects a lot on your IQ and EQ.

If you don't like it here, migratelah. Talk so much for what. Go and work harder at getting yourself migrated. 1000 Singaporeans request to forgo their citizenship each month in SIngapore. I'm going too!

Goodbye. And grow some balls to migrate. It's tough at first but better in the long run. You'll get more peace and a holistic life.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are the most non-racist among all major races? Don't make me laugh please!

Anonymous said...

Chinese are the most non-racist among all major races? Don't make me laugh please!

Veritas said...

Chinese are the most non-racist among all major races? Don't make me laugh please!

You should go live with Taliban, Indian caste-ist, Germany Nazi, KKK, then come and talk to me.

Anonymous said...

I am Chinese and I don't think Chinese are the most non-racist among all major races.

"You should go live with Taliban, Indian caste-ist, Germany Nazi, KKK, then come and talk to me" - Taliban is not a race (it is a militant group), no more Nazi Germany (Nazi is not a race as well, it's a government/political party), KKK is a white supremacy group, also not a race. There will always be racists amongst the different races, and more often than not these racists group together to become the Taliban, Nazis, KKK. Just because, for example, the Nazis are extremely racist doesn't mean the Germans are the racists too. Nazi is made up of a group of Germans, not all of Germany.

All this analysis about Chinese/Indian IQ/EQ do not hold water. The argument is weak and is not supported by facts.