Sunday, October 30, 2011

The workers need to be led: The top 1% making a fool out of people

TheThe two video clips below shows Peter Schiff going down to Occupied Wall Street with a sign of "I am the 1%". Despite the obvious fraud of Wall Street banks and super rich fleecing off the 99%, the protesters are made a fool in front of camera facing Peter Schiff.

Nevertheless, Peter Schiff is an extremely clever and charming man. Peter has an agenda but nevertheless, he is still a bit more honest than many of his compatriot. I am sort of a fan of Peter Schiff blog and have been reading for years.

All social movement needs the leadership of elites who turn on their own class
Looking at history, workers are not able get themselves organize and worse, they are not even conscious of how the system steals from them. Currently, Peter scored his killings because he was facing the workers who clearly do not match his intellectual prowess.

Peter would not talk in such condescending manner if he is to debate with Elizabeth Warren, currently one of the smartest elites more to the left. Below, shows how Warren is able succinctly explaining things in simple words.

Warren, although being rather centrist and moderate, are being deem radical by the elite class. When the class divide accentuate, more radical and powerful personality may jump ship and join the masses. At that time, the elite class will regret.

All revolutions are being led by cross over elites from Gracchus brothers, to Washington, Jefferson, Adams or even Roosevelt...etc. Even though elites are enjoying all privileges from social injustices, the radicalization of society will prompt some to jump ship.

Full clips of Peter Schiff is below

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