Sunday, October 9, 2011

Supply of maid drying up: Our "well educated" Singapore gal will take their place?

Recently I have written about Maid is going to be increasingly unaffordable. The truth turns out to be ten times worse, in future not a single maid may want to set foot here.

According to AsiaOne, the new generation of Indonesian and Filipina maids, who are better educated and have a higher expectation of life, prefer to work in Hong Kong and Taiwan as their take-home pay is much higher due to minimal tax.

The era of cheap maids streaming into Singapore to find work, particularly from Indonesia and the Philippines, may be coming to an end.

Many maids have become salesgirls, hairdressers, office assistants, etc, thrown up by an expanding middle class.

More are seeking training to move into higher-paying jobs in healthcare, computers and tourism.

In Singapore, many employers have not realised the extent of some of these changes in the region.

The older ones still see the maid as an unchanging person left behind by progress, an agency representative said.

"They don't realise there is a big difference between the young maids who come to our shores today and those who arrived a generation earlier," she added.

It is not unlike the gap between two generations of Singaporeans, she said.

Today's maid from the Philippines or Indonesia is no longer the same as older ones who came in the 70s or 80s.

She is generally better schooled, has higher ambitions and is probably less deferential to orders rudely given.

A Jakarta official reportedly indicated that his government may be considering cutting off supply to Singapore - until it agrees on the minimum pay of S$450 a month.

More bad news for us, HK is going to give maid PR

HK high court handed a landmark victory to foreign maids which will enable them to apply for PR. The government vows to appeal the decision and hence, the final outcome remains unclear. This ruling shows that HK judiciary remains somewhat independent and HK Basic Law (aka constitution) is still being respected.

"We don't want (the maids) to come to Hong Kong permanently, they will take away our social benefits", said one of the protesters against the ruling.

With such ruling, HK is going to be top destination for maid.

Without maid our fertility rate is going to get worse. Nevertheless PAP's solution is aiming for ZERO fertility and 100% population replacement by FT

Not many knew the contribution of maid in bailing out of our fertility. Singaporean women have long been poisoned by MOE into perversion. Given a choice, they will not help babies or sick old grandmother in bathing or shitting, believing that they are too educated to do such things. 

FT keep coming in, our caretaker drying up
CNA reported recently Mr Lee said for the time being the government has to go slow on (FT ponzi) this, because Singaporeans don't want to find strange faces around them.

But he feels the situation may change when Singaporeans grow older and need people to look after them, like nurses, and that's when views of admitting foreigners would change. 

These days, LKY is still fear-mongering about aging society duping Singaporeans to accept more FT and the corresponding social ills including more unemployment, more depressed wages, more crowded spaces....etc. Not withstanding that 99% of these FT come only to injure Singaporean, and contributing nothing in helping the old.

Ironically, the REAL caretaker of our babies and old folks -- our maid is not going to be around in the very near future. Very soon, they will be gone or we need to pay them higher.

More and more Singaporeans are going see LKY as a wicked liar.

If someone ask me for a grading on PAP. I would say PAP did 90% wrong over its 53 years in power.

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Anonymous said...

most of the fillipinas maids going to foreign shores are pretty mature type and even younger are mother with multiple kids. As a nation and a people, they wouldn;t allow their best women stocks to go out into the lion lure and faced possible sexual advance or abuse by the hosting countries. Only in SG does our leaders actively encourage young foreign males (given preferential in student and employment passes allocation)to abode here, giving them ample opptunities to acquaint and screw your decent local womenfolks.