Monday, October 31, 2011

Tan Chuan-Jin on workplace racism

CNA reported that Minister of State for Manpower and National Development, Tan Chuan-Jin said discriminatory practices have no place in Singapore.

Speaking at the Singapore Tripartism Forum on Monday, he said tripartite partners are aware that many Singaporeans have expressed anxieties of discriminatory practices at their work place, including allegations of foreign managers hiring their own kind.

Discriminations of Singaporean that I informed for some time are finally getting some media and PAP's attentions. Below are my suggestions.

Doctors should be at least 90% citizens. We do not mind import 10% of the best talent FT doctor to mentor us

On 2010, 331 Singaporeans received full and conditional medical registration (aka registering to be a doctor in layman) and for foreigner, the number is a whopping 484. [see this]. Only around 40% of registered doctors year 2010 are Singaporeans. Probably most Singaporean doctors are trained overseas funded by parents. PAP wants to give FT doctor high pay by controlling local medical school intake.

We must increase citizen medical students intake in our local university. Those exceptional FT doctors are welcome for transferring their know how. FT doctors should not be more than 10% of annual doctor registration. 

Singaporeans shunning SIA pilot jobs???

SIA wants India Indian pilot. Even 500 degree short sighted man is welcome. Singaporean go unemployed but FT must be given well paid jobs.
SIA is extremely notorious for getting FT pilots even with so many locals eager to join. It was speculated that many of the pilot job openings are either given to Malaysians or white man. Flying is not difficult, in fact it is easier than driver a car due to GPS and auto-pilot system.

Nevertheless, SIA is always adamant that good things must go to foreigners. Citizens must be bullied. This must stop.

The worst discriminations occur in NUS/NTU
See my series of "Lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing".
[see this]
[see this]
[see this]
[see this]
...etc many many more, till date 13 series was published. The above articles focus on how NUS/NTU tries to keep Singaporean from doing PHDs and more prestigious degree programs.

Before pointing fingers at companies, its better for Tan Chuan-Jin to set NUS/NTU, not least our GLCs straight.

We must undo Kuan Yew's wickedness
Kuan Yew believe that FT is smarter because there are sure much capable people from 7 billion of population pool worldwide. If PAP plan to import merely, top 0.01% of FT all over the world, and lets "assume" they are all smarter than Singaporeans it would be 700,000. Singaporeans would forever be deprived of good education and jobs.

In fact, the claims that top xxx% of foreigners are better than Singaporeans are PAP's sick fabrication, to deprive Singaporeans in higher learnings, and decent employment. 


Anonymous said...

More than a few good RSAF pilots are found online moaning they were never given a chance at SIA/Silkair/Tiger etc etc; while they all have pensions etc and one shud not worry their children go hungry, it illustrates the totally chaotic and "go cheap - go FT" mindset at not just the TLCs/GLCs but the enture local private sector now hell-bent on maximising their bosses' pockets. There will be a break-point - like those ION Orchard projects. Also knew of a 3 local precision machining houses, well-run until they started going FT, and within 2 years, lost all their customers who went direct to Chinese competitors - why pay for Singapore bosses' Mercedes and 20% profit margin when their chinese workers' friends in China can give them 5%? What was not said was that these firms were all offering JIT, designs etc until their bosses got too fat hiring FT from China and India and ignored how to manage customers. Live by sword, die by it to all local bosses.

Anonymous said...

agreed withe above 1000%
local greedy towkays,cronies are digging their own graves and the country down.

Anonymous said...

Please make sure to check on illegal employment agents in Little India and Chinatown especially for workers.
Local employees to be given incentives to employ local.
Avoid cheap labour from south and east asia by control.

Daniel Gwee Choon Seng

Anonymous said...

Please be sure to check on illegal employment agencies.Recent arrest of one is good example.
Encourage local employers to go local by incentives and provide training for staff.
Low wages will kill us and so incentive required to arrest this