Thursday, October 27, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 13: Discrimination of Singaporeans Part 3

Sorry, Singaporean NOT welcome
Taking cue from those idiot professors in NUS/NTU, many companies here have extreme discrimination practices targeting Singaporeans. Today an advertisement on Jobdb explicitly looks for Pinoys.

Being an engineer myself, I assure you 1000% that everyone from poly here can do the above job of AS400 programming. The above job is most likely a position from in the bank. The hiring managers will come up with usual excuses that "no Singaporean" is willing to work in bank or "no Singaporean talent" can be found.

State sponsored aparthied
Discriminations against Singaporeans are not hard to prove, but on the contrary. Unfortunately, discrimination against Singaporeans is often state sponsored by PAP. PAP has shown everyone that few or no Singaporean are admitted for post-graduate. ST, Keppel, Semcorp would go on hiring spree in career fair held in PRC or India, at the expense of creating unemployment for citizens. The endorsement and support from PAP in discriminating Singaporeans are reasons that no redress is done.

Notorious companies and racism
Instead of meritocracy, Singapore has now descend into cesspool of racism. Very often when the manager is a PRC, no one else but PRC will be hired, and for an Indian manager, no PRC will be considered never mind how smart the candidate is. Despite of this everyone have the common aim of discriminating Singaporeans.

One of the most notorious cases is Citibank IT and software department located in Changi Business Park. Citibank technological back office in Singapore is extremely notorious in hiring India Indian. Formerly working in Changi Business Park and having the chance to visit them once, I have the surreal feeling of standing in the middle of New Delhi, or Taj Mahal.

I have a friend telling me such racist recruitment practices are not proscribed to back office, though I am not able to confirm it.

Doubters are always welcome to observe in front of Citibank at Changi Business Park, where the back office is housed, in the morning office hour.

PAP slandering Singaporeans, foreigners followed PAP
Today, Singaporeans are under ponderous attack from enemies, both domestic (PAP and managers) and foreigner managers. PAP and the manager class forever complain they "cannot" find Singaporean to do the jobs, Singaporeans are daft and stupid, Singaporeans are lazy.

All these are the most nefarious lies. Singaporeans work quietly without complain even under extreme unreasonable demands. Try those unionized French workers. Singaporeans are the most intelligent, the most hard-working, the most tolerant, in the world. See the diagram below.

Singaporeans are far worse than discriminated, Singaporeans are persecuted.

Singaporeans work extreme long hours, OT for free (Source US Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis)

Singaporeans have the highest IQ in the world (Original source Richard Lynn)


Anonymous said...

I second that Citi Changi Indian jungle observation - piece of shit place, all the heads/directors are also indians. At Tampines too.

Anonymous said...

Citi Changi is having an ultra odious reputations among IT professionals and developers in Singapore.

Many horror interview stories crop up here and there if the candidate is Chinese. The interviews are to just to show that they "try" to bring in Chinese unfortunately, only Indians are qualify.

According one friend, one Citi recruiting manager does not even know the technical intricacies of his own question, but was extremely piss off when my friend point out the mistake.

Unknown said...

Let all singaporeans boycott Citibank