Thursday, October 20, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 12: The thugs of NUS/NTU Part 3

Demographics of NUS Chinese Department PHD Students

Out of 43 PHD students there in NUS Chinese Dept, there are only O-N-E Singaporean or 2.3% Singaporean. [See this] for further details of their nationality.

Demographics of Harvard Department East Asian Language and Civilization PHD Students
53% are NON East Asian. [see this]

Harvard and NUS, a comparison
Harvard does not buy the meritocracy lies. Harvard can import 100% PHD students from China, Japan and Korea. They are sure to find 100 times better candidate than white or black students whose language ability is not better than a high school students in East Asia.

A school must serve the citizens first, not foreigners
University must take a balance approach on their admission. A university cannot exist without the contributions from the people. Even for private institution such as Harvard, it benefits from the public service such as fireman, police, roads and telecommunication infra-structure. Most importantly, Harvard is there because of the hardworking USA citizen which enables the material prosperity to build such a wonderful university and the soldiers who protect it from enemies. Try build Harvard in Afghanistan!

Harvard's balance approach in admitting top foreigners from East Asia as well as providing the elite education to their own non-east Asian citizen, never mind how unqualified they are--is laudable. Harvard is a private university that can do whatever it likes. In contrast, NUS and NTU are two ultra-wicked organization that import whatever foreigners in discrimination of Singaporeans, not withstanding they are a public institution. NUS and NTU are fully funded by us.

Subscribing to meritocracy, we need to consider scenarios where it breaks down. A parable
When someone got impotent because of prostrate cancer,  would he rather pop Viagra to screw his own wife or practice meritocracy let a porn star screw on behalf of him?

Harvard can get white man to study PHD in Chinese but NUS "cannot" find Chinese Singaporeans PHD students for its Chinese program.


Anonymous said...

Do not use the word 'negro' to describe black people. It's racist.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Do not use the word 'negro' to describe black people. It's racist."

"Negro" is not a racist term.
You are probably thinking of another word that starts with "N" and ends with "R".