Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 10: The thugs of NUS/NTU Part 1

I would like to thank the anonymous person who posted my blog regarding the discriminatory admission of NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory onto a public forum. Instead of doing some soul searching, these are some of the responses from the pro-PAP camp.

You think kiasu singaporeans will take music as a degree meh? lucky got foreigners if not the conservatory sure close down.

Our parents make us take up art and music when we are kids but how many of us pursue this through to adult-hood?......
The YST Conservatory had little domestic support, and in order to survive it had to do the unenviable: remove any quotas for foreign students, and even attract them with overly-generous scholarships.

I also think so... thats one degree that is mostly shunned by sinkies

YST shunned by Singaporean young people?
For the class of 2010, YST Conservatory took in merely 3 Singaporeans out of a total of 32. In another words, more than 90% of YST class 2010 are foreigners. There are around 40,000 Singaporean born in a particular year. I cannot see the reason why YST Conservatory was only able to find merely 3 students out of 40,000 Singaporeans. There is no evidence to support that ONLY 3 people of that age group are interested in music, but on the contrary.

Spending more than 10 years learning piano, I have seen many students of my teacher pursuing degree in music at the overseas conservatories.

I do not see the reason YST "cannot" find at least 10 out of 40,000 who are talented and willing to enter a FREE of charge conservatory.

NS ruining musicians. PAP persecuting young man
While foreigners get everything free from YST, aspiring male Singaporean musicians have to go through 2 years of NS. The 2 years break from music would doom any great talented musicians. Even if defer of NS is granted, no musician can achieve anything great if they lost 2 precious years as a young man.

Singaporean young man make all the sacrifices to get themselves screwed and to make them unpalatable in many institutions, chief among them is YST.

YST is extremely expensive to run

A total of 50 faculties versus 32 graduating students of class 2010.
YST has the smallest student-professor ratio in SG funded by SUCKER Singaporeans
The concert hall costs lots of monies to build and maintain. Most if not all students are on 100% scholarship. Students fly in and out to play with major orchestras or to work with renown composers. The professors are not cheap. YST has 50 faculties and in 2010, there are 32 graduating students. YST has the lowest students to teacher ratio not seen anywhere in Singapore. Unfortunately, all these goodies are for foreigners and Singaporeans are only there to foot the bills.

Most if not 100% of FT graduate will leave Singapore. PAP gives welfare to foreigners, then tell our citizen welfare is bad. All musicians want to join the best orchestras, or to get immerse in musical environment. Vienna or New York are happening places. You can only find liar PAP, greedy landlords, bullying bosses in Singapore. Who will want to stay here if given a choice? It is likely we will get nothing back from FT alumni.

We should shut down YST and many NUS/NTU research labs
Given YST pervert behavior, I believe we should fire the professor there and make them jobless. For those public institutes that want to destroy young Singaporeans, we must shut them down immediately.

Alternatively, since YST is able only to find 3 Singaporeans, we should downsize YST to just 3 students. But shutting down YST and sending those 3 students overseas is better in my opinion.

Singaporeans are slaves
Foreigners are treating like emperors in SG, living in the most socialist system in the world. After giving all monies to foreigners, PAP uses hospitalization, properties to bankrupt Singaporeans and tell us we deserve it, and welfare creates clutch mentality. We are here only to pay all the bills for foreigners.

Unless YST Conservatory changes. The day Yong Siew Toh Conservatory closes shop, is the day of celebration. Sorry Ms Yong, your family has donated to the wrong place, and that has sullied your name. 

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