Sunday, October 2, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 1

How many talent are imported? Kuan Yew implied we are not looking for talent.
How many Nobel Prize laureate, Field Medalist, Turning Prize winners, have we imported? Zero.

"So you've got to accept the discomfort, which the local citizens fear that they are competing unequally for jobs. Cannot be helped." Kuan Yew said in one occasion.

A "talent" can never compete jobs with local unless the local competitor are "talents" as well. Any person who landed in a job that many locals can do is never a "talent", but someone taking jobs away creating unemployment and depressing wages.

FT dilute social services
The import of foreigners injure social benefit of citizen. If we divide our reserves equally, the amount receive by each person will be reduced to half if our population doubles.

FT do not assuage aging society, it destroy the old people

PAP say foreign talent is going to look after you.

Seeing our old folks working in such a rich countries , I feel like crying
as well as seething anger against those million dollar ministers. 
Kuan Yew stated "There would not be enough people to look after the old and work the economy at the same time.

People now in their 20s and 30s, it's going to be like that for them for a long time, but suddenly they will find that they are in their late 50s and 60s, and they need more medical care, more home nursing - and where are the nurses, the paramedics and the doctors."

We do not need FT (talent) or migrant to look after the old, just a few maid will do. 

In Europe, aging is a problem because of the pay as you go pension system requires sufficient young workers transfering part of their income. In Singapore, our grandmothers receive no transfer from FT, and they are theoretically able to support themselves thanks to "CPF" savings.

But we know that our CPF savings were lost by gamblers in Temasek and GICs.  So many old would have nothing and many require income transfer from their relative. However, the employment prospect of working Singaporean deteriorates due to FT, and that in turns put a larger number of our old into poverty.

Only if FT pays 1/3 of their salary to support our old people are we able to conclude that they contribute to alleviate our aging positively.

Countries can prosper without talent.

Iceland population is 318, 000, in a remote corner,
 no resources and few particularly prominent
 people. She is more prosperous than us
In fact countries like Iceland with 318,000, a small population, is one of the richest and happiest in the world. Iceland do not have much talent historically from its relatively small population pool. 

Iceland do not have natural resources and is far away from main trading routes, and yet, she is one of the most advance countries. Precisely due to the absence of FT, Iceland can almost replace her own population, even their women are the much emancipated Nordic stock. 

Compared to Iceland, Singapore is much richly endowed, lying in the middle of world's most important trade route. Singapore is able to live comfortably with roughly 2.5 million population today if we do not have FT. Our low fertility rate has really got to do with FT and its ill side effects that drives up property and deteriorating employment prospect.

I am a strong supporter of importing REAL talent
You are welcome here.
Don't get me wrong, I am not Xenophobic but rather a fanatic believer of attracting REAL talent as defined below.
  • Entrepreneurs like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, guys from Google
  • Remarkable personalities such as Maria Theresa, 
  • Major academic award winners including Nobel prize laureate, Field medalist...etc

So far we have attracted none of those real talent.

Take down the corrupt PAP 


Anonymous said...

Britain, France, US Scandinavia all imported plenty of FT - it was good while they came - property prices went up and up, GDP never seemed to slow, garment collected plenty of sales taxes. After 2 decades, the locals are finally finding out that it was just a short steroidal injection, temporary high. Payback time is here: riots constantly, property prices in reverse, taxes not enough to sustain social spending. So who is taking care of who now? And what happened to all those civil servants and politicians who cooked up this immigration scheme? Three countries in Asia have the world's lowest immigration, chastised by politicians and economists as "demographic disasters" because they do not conform with the economic theory of growth du jour and did not suit the politicians desire for instant growth: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. HK and Singapore, on the other hand, subscribe to the western "instant gratification - import more FT model". Actually HK couldn't really help it, bty being SAR, they had to allow free inflow of FT from the north. In what ways are HK/Singapore better than Taiwan Korea and Japan, none of which had any resources, just like Iceland?

Veritas said...

PAP is simply a pervert beyond my sickest imagination.

Actually Singaporean need not work so hard, we do not need all these extra monies FT brought.

We have plenty of reserves which we have given freely to USA, in order to get ourselves screwed when USA default.

We could have accumulate less reserve by putting our woman back home to have kits.

The only thing I can rationalize from these shitty FT deals is that it actually reset our clock back to slavery.

Everyone except elites are miserable.

Veritas said...

Japan, South Korea Taiwan HK and Singapore has low fertility of few reasons below.

1) Elite rent seek by hiking real estate.

2) We worked too hard and did not enjoy our fruits of labors. Our elites ship them to USA. We will be better if we put our woman back home and have babies.

Unfortunately, our elites are waging wars against babies.

Anonymous said...

My feel is that,
Calling migrants as foreign talent is a real PAP con job. Obviously, the PAP realised that Singaporeans are "educated" to work for MNCs and not to create MNCs. The top talents will not transplant here when there is no support base.

Captain of industry..? said...

Please do not just focus on PAP.

The property developers
The F&B owners
The Hotels
The general contractors
The orchid farms
The Zoo
The shipyards

These people were all in cahoots with MoM.. becos:

Failure to innovate
Failure to redesign jobs
Greed to earn higher margins

The 'captains' of industries should also pay... by forcing them to relocate to China.. revoke their citizenship and send them to the cheapest lands.. since that is their driving ambition.

I am willing to pay for their transport to send them to whichever country wants them.. the whole damn lot.. including PAP.. they can pratcice their craft somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

We need to move away from this view of LKY.

Thinking that he his some sage

Eveytime he opens his mouth, it seems people ( for or against ) will quote, or defer to him.

For goodness sake!.. he is just an old MP! No doubt he has contributed in the past, he did not achieve it alone. My father cooperated, your relatives too!

History will worship him undoubtedly. But till then, can we not ignore him?
The more we ignore, the more we regard him less, we can move on and solve issues that are present and serious.

he has enjoyed fame, fortune and longevity.. ( hock, lok, siew )
That is his to keep.

Lets not give anymore airtime.
His cup runneth over already.
Its a complete waste.

Yeah.. its the hardest truth yet.

Anonymous said...

Go to NTU, do a count on number of foreign students who are paid to come here and study for free - they number by the thousands! And what about the lost opportunity for Sing students rejected and who have to go abroad to study, the hundreds who apply to study medicine every year because they are not among the lucky 250 selected for medical school?

Like Veritas, I have no problem with foreigners as long as they can contribute. But the indiscriminate "FT policy" is a total cock-up! My nephew studying in NTU told me something shocking - most of those he called friends from overseas already sent in applications to go to US/Europe/ANZ - confirming what we already suspected. The amount spent by the garment over the last decade paying these "transit" overseas students would build us another public hospital, pay for 30k new kids a year for decades if only the wives don't need to work, and provide a dignified old age to old folks who slaved for LKY's GDP in the last 5 decades. Why 60% of silliporeans canot see this and still love the Yam Ah Mee crap dance I cannot understand.

Anonymous said...

Foreign students pay full fares
They also have to pay rent,food and text books.

I do not think their sojurn here was completely FOC. ( I do not have the facts.. seems it is 3rd party comments)

Fine, they can study here for all I care.. but please share the profits with me!.. my son then need not go overseas or anywhere.. just live off the profits.
This can be arranged.

All citizens below the age of 30 and do not have tertiary education gets to qualify as share holders of all the Unis.. private schools will have to pay a portion of their profits to the uni too.

That way, the kids get some money back. Welfare? Nah!.. its called profit sharing!

Veritas said...

I was from NTU as well. During my times in middle to late 90s, 90-95% of all post-grad are foreigners.

Many of them left after their masters and PHD.

And worst, we took many of them in from all those universities without even a standardize entrance exam.

With such exam, I believe many of our local graduate can easily out-perform these people.

PAP is here to deprive the locals institutionally.

Veritas said...

Many research institute and private R&D centers, software center now whorehouse of FT fully discriminating locals.

I give you example,
Thermal fisher -- India Indian
Citibank software-- India Indian
HP -- India Indian
Matsushita Bedok-- pinoys, PRC
Txxxxx Wxxx -- Malaysian, PRC

many more
many more

And worse of all, all these centers often get subsidizations from EDB.

Whenever a India Indian become manager, few PRC will be hired and vice-versa. But they all have a common sworn aim-- discriminating Singaporean. In a short time, PAP has reset Singapore back to tribalism.

Those foreigners go all the way out, hiring their folks discriminating local, and rub more salt to the wound by telling the whole world Singaporean are stupid and cannot do R&D, engineering.....etc.

Inside those places, many play politics to kick out locals, and locals are first to get retrench.

Anonymous said...

I know of a woman who went to a restructured hospital for an interview as a receptionist. At the end interview she was told the job pays $1,200pm.

She said to me: "How can I accept the job when I am now earning $1,500pm"

We often hear gahman said they import "foreign talents" because these are jobs shunned by locals. Really? Here you have a local willing to accept the job if not for the pay.

We know that hospital is actively recruiting workers from Myanmar.

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

My son was given a place in engineering in NUS. After first semester he realised he did not like engineering and applied for change to science. NUS did not even bother to give him a reply. It was only after a phone call to NUS that he realised he was rejected.

NTU offered him "Materials Engineering".

I send him to an Australian university.

From the grape vine there are a lot of talks that NUS & NUH award places with special incentives & priveleges to foreign students.

I feel injustice done to me and my son. He is a citizen born here. He served NS. I paid taxes. Why should my tax money go to support foreign students while my son is forced to go to an Australian uni?

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to ascertain the true reasons why people cannot enter/or do a course of their choice.

Each one have a story to tell.

Yet there are so many variables.
-entry requirements
-administration issues

What is the truth?
How can it be verified indpendantly

My mind must remain open to judge

Anonymous said...

Yes, "my mind open to judge" - that is very typically silliporean attitude - ie wait fro garment to show me the facts and then they will just swallow them. The truth is that these folks are not courageous enough to face the rude reality that they and their children would be 2nd class citizens henceforth, or maybe just intellectually lazy (which is what the garment wants - unquestioning voters). Like Ronald Reagan said, "trust but verify".

I believe you said...

October 3, 2011 5:55 PM

Ok, I judge now.

I judge that you are anti singaporean
that your statement is very, very true and I believe all you say...
show me how to deal with these "silliporean'

I judge oready.. I conclude oready.. I believe you.. lets go together and do something.. anything you say I believe you.

I do not wait for others.. becos i know and I judge that you tell the truth.. I believe you!! I believe You!!

Anonymous said...

I agree on most parts of the comments. There is no such thing as meritocracy in Singapore. Discrimination is real but it's hard to capture on paper. Only time will tell it as people notice more of their surroundings.

We need a Singaporeans' first policy in this country. The time is to demand for this basic right of being a zitizen who serves National Service.

For some reason -unbeknownst to me - the 60% have their glasses foggy and often tinted by Channel NewsAsia.

I beleive!!! said...

I beleive you too! anyone who is not PAP or Gah'men... I believe!!!

Veritas - I beleive
Tan Kin Lian - I believe
Chiam See Tong - I believe
Low Thia Kiang - I believe

All I beleive!!! as long as they are not PAP or Gahment or CNA..

I believe!! All tell the truth!
All are accurate! No need to check what they say.. all tell the truth!

No need to check lah!
All info is complete and accurate.. they will never ever omitt anything!!

Anonymous said...

Like Veritas, I graduated from NTU in the 90s. I decided to attend a preview talk for a master program in same uni with a friend. The speaker, the course coordinator bluntly told us that the class size is small and places are available to a very select few, not more than the no. of seats in the first 2 rows of the the lecture auditorium. He began the talk by saying the entry is competitive and shall be based on NTU bachelor degree grades and an interview for suitability as criteria. He added that those who are dismayed at the reality may leave now and not waste their time listening. Some of us walked out of the theatre discouraged. I am really shocked that eventually many of the candidates in these masters are PRCs, Indians, and other foreigners entering based on their countries college qualifications not yet accepted by the PSC. However, gahmen sponsoring them in getting these NTU/NUS masters allow them to convert their own home countries qualification into legitimised local tertiary certs . The gahmen are giving them a fast track passport into SG, giving them a shot in the arm to work, compete, play and live, and eventually to find your womenfolk in the uni and workplace to set root here. It will achieve the purpose of using foreigner hand to slap the locals. Depriving us of jobs, family and quietly comdemning locally born citizens into involuntary celibacy

Anonymous said...

.....and NTU/NUS are ever tapping the local graduands for donations. Recently, they even resorted to calling your homes directly for money to subsidise tuition fee for needy foreigners. All those alumnis invitations are just gimmicks and covers for more gifts and donations. Most alumnis are cash stapped due to rising cost and FT competition, unless they are born rich, in which case, likely they rather study overseas.

Anonymous said...

read a report today that insurance agent is earning 30k a month. A property agent with similar years in the market is expected to be in that kind of income league as well. If there are an indication of earning power vis a vis their profession vis a vis ordinary requirement to enter those profession, local unis should be asking donations from these people by first checking with the IRA their tax returns and conferring HONOURARY DEGREES on these super high income people who could just be O or A level or secondary form 5so that they may become part of the alumni family. Pretty sure they would be amazed at the goldmine they missed out.