Monday, October 17, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 9: Do FT stay and take our job or leave after we play stepping stone?

The story of NUS Pharmacy PHD
Although NUS Pharmacy PHD admission is highly discriminating against Singaporeans, it is like a angel compared to other odious faculties. From 2006-2010, there are 26 Singaporeans PHD graduating, or 28% (see the attachment at the very bottom).

Singaporeans must indeed be "thankful" to the scumbag NUS Department of Pharmacy for their "kindness, mercy and generosity". NUS Pharma still takes in "much more Singaporeans" compared to labs of NTU EEE [see this] or NUS YST conservatory[see this].

Admitting fewer and fewer Singaporeans
However, there are signs the NUS Pharma find it increasing "hard to find Singaporeans talents". On the year 2007, there are 6 Singaporeans PHD out of total of 15. In another words, around 40% of PHD that year are Singaporeans.

On 2011, there are only 2 Singaporeans PHD out of a total of 10. The percentage of Singaporeans reduces to 20%. Is Singaporeans becoming increasing stupid that lessor and lessor qualified? On the contrary, I believe NUS Pharma has over the years becoming more and more racist targeting to screw Singaporeans.

Foreigners use Singapore as stepping stone to western countries (before the economic crisis)
For the class of 2007, before the economic crisis, 7 out of 9 foreign PHD are working overseas mainly in USA. According to the website of Department of Pharma, only research PHD is offered. That is to say, Singaporeans play suckers again funding foreigners 100% fees and all other expenditure.

Foreigners stay put and compete for jobs (during the economics crisis)
For the class of 2011, only 2 out of 10 foreign PHD went overseas, due to crisis in western countries. On the first day US recovers, I am sure 100% foreigners will fly out with a one way ticket.

Singapore has become a safe haven for foreigners during crisis when they stay put to compete jobs with locals. Then when times are good, foreigners left often leaving contempt and derision towards the most foolish PAP who freely funded their studies.

CNA reported Kuan Yew making the following remarks.
Would you want them to compete against you or with you as part of the team? If you don't have them with you as part of your team, they will be on the Chinese and Indian team."

Some of these migrant students, he acknowledged, use Singapore as a stepping stone to other countries. So "why are we so stupid" in allowing this?

"Because more than half (of these students) do not make the grade to go to America, and the second tier is not bad for us."

The fact is, even if Singapore tries very hard to make foreigners our team by investing and funding them beyond the most generous father and mother, they will be joining our competitor upon any chance arises. Singaporeans have been playing suckers and depriving our own son the chance of education. Kuan Yew is crazy.

Foreigners often express contempt for Singapore system. Despite giving foreigners exorbitant advantages against locals, the discrimination of Singaporeans by PAP is very often a significant reason that foreigners have low regards on the PAP government.

People respect those who take care of their own family members.


Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew has my full respect. I know he takes very good care of his familee. He was still mentoring his son who was already a prime minister, and he ensured that members of his familee are the most talented as our society is run on meritocratic principles.

Anonymous said...

If the supervising professor for the doctorate is a foreigner say chinese (taiwanese or honky inclu) or indian or malaysian, he is like to show favouritism by admitting or promoting applicants who hail from their own country. Sadly i hope the reverse is true if the prof is a singaporean but sadly he is like to discriminate against sg'rean too for the basic belief that a local with Phd likely to stay behind to compete with him later by applying for lectureship in the same institution whereas the foreigner will leave for the west. Blame in on our DNA of kiasuism, starting with Lee who knew we are suckers in this pro foreigner edu policy but as long as he can continue to be invited to these countries, bask in international limelight as a political socialite, enjoy local media reports raving his popularities with the world leaders. I guess everything else inclu sacrificing sg,rean for foreigners is secondary.

Veritas said...

The very very sad thing about NUS/NTU professor is they do not have feelings for their own native students.

Being an ex-teacher myself, I cannot comprehend why elite Singaporeans can be so cold blooded to their own students, by taking in so many other people's students.

If your students are lousy, isn't that because the teachers are screwed up?

If your students are good, why not you give them a chance?

If your students "do not want" do advance degree, are the teachers the culprit who kill their passion?

We can only conclude, NUS/NTU professors are SHIT.

Veritas said...

Singaporeans need to ask for our fair share. For a lab or school that do not take in any local students, we need to shut it down, and fired the professor.

Why spend monies on someone else son?

I propose a quota of at least 30% Singaporeans in each constituent labs or school in our public university.

I know people will call me NAZI for that.

Anonymous said...

harry was making the point that china, india, burma malaysia's second class students are still better than local dog shitees, who by the way, are sons of dim-wits who voted them in un-interrupted since 1959, despite cpf being sequestered, bus fares rise irrespective of breakdowns, hdb prices higher than and entire terrace of private houses just 50 miles north, million dollar salaries for elites and more punishment every year. Based on these observations, I will have to agree with harry, majority of locals are really 3rd class.

Veritas said...

Re October 17, 2011 8:00 PM

I was once angry like you. But we need to be patient.

That what I am writing this blog for. We need to inform the local what business is PAP up to.

Very often PAP's trick are too cunning and there are too many whores in straits time support them. Even I have problem explaining to my mum till this date.

If ALL Singaporeans are made aware, PAP will knee down in front of our door step before the sunset.

Anonymous said...

20% Singaporeans is already considered as having one of the higher percentages of locals to foreigners.

Try NTU's SCE or EEE. From what I know, amongst SCE's 330+ students, only a single digit number of them are local students. The number of new local PhD students can be as low as 1 or 2 per year. Their professors are assigned business trips to go China and India to look for potential PhD candidates. Even Singaporean professors are going to China. Impressive way to squander MOE's money.

Veritas said...

Re October 18, 2011 8:10 AM
You are right. Its already like that in 90s.

TODAY, many PRC or Indian may not ace SG students if there is a fair matriculation exam.

(A fair number those FT in 90s are able to trump Singaporean to be fair)

Anonymous said...

Can the PAP supporters please stand up and enlighten us the returns on the millions of dollars spent over the last 2 decades importing undergrads and PhDs students. So how do they justify the money spent? Indeed why has the auditor general's office not provided even the most basic audit report on the money spent? They make a big fuss about police being charged "overcharged 885k", so have there been any audit on these FT import projects to see if the "goals" have been fulfilled? Indeed were there any defined "goals" at the start or were these "spent as you make them up" kind of fluff projects designed like the US Pentagon's black holes projects?

Anonymous said...

Everyday we go to the movies and also never notice that out of 20+ screenings each day, ZERO screenings are Singaporean films. The Singapore Airlines which is our national carrier also has majority foreigners on their business class. Maybe we should also shut down the cinemas if they fail to screen at least 30% local films and shut down SIA if they cannot at least let more Singaporeans on their business class.