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The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 8: Discrimination of Singaporeans Part 2

Singapore Tax payers playing suckers

90.6% of 2010 Bachelor Degree graduating class of NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory are foreigners [link]
Kuan Yew's crazy ideology 
In Singapore, many institutions are created just to serve the foreigners fully funded by our tax payer. Lee Kuan Yew seems to be the patron behind all these nonsense. He has made remarks as below.

Some of these migrant students, he acknowledged, use Singapore as a stepping stone to other countries. So "why are we so stupid" in allowing this?

"Because more than half (of these students) do not make the grade to go to America, and the second tier is not bad for us."

A parable
Would you spend monies on your neighbor's son instead of your own son? Would you give free education to your neighbor's son when he is going seek greener pastoral after graduation. Your son is to be crowded out of resources. Your own son is going to stay here, facing a broken treasury due to the subsidy given to neighbor's son.

20% quota to protect foreigners, NO quota for "daft" Singaporeans
In Singapore, foreigners are given privileged access to our university on a 20% quota. The actual proportion of foreigners are much higher from observations. Beneath the surface, the system is even more secretly rigged to discriminate locals.

In many post graduate research institute or certain schools in our local university, there are ZERO or very little Singaporeans. Among them, the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory stands out to be the most outrageous. While many of those discriminatory practices long existed in post-graduate institution, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory is an under-graduate institution. Its 2010 class sees less than 10% of Singaporean.

Building a conservatory for foreigners, "stupid" Singaporeans denied admission
NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory is probably the only public university's constituent school of in the whole world that give more than 90% of its placement to foreigners.

I would even bet the most if not all foreign students of the conservatory are offered 100% scholarships and most will leave Singapore after graduation. On top of the insult, Singaporeans pay huge salary for the professors, foot the bill of the expensive teaching concert hall as well as those exorbitant Steinways.

Dumping ground for Singaporeans, prestigious degrees for foreigners
Singapore universities use the follow strategies to give foreigners an advantage over locals at the same time maintaining a good PR publicity, giving a wrong impression that foreigners are kept around 20%. Singaporeans are admitted in large numbers to university dumping grounds, foreigners are given far more placement in many of the prestigious degrees, giving them more advantage to compete against locals. (Probably medicine and law faculties are the two exceptions at the time being)

Hence, Singaporean may seem to be representing a larger student cohort, in reality, the foreigners receive an even larger individual support from our government. Their better degrees often in the form of post-graduate degree give them massive advantages in job market.

Then PAP will loudly announced there are more Singaporeans than foreigners in local universities and PAP take care of "Singaporean first"!

Insults after insults
To justify its discriminatory practices, the usual abuses and derision would be expected from PAP or bosses of universities if they are queried. The old folk stories are as below. Singaporeans are
  • Lazy
  • Stupid (daft)
  • Soft
  • not enough talent
  • spoiled
  • Singaporean are "not interested" in music
  • Goldman Sachs gotten all local talents so we must import FT
....etc ad nauseum

Singaporeans are the most xenophobic in the world? 

To Be Continued

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