Saturday, October 15, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 7: Discrimination of Singaporeans Part 1

ZERO Singaporeans in higher learnings

 ZERO Singaporean PHD student in NTU EEE Infinitus lab. Singaporean must be the most stupid in the world.
The above diagram from Infinitus lab in NTU School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering website profiles its PHD candidate. The number of Singaporean ostensibly is Z-E-R-O. Such situation is endemic not only in engineering, the NTU Business school has similar student profile although it nevertheless has a few Singaporean here and there. The websites regarding PHD students in various schools are as below.
NTU EEE research centers
NTU Business School PHD student profile.

The lack of Singaporean doing the post-graduate degree plagues NUS, NTU. (Probably someone can give information about SMU).

The rampant discrimination against Singaporeans 
PAP seems to adopt a policies trying to condemn aboriginal Singaporean not experienced even for Dalits of India. Lee Weiling daughter of LKY wrote that "At my hospital, the National Neuroscience Institute, we have a disproportionate percentage of doctors who are Indians - 27 per cent" . Although it is not clear if all of the Indians are FT, but there is high possibilities that most of them are.

In some of my previous blogs, I gave evidence that PAP is taking more FT doctors that locals for many years. [see this] [see this]. On 2010, 331 Singaporeans received full and conditional medical registration (aka registering to be a doctor in layman) and for foreigner, the number is a whopping 484. See the diagram below.

Source: Singapore Medical Council
Among the Singaporean doctors, many if not most got their degree overseas. For every medical student in NUS, I estimate there are at least three more person having the same result but is not admitted because PAP control medical school intake.

The doctor population is kept low. FT doctors profited from PAP artificial scarcity creation. Singaporeans are screwed. Many FT doctor may not be as smart as the local cannot-make-it-to-medical-school-losers. The FT doctor prosper here because of nefarious PAP policies which I will further explain.

To Be Continued


Anonymous said...

Dear Veritas,

The ethical system of our leaders who 40% of us did not vote for is one of elitism and more importantly, survival of the fittest.

They work on a lesser of two evils principle.

Veritas said...

You are wrong, our leaders works on principal of slavery.

If you are the elite class, the most scumbag will prosper. We know Tony Tan and Ho Ching blows up our monies not seen in universe, and the only they can go is up.

For the people, the jungle law apply.

Anonymous said...

Hi Veritas, may I know how did you managed to identify whether some PhD students are foreigners or Singaporeans through their names? Percentage of graduates Singaporeans in those IT faculties of NTU are most likely at 10%.

Veritas said...

Re October 17, 2011 12:17 AM
Hi Veritas, may I know how did you managed to identify whether some PhD students are foreigners or Singaporeans through their names?

Thats why I use the term "ostensibly" and let readers judge.

Anonymous said...

Why no one say no Singaporeans want to take phd?