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The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 6: FT policy destroys productivity Part 2

How middle to low skill FT undermine productivity 
The basis of social advancement is the accumulation of capital in training the employees. Such a concept would be incomprehensible to Singaporean bosses. Why bothered to train if one can hired freely from the third world.

In Singapore, the local fresh graduate are often denied a job, while watching FT fully employed. Meanwhile PAP buy the shop owners fairly tale that they cannot find "talent" in Singapore. The truth is FT that came often have 2-3 years of relevant working experience that give them a edge over the Singaporeans in job market. Very often, Singaporeans is smarter and FT less so, but PAP policies effectively discriminates Singaporeans.

Competition bring forth by FT workers undermined the development of skills. If a hardworking man know that no matter how much he work, his salary will be depressed, he will have no incentive to upgrade his skill. He will be lazy.

FT also inhibited the development of industry and technology. The modern capitalist invests a large part of his profit for improving technology in order to get an advantage over his competitors. In Singapore, company will have less incentive to go into technology. Why bother if cheap labor is readily available.

The western countries invented computers and robotic and other machine precisely because labor wages are relatively high there. And why bothered to pay into R&D if the boss could freely hire a human calculator or workers.

A new contradiction arose out of the constant demand for more FTs to make up the shortfall, as now Singaporeans and FT do not reproduce in sufficient numbers, due to excessive cost of living. A constant renewal of immigration are constantly needed to replenish the our working force, further reducing productivity in the long run.

All FT including those higher skilled give a productivity problem
Companies reside in Singapore even for MNC are famous for office politics that greatly reduces efficiency and increase cost. Most managers are by nature aggressive person that need to be contain by a good system.

Manager would be more difficult to bully and to pit one against another, if there are shortages of workers. In this scenario, an aggrieved worker would be resign and landed into another job immediately. The manager will have difficulties in finding suitable replacement due to tightness of job market. The wicked manager is then left to salvage the mess he created. The manager will need to improve himself else he will be fired.

By importing lots of FT creating unemployment, workers are cowed today compared to many years ago. (Just ask anyone working in MNC during the 70s and 80s or even civil service). Today when a manager fire someone, he can get replacement all over the world. Once fired, the worker may end up perpetually jobless or suffering massive pay cut. Hence managers are increasingly tyrannical and unreasonable.

PAP always dream that pliant work force improves efficiency. PAP is also inherently a reactionary party aiming to protect the system of top-down management, a paternalistic system with a divisive citizen. Due to PAP's deviant and selfish FT policy, we see more and more fightings and civil wars in corporate world than before.

Empowering workers will help companies to improve their management system. 
PAP market that FT are needed because there are shortages of workers. In fact, shortages of workers are extremely desirable for all economy.

Singaporeans like to work in western MNC, due to less politics, better fringe benefits and more empowerment. This is not possible without the active unions and contained management in their home country, which spills the benefits to the oversea subsidiaries. We are being brainwash by PAP thinking that their striking trade union is the bad guy. In fact, active trade unions, NGOs in western countries are instrumental in making the MNC who they are.

And besides union, worker can be even better empowered by creating shortages in workforce.

Even though higher skilled workers does bring some benefit and they bring also serious side effect. I will further blog on this topic will be in the next series. The REAL talent is good for us, unfortunately, we imported none.  

Ho was detained under the Internal Security Act and  put into solitary confinement for two months. 
He has lost much guts and idealism and turned hypocrite. His words are still tolerable compared 
to many bullshit from the mouth of PAP MP. 

In an article dated 2th March 2010, Singapore tycoon Ho Kwon Ping  states, "We complain about the quality of service in our restaurants and retail stores. This is partly because shops prefer to hire lower-cost Chinese workers rather than invest in training more expensive (and choosy) Singaporeans. A quality service culture therefore does not exist in Singapore because of the vicious circle where relatively cheap foreign labour displaces the need to train and attract Singaporeans. In the end, because of our addiction to low-cost foreign labour, overall productivity growth is Iow......"

Later in an article during 18 August 2011, Ho again pointed out that in Australia, a builder gets a salary several times the salary of a construction worker in Singapore, although both countries have about the same per capita income.

"We've had construction development experience in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and so on. When we built our hotel in New Zealand we were shocked because the number of workers we engaged there was about 10 percent of what we would get in Thailand -- because they are well trained," he said. (PAP always accuse westerner of being lazy and relying on welfare, why are they better?)

"We haven't bitten the bullet here. We are still addicted to cheap foreign labour in industries like construction,"

"Our low-skilled workers are at a disadvantage today because salaries are quite low with the influx of foreign workers, so I think we need to ratchet that up a bit," he added. 

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