Saturday, October 8, 2011

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 5: FT policy destroys productivity Part 1

We are now the smartest in the world
Nearly two decades of FT policies gives me the impression that we have imported every, if not most talent in the world. Singapore is presumably full of Nobel Prize laureate, Field Medalist....etc Who knows, maybe even Superman and Transformers are already PR.

We are suppose to be surrounded by the smartest people. Our workers are suppose to work produce two or 3 times the amount of output, with less than half the time compared to the others.

Unfortunately, things seems to be the opposite.

Singaporeans work one of the longest in the world
According to St Louis FED, Singaporean worked an average of  2409 hours per year and French merely 1439 hours. That translate to an mean 46.3 hours and 27.7 hours per week for Singaporean and French respectively.

Singapore's nominal GDP per capita
According to IMF, Singapore nominal GDP per capita is USD$43,117 while France is US$40,704.

Frenchman produces 58% more than us in an hour
Base on number of average annual work per employee and GDP per capita, a Singaporen produces US$17.90 while a French produces US$28.30.

Singaporeans are the most intelligent in the world. PAP is the one digging a big hole for us
According to IQ expert Richard Lynn, and his book titled IQ and the Wealth of Nations, Singaporean are the smartest people in the whole universe. Singaporean has an average IQ of 108 and French 98. Putting a IQ 108 working side by side with a IQ 98 laggard, chances are the person with higher IQ will produce more thing in the same amount of time.

Instead, the French win us by a large margin. After all these fanatic FT polices, Singaporeans seem to degenerate despite working harder and harder. The lazy French works 27 hours a week or 5.5 hours a day. The lazy Frenchman could not be bothered about anything except making love for the whole day, and giving 50% of illegitimate babies out of total birth. Yet, they are more efficient than us and despite of their laziness, they are having universal healthcare, instead of the hardworking Singaporean. Something must be wrong!

I will stop here for today and in the next posting of this series, I will explain further why such nonsense happens.

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Anonymous said...

Heh where have the PAP apologists gone? Where are those "open minds" who remain unconvinced importing 250k of FT in 2008, 100k every year thereafter, is reasonable by the highest international standards , that NTU with 3000 FT undergraduates and postgrads out of 15k population is in no way denying Singaporeans access to higher education even though their parents have paid their taxes? And of course, how come they do not present some statistics showing how productive those same FTs are, and why the low productivity is the sole fault of silliporeans? We are waiting for you PAPies, pse respond leh!