Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feminist attacking men again with support from PAP 1

CNA reported women make up just 6.9 per cent of board members of listed companies on the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

The findings came in the first Board Diversity Report to track gender diversity in SGX-listed boardrooms.

Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports Halimah Yacob described the situation as "dismal".

The report is a joint collaboration between BoardAgender, an outreach arm of the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations, and the NUS Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organizations.

Madam Halimah said while Singapore women have achieved much progress in education and at work, they continue to face obstacles in rising to top leadership positions in the corporate world.

She called on government-linked companies and Temasek-linked companies to take the lead and support the appointment of more women to their boards.

Feminist's choking bullshit and their self victimization
In Singapore, other than PAP, feminist groups are perhaps the most sickening cabal. In reality, feminist are some delirious bunch who cannot live without self-victimization, poisoning the society with idea that women are persecuted by man. They never cease to cite dubious statistic to support their lies.

Men are under siege
The truth is exactly the opposite. Despite repeated claims that women are bullied, men are under attack by the society.
2010 numbers of student enrollment

First, lets not look at the university number because of massive sex ratio rigging by mass import of FT by PAP.

The JC, which consist mostly of local elite students that are going through 12 years of basic education sees over-representation of woman. Our JCs which provides the bulk of local under-graduate has 55.3% female versus 44.7 male. Our dumping ground ITE has merely 35.7 female versus 64.3% male.

Boys's performance in the school is so bad that they need rescue.

Wicked MOE 
MOE itself is a useless organization. In school, there are tacit policies that target to destroy the psychological well being of boys. All school teachers are told to give privileges to girls no matter how bad they are. Boys at the slightest transgression, are given punishment or a spate of dress down.

Feminization of boys
Girls mature earlier and are able to focus. Boys innately are more courageous and vibrant. The vivacity of boys is deem as disciplinary problems everywhere in MOE schools.

Western intellects are starting to recognize the detrimental effects of schools for boys.

Schools are an “inhospitable” environment for boys, writes Christina Hoff Sommers, where their natural propensities for rough-and-tumble play, competition, aggression, and rambunctious violence are cast as social problems in the making. Michael Gurian argues in The Wonder of Boys, that, with testosterone surging through their little limbs, we demand that they sit still, raise their hands, and take naps. We’re giving them the message, he says, that “boyhood is defective.” By the time they get to college, they’ve been steeped in anti-male propaganda.


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Anonymous said...

Don't know much about feminists and their habbits. But that chart there on total student population is indeed an inbdictment on where taxpayers' money has gone:

At JC level, there were about 20,000 students. At Universities, there were nearly 80,000 students. Now JC is only 2 years, whereas University is average of 3.5 years. Still that does not explain the 4 fold increase in university population. So where did that extra 60,000 students come from? FT of course! So when is some gundoo opposition MP going to stand up and ask for the costs to taxpayers of supporting 60,000 FT at university when at JC level we only had barely 20,000 local JC students? ("barely because een 20,000 included a large population of FT already).