Thursday, September 8, 2011

Singapore's birthrate new low. Dr Yap Mui Teng's plan will drop it to zero

Kuan Yew said during a speech in NTU, "Last year, the total fertility rate – which measures the average number of children born to a woman over her childbearing years – was at an all-time low of 1.15.

Dr Yap Mui Teng @IPS,
 fertility expert. 
Mr Lee said: “The birth rate today, the fertility rate, is 1.01. In other words, for every couple, you have 1.01 babies."

Amidst the daily struggling Singaporean to survive just another day, someone by the name Dr Yap Mui Teng of IPS advocates to import more foreigners. Her plans in favor of foreigners, will ensure Singaporean live miserably, so that birthrate fall to zero.

At that time, she will even has better reasons to proclaim that Singapore need foreigners. See my article on PAP's genocide, and foreigners imported to bailout banks for more info.

The fact is without foreigners and allowing real estate to fall, Singaporean will have a higher fertility due to a lower cost structure.

PAP are drug addicts craving for ever more heroin.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that AWARE wrote in to ICA to tell the folks there to not allow singaporean men easy access to vietnamese, china, indo and philipina wives? I was told this when I applied a PR for my wife who is neither of the above nationalities. The reason is that they are worried the female singaporeans wont get married because of this trend.

Veritas said...

I do not know any of these. But I am aware that many sociologist and feminist from western countries stepped forward recently, writing about the modern society is extremely hostile to man.

While girls got lots of encouragement and positive karma in their schools as well as extra protection by teachers, boys are being trash for innate nature of being courageous and adventurous. From the start, boys' innate character are viewed as disciplinary problem.

In workplace, the management often give girls good life while guys handle hazards and blames.

At the end, many girls wouldnt get married because the are not able to find enough man of same station in life.

Men are being condemn by the ruling elites and society to a lower station of society than they deserved.

And many of those SG man who married foreign bride cannot find wives in SG. So even if AWARE succeeded in banning foreign brides, our girls are not marrying them as well.

The rottening system is the problem.

Anonymous said...

So true.

Women are being supported at all levels and fronts, especially here in Sing.

-Women's Charter
-No national service
-Anything can be classified as harrasment.
-Tax reliefs
-Head start in Universities
-Allowed to wear shorts when men are not allowed at certain places
-Lots more jobs offered

And I am expected to provide for her?

My visits to Zhu Hai is far more enjoyable thank you.

Veritas said...

Feminist prefers to overlook facts that woman high higher uni enrollment, more stable career than man....etc.

Feminist like feign victims by pointing out most CEOs are man.

Sociologist theory also provide an answer to these phenomenon.

The alpha male of every society will decimate the rest and so that they can copulate with every female possible.

So no surprise males are discriminated in workplace and schools. Other a few alphas, the rest will be decimated. And innately, all woman are attracted to alphas.

Unfortunately, there are far too few alphas to go around even if we allowed polygamy. Statistically, many woman will remain single.

Anonymous said...

The blame shouldn't be on Singapore women, it's the system. Let's not get diverted. Already, we are a nation divided, we cannot afford to be divided further by gender.

As a woman, I think if AWARE did write such a letter to ICA, then AWARE must be damned stupid and mean. Citizenships should be granted to all foreign spouses as a right to our Singapore men. Who they choose to marry shouldn't be interfered by others, not even the state.

Veritas said...

Re September 10, 2011 9:32 AM

Thats right.