Thursday, September 29, 2011

Singapore inflation numbers 2011 August and comparison

On the month August 2011
Singapore CPI up 5.7%
Malaysia CPI up  3.3%
Indonesia CPI up 4.79%
Thailand CPI up  4.29%

Again Singapore win in the race of rising CPI. PAP has proved to be increasingly corrupt and greedy without a thought of the people's plight. Yesterday, MSM reported FT ponzi hits new level. We are descending into a banana republic.

Yingluck continues to do the right thing. In August, Thailand has bought another 300 000 ounces of gold reserves. A significant news that was swept under the carpet by almost all media. She is really picking a fight with USA and all those corrupt bankers by preferring gold over US FX. Now, Thailand has 125 tonnes of gold while we have 127 tonnes (We do not really have 127 tonnes. Our gold are gone, 127 tonnes are just phoney accounting).

In Malaysia, the ultra corrupt PM Najib, son of pogrom instigator late PM Tun Razak, and who was alleged to mastermind the blow up of Mongolian woman shows himself as a enlighten man. He is going to dump ISA.

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