Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Singapore Freeport gold vault full

Above and below: Singapore Freeport
Singapore FreePort has received more inquiries over the past six months on the storage of (precious metals). Tenants are already thinking of expansion plans...... Swiss Precious Metals expects its Singapore vault at the FreePort to be 80 per cent full by December - with clients willing to pay as much as one per cent of the value of their holdings each year - translating to a fivefold jump in demand in the year since the Geneva- headquartered company opened the facility.

The intervention of Central Banks on gold suppression has caused increasing volatility over the recent years. Right now, government is still successful in duping people believing that dollar is a safe haven by manipulating gold downward, especially in time of crisis. None the less, the ultra elites who are proxy to insider information are well aware of that. 

MAS is highly suspicious to be one of participants in gold take down, and Singaporean paid the price of losing our gold reserves.


Anonymous said...

JP Morgan owns huge vault space in Sing Freeport, it is truly ironic that people who belive and own huge piles of gold are still clamouring to store tons of gold with JPM, the ultimate gold suppressor. Of course there are other contradictions too, some important great leader in your red dot is on JPM's international advisory board and should be an "insider", so that explains the MAS self-defeating role in lending its stockpile of AU should be seen in that light? Inquisitive minds should be asking : who is the puppet and who the puppeteer? Maybe just explain why Gordon Brown sold UK's gold at $300/oz?

Anonymous said...

Gold, through the ages have been used as a store of value.
It was chosen over silver because it was more difficult to find and it was the first to be used anyway.
Silver was a newcomer and its worth was suppressed by those who held gold.

Gold has been celebrated and its significance enhanced by people who owned it, To control and keep its value, it has been given legitamcy by Governments and in turn supported, certified by asociations and guilds.

Although the world has moved away from the gold standard for over 50 years,the strangest thing is that Governments still keep them in vaults either within their own countries or held overseas.

It is this remaining legacy that add fuel to the belief that gold will and can only be the true worth of value. This is human nature falling back on past measures. When we are uncertain, we look back to the past for things familiar. This gives us comfort.

Fast forward to now. How much is your skill worth? How much is your home, built with concrete, furnished with glass and wood.
How much is a bowl of mee pok?

All this can be measured by gold?

I think its pure nonsense, misplaced beliefs and traders who churn the price higher.

There can be nothing more valuable than yourself, your family and friends. This was true even before the discovery of gold and its subsequent use as a means of value and exchange.

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