Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ponzi Island 1: Only 8.5% of lending goes into production

The newspaper reported  from MAS sources that domestic loan book of banks in Singapore grew by 27.8 per cent in July on an annual basis, the fastest in the 12 years that comparable data has been available from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Cumulative loans outstanding of banks including DBS Group Holdings, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp and United Overseas Bank reached S$381.8 billion at the end of the month, led by advances for general commerce and the agricultural, mining, quarrying and manufacturing industries.
Housing loans to consumers rose 1.3 per cent to S$122.9 billion from June, central bank data showed. Loans to professionals and private individuals amounted to S$3.9 billion in July, slightly up from S$3.87 billion in June. Building and construction loans were S$60.55 billion, compared with S$59.17 billion in June and S$48.71 billion in July last year. Manufacturing loans was S$16.17 billion, slightly up from S$16.15 billion in June.

From the detail note from Phillips Securities below, a whopping 61% of our bank loans went into the property or finance industries. That is S$234 billion out of total of S$381.8 billion of bank loans.

Around 32 billion went into real productive activities including agriculture, manufacturing, transport and small business. That is merely 8.5% of total loan outstanding.

PAP are turning the us into an island of rabies speculators by rewarding real estate flippers, punishing savers and those who produce real stuff. With a large amount of our resource investing into non-productive activities, and gamblers getting rich overnight, the prospect of our nation is getting bleak.

Foreign Talent Needed
What if there are no suckers to buy those ponzi property, in the midst ever declining ultra low fertility? Our banks and landlords will bankrupt by tomorrow. Hence, foreign talents are to be invited at ever greater number, maybe until we reach 10 billion population.

Our banking, real estate, population ponzi will blow up one day.
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