Monday, September 5, 2011

Ponzi Island 5: PAP prostituting Singaporean

Unlike PAP, China accumulate FX reserves to achieve higher strategic goals.  
By depressing domestic consumption in favor of export, besides of accumulating astronomical amount of surplus in addition, China manages to build up her own manufacturing base while denuding that of USA. This decimates US middle class.

If such process is not reversed in the near future, US will descend into civil war. No better way to destroy a rival state. Even if US decides to backtrack globalization, much production are already transferred to China. The moment China dumps USD, her people will be able to consume what they produce and US will see poverty.

Germany reserves bankrolling the 4th Reich ambition?
After years of bankrolling Greece, she is now addicted to cheap monies from German banks. Unless Greece quits the EU, she is going to surrender some of her sovereignty to Germany in case of a bail out bank rolled by the German.

Free trade in EU means that significant domestic industries in smaller member states are already destroyed by the mighty German engineering behemoth. So when a member state left, she is going to be impoverished. What can Greece do without producing anything, apart operating hotels or running some shipping companies? As more EU member states go bankrupt, Germany will stealthy takeover smaller EU members without dispensing a single soldier.

PAP the pimp
Unlike China and Germany, there is no reason why Singaporean needs to accumulate this much of reserves, other than the deliberate policy of prostituting Singaporean to serve the foreigners. Leveraging on exorbitant property, private car, tuition fee, medical bill, forced CPF savings, depriving eternally Singaporean her rightful consumption, PAP is able to build our reserves.

For past two decades, Singapore speed up importing foreigners, a few to lord over Singaporean, while the remainding slaves in order to satisfied PAP unquenchable urge for useless reserves. Meanwhile US has been warning us repeatedly they will default the hardworking Singaporean. The situation aggravates each day and sometime ago, Lee Kuan Yew lamented that our hides are not stuck enough with spur.

You can never find a whore in the world giving monies back to the customer after she has peddled her ass-- other than Singaporean. 

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