Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PAP step up surveillance: Police state in making

Straits Times reported LTA to run trial on using CCTV cameras to curb illegal parking. Such system would not be economical, as it requires a lot of man power sitting in front of computers observing vehicle movement, unless LTA is able to develop image processing algorithm that capture the vehicle number on the event of illegal parking. Its application in preventing illegal parking is hence limited.

However the CCTVs has another extremely attractive features that every big brother would like. The system is able to store every event on the streets, which can be replayed on demand by the authority, acting as a surveillance. It seems that the system will be slow in its introduction, but will start creeping and covering more and more area.

In UK, the CCTV plays a big role in apprehending the rioters in the recent upheaval. As people get increasingly despair, CCTV is a good intimidating tool to maintain the status quo. 

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Interesting point. I didn't see that view before.