Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obnoxious PAP population ponzi destroying Singapore: Here we come, 6.5 million in 2022

Since more than a year Lee Hsien Loong has been talking about moderating FT ponzi, our population hit another startling record high standing at 5.18 million today, 100, 000 more than a year ago. The annual growth of our population actually increases from 1.8% to 2.1%. Not only there are no moderation, but further full speed ahead.

Looking at time series statistic, PAP FT ponzi appears extremely heinous. Over the last decade, our population grew some of the fastest during 2007, 2008, 2009 at rate of 4.3%, 5.5% and 3.1% whereby the economy was undergoing the deepest recession. FT ponzi blasts ahead fully when everyone are losing jobs. The property tycoon and banks cheers. While PAP claims ridiculously low unemployment numbers, World Bank put our jobless rate over 5% for most years during the last decade. The jobless rate for Singaporeans only is probably higher closer to 8%.

Unemployment statistic from World Bank 2006-2009. More time series data are available from World Bank. See this.

Data from World Bank

Population projection: 11 years to 6.5 million
Since Loong has been for more than one year, mentioning something like slowing FT ponzi, I take the 2.1% population increment of this year as "slow rate" that PAP is pursuing. At this rate, we will reach 6.5 million in 11 years on 2022,  and 10 million within 32 years on 2043.

Can PAP FT ponzi slow down?
I am increasingly pessimistic about future. There are chances that the FT ponzi are going to accelerate even further especially during economic crisis. In such time when people are losing jobs, PAP will import more and more FT making even more losing their jobs and hope that the new comer will bail out property and banks.

Kuan Yew doing sales for FT ponzi by fear mongering aging society AGAIN
CNA reported recently Mr Lee said for the time being the government has to go slow on (FT ponzi) this, because Singaporeans don't want to find strange faces around them.

But he feels the situation may change when Singaporeans grow older and need people to look after them, like nurses, and that's when views of admitting foreigners would change.

To look after our old, just maids and some nurses will do. Others are unnecessary. 99% FT that Lee imported do not take care of our old.


Anonymous said...

lunch time, time to comment.

Obviously someone in the usually well-informed MoF did not expect the western/japanese printing presses to stop at the last FOMC meeting. Geithner is desperate to have the ECB print another trillion but the fight is not clear yet. So the hot money inflow into Sing has continued to slow down. Yesterday's article on how Capitaland etc had to roll out BMWs to woo chinese bank employees to fly into the red dot to view their new development tells you things are nearing do or die here for the property market. Stay tuned, things still putting on rosy tint on risk assets and equities since its window dressing time for all major hedge funds (there are plenty around where I work, 25 year old ang mohs driving around in Maseratis). Come October, my favourite month of action, I am willing to wager a small one with uncle that this time next year, many of these 25 year old hedgies would be gone and One Marina building would be half empty.

Veritas said...

My take is given a choice of people on one hand, on the other hand banks and landlord, Loong will side with the later.

Despite of all Loong's promise, the FT ponzi seems not going to stop anytime soon, unless a drastic event forces him to.

I am quite pessimistic that I may see 10 million population here in my life time.

Peace be with you... said...

I donch believe either of you:

The 25 year old will still be here next year in October.. minus the Maserati

The population will remain below 6 million in the next 15 years.

The world will continue buring fossil fuel, you will still use the iPad etc. F&N will still be traded at $5.70. The property counters will languish going neither here not there but will not crash.

Orchard Ion will still see hordes of Renminbi, the Indons will still visit Woffles for plastic surgery.
F1 will still race in 2012.

SIA flights will still be full in business class along with stuck up young executives fooling around the buttons like 8 year olds.

Tony will spread fear about "uncertainties" and this will be echoed by loonies.

The most exciting thing that will happen is:

#1 more haze
#2 Thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

** bukom does not count.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peace, where one stand depends on where one's buttocks are, so you are entitled to your predictions and uncle will bear witness to each of our predictions, mine is simple, no more 25 year old driving maseratis around and Marina One will be half empty (or full for you) by end of 2012. Your long list of everything will be fine and hunky dorie reminds me of my property development friends in Shanghai - they think the chinese government will prop the chinese real estate market whatever happens, so borrowing 25% pa.a from chinese bank trusts for working capital is ok. And then they heard the table across was this sales director from Vanke cursing that 25% discount still got no buyers for their new condos in Xiamen. We will see :)

Wannabe rich... said...

Yo! great to hear dommsday talk again

I cant wait for it to happen!
Trouble is it seems to be slow agonising death.. so slow, almost like slipping into sleep.. and losing consciouness in matter of weeks and months.

Is this how the process of dying works?

I have a couple of 100Ks that I hope I can buy a property with, if what everyone here says will come true!

can or not? buy property with 200K??