Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mah Bow Tan: Singapore government only plan for population closer to 5 million

MAH clarified that, in spite of press reports, a Singapore population of 6.5 million is not a target but rather the "maximum number" of people Singapore could support while maintaining the "current quality of life." In any case, he said that it will be 40-50 years before Singapore's population reached that level. In the near term, the GOS is planning for a population of closer to five million. About half of this figure will comprise immigrants

MAH BOW TAN told the delegation and Ambassador that the GOS will not interfere with the overheated real estate market via legislation. The recent imbalance is temporary, he claimed, and will naturally correct in the next 2-3 years......

According to Singstat, our population already hit 5.077 million in 2010. Besides, if we project population base on past ten years of growth, we will hit 6.5 million in merely 2025 or less, which is 15 years from now. We will see how Lee Hsien Loong can slow the FT ponzi down without crashing the real estate. What happen after 6.5 million population is another big question. Will PAP import another 10 million?

And property market does not correct even in today which is already 4 years later. 


Anonymous said...

"And property market does not correct even in today which is already 4 years later." Mah Bow Tan is now sucking thumb and shaking leg. Four years from now may still be the same, then Khaw Boon Wan will be shaking leg and sucking thumb but what about Lee Hsien Loong?

Anonymous said...

More people = higher property prices ?

Anonymous said...

Singstat statistics showed 2 things:

a) residents population has steadily increased by avg net 40k a year since 1990, and actually accelerated to annual avg of 60k the last 5 years. The only exception was 2003 (maybe that was not a good year for chinese astrology). So IPS and LKY are lying that fertility rate is falling fast and we desperately need to make up the shortfall, if not "by 2025 our population will stagnate". By the way, what is so bad about stagnating? By then, our local population at the current growth rate of 40k to 60k pa. would likely exceed 5m (today local population is already 3.8m). Why no academics wrote in to point out these lies, I have no clue, all spineless intellectuals, another sillipore problem.

b) the FT floodgate opened WIDE in 2008 recession, 300k was "admitted" vs average of 100k since 2000. The objective was clear - all our dear million-dollar senior civil servants were manipulating GDP and supporting high house prices to justify what Ngiam Tong Dow called "deeply flawed" GDP bonus system.

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