Friday, September 9, 2011

The maggot manifesto: REDAS urges govt to review property market tightening measures

Just few days after clowns like LKY and Dr Yap Mui Teng tried convincing Singaporean to make themselves more miserable by importing more foreigners, the maggots that feed on our blood moan. CNA reported

(REDAS) It is urging the government to review its land sales programme to ensure that new supply is introduced only when the market is confident of absorbing it.

To ensure a more sustainable market, REDAS wants the government to moderate its land sales by putting more sites on the Reserve List system instead of the Confirmed List.

That way, land is put up for tender only when there is sufficient interest.

  • advocating for central planning to reduce supply. Never mind the free market demand and supply principle.
Wong Heang Fine

REDAS president Wong Heang Fine said: "The Reserve list actually works well because all of us can actually trigger the land sales and each of us can then look at the particular site a bit more carefully.

Group CEO of Frasers Centrepoint, Lim Ee Seng, echoed this sentiment. Mr Lim said there is "adequate" supply in the market and he does not see the need for more sites to be introduced in the near term.

  • Redas management commitee members are some of the richest in Singapore including the Kweks (Hong Leong) families, the Kwee families...etc. President of REDAS Wong Heang Fine is CEO CapitaLand Residential, the infamous GLC. They are asking for a bailout at the moment.
Lim Ee Seng

REDAS also urged the government to review the various property cooling measures introduced so as to avoid artificially suppressing genuine demand.

  • Advocating free market capitalism when comes to demand. They feel that cooling measure is as rigged as central planning.

Are these chaps communist hell bent on central plan economy or free market advocate of capitalism? They are none of those.

They are parasites that suck blood and vitality from everyone of us, using the principle of head we win, tail Singaporean loss. Their reckless gamblings betting property going to infinity at the pain of citizens are not going well at this moment. Hence, they openly press for a bailout in the form rigging the market.


Anonymous said...

Yes! agree that they are indeed parasites... blow and present views that suit their pockets.

Its vested interests.. I reckon we should ask them to give up citizenship and go live in China where their skills will be tested among fellow maggots.. they do like challenges don't they?

Lots more there to rob money from!

Veritas said...

They should end up in shit bowl. The idea the Singapore is meritocracy is a lie, more like slave-master-cracy.

Anonymous said...

Listen to these parasites and get thrown out in 2016!